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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/29/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At the Marone manse, Katie gasps as Nick stands behind her and blasts a party horn fairly close to her ear. Bridget tells him not to scare the heart patient. Katie tells him if he wants her to have another birthday, he’d better not do that again. He quips she made it through another year, that’s reason to celebrate. Katie makes it clear she wants NO celebrating, not a single cupcake. Bridget says she is making no promises. Nick whispers to Katie that she knows Bridget is planning something. Katie says she knows and he has to talk her out of it. Nick says he can’t and Katie knows that. Katie replies that Bridget is too good for him and for him not to forget that. Nick blows the horn again and jokes he won’t forget.

At Forrester’s, Thorne laments that he thinks this will turn out badly. Felicia agrees because it is only a matter of time before Donna lands the family back in the tabloids. Her dad doesn’t believe that because he’s not thinking. “He’s skipping around in happy honeymoon land.” Ridge reminds them that if Donna does cause a scandal their dad is out of the company. Felicia laughs then they might as well start packing his office now. Thorne guarantees them that Donna is no dummy, she will be on her best behavior. Felicia says okay, but sooner or later, and she votes for sooner, Donna will mess up. Losing his place in the company will make him come to his senses. Eric walks in and asks if that is right? “Rule number one – when you’re planning a mutiny, close the door. Rule number two –know your enemy.” And from what he’s heard, they don’t know his wife at all. Felicia fires off maybe he doesn’t know her as well as he thinks he does.

At the Forrester house, Donna is talking to a P.I. on the phone wanting him to find Marcus. The doorbell rings and it is Marcus. She invites him in and tells him how glad she is to see him, she was trying to locate him. He says he just wanted her to know that some receptionist at her husband’s office tracked him down. It was like she wanted to make trouble for him. Donna asks if she was blonde? Marcus says yes, now he needs to get going. Donna asks where is he going, how will she contact him? He asks why? She replies because he is her son. He says he has a life in Texas – a job, friends. She pleads with him to please don’t. Don’t pull away. She knows she has hurt him and she’s sorry. But she does want him to be a part of her life, and she wants to be part of his.

Nick asks Katie – no party, no presents, no birthday stuff? She tells him if he wants to celebrate why doesn’t he take Bridget someplace nice, just the two of them? He answers no chance. They aren’t going anyplace without her. If she doesn’t come with them, then they aren’t going, that’s the way it is. She tells him she doesn’t know how much longer she will be able to stay there. She mentions they have been so nice letting her stay there, but she is not taking care of Jack. She can’t even make her own bed. He groans not to mention that she’s costing him a ton in groceries. Seriously he tells her that she is not going any place. She’s staying there. Bridget would be devastated if she left, and he can’t be responsible for that. She warns him that the longer she stays, the harder it is for everyone. He asks what is really going on? She replies only that she loves Bridget and doesn’t want to interfere in her happiness. He points out that having her here makes Bridget happy. Katie says for now, but that might change and she doesn’t want to see that happen. He says he is sorry, but she can’t go, so she is stuck with them. Bridget calls from upstairs that she needs him. He quips a man’s work is never done. Bridget comes down about then and whispers they need to wrap some presents. She looks at Katie and asks if she is okay, she looks a little flushed. Katie assures her that she is just fine. Dr. Patrick did not say anything was wrong with her tests today, but she is tired so she thinks she will go lay down.

Thorne tells his dad this is not mutiny. And Felicia says they don’t want him to leave the company. Ridge says but if Eric insists on backing Donna then he doesn’t leave them much choice. She’s a package deal and he’s the one hell-bent on her having a prominent role in the company. And all because she is his wife, not from her expertise or experience. And that worries the hell out of them. Ridge says they all feel that Donna has a lot of baggage and that could be very detrimental to the company and the family. So Eric surmises he can come back to the company when he realizes Donna is an albatross around his neck. Ridge acknowledges that everyone in this room has brought their share of bad press to the company. They are not saying they are better than Donna. They just have a bigger stake in the company. This is their legacy and they are just trying to protect it. As long as Donna doesn’t have any skeletons in her closet, she has nothing to worry about.

Donna tells Marcus she wants him to meet her family. He says he did at her brother’s funeral. She knows, but they didn’t know who he was then. He fumes that is because she didn’t tell him she had a kid. She admits she didn’t and she should have. He tells her she doesn’t have to do anything. He’s not going to the tabloids. He’s pretty sure she doesn’t want this to get out. She assures him she is not ashamed of him. That’s not why she gave him up for adoption. She was just too young….she was scared of raising a child alone. He asks if her family wouldn’t have helped her; they wouldn’t accept him? She confides they would have, just as her husband will now. He seems surprised and asks if she has told him? She confesses no, but she will today. He thinks if she thought Eric would really be cool with this, she would have told him already. She tells him it is complicated, but it is not her husband, but his grown kids. They hate her. They think she is a liability and want her out of their dad’s life. They will even take away the company if she brings any scandal to his life. Marcus chuckles,”you mean a scandal, like me?”

Alone in her thoughts about an earlier conversation with Nick, Katie greets Stephanie who wishes her a happy birthday and hands her a present. Katie mouths that she shouldn’t have. Stephanie asks if the coast is clear? Katie tells her yes, Nick is upstairs with Bridget. So Stephanie is here because she is lonely at the beach and she has come to lure Katie out to Malibu? Stephanie asks does she want to be lured? Katie asks back, just why is Stephanie here, and she knows it is not because of her birthday. Stephanie says the last time they spoke she was having a hard time with her brother’s death, so it looks like now she has gotten on with her life. But she is curious why she moved in with Bridget and Nick. Katie answers because they insisted. Stephanie thinks that makes it even more curious. Katie replies it was Bridget’s idea – you know stray puppies and sick relatives, she couldn’t resist. Stephanie asks how is Bridget? The last time she was involved with Nick it ended disastrously and she is a little concerned this may not be the best decision for her.

Eric accuses his children of saying they don’t want him to leave the company, but they are standing around waiting for Donna to make a mistake. Felicia says if that is what it takes to make him see reason. Sarcastically Eric says their mother would be so proud. Thorne interjects that Stephanie wasn’t always wrong. She did sometimes go too far, but she had a good sense of people. Eric sees they share their mother’s sense about Donna and that is too bad. The Donna he knows is a warm, wonderful person. The Donna he knows would show a total stranger on the street more compassion than she has been shown.

Donna explains that Marcus needs to understand her position. She is newly married to a famous man. He knows and she doesn’t want to freak out the family. She begs him to understand, they really, really do hate her and his ex-wife will do anything to discredit her so she can worm her way back into his life. And then there is the press, the way they twist and sensationalize things. He reminds her that he won’t sell her out. But she knows others who will, people who will love to see her face on every gossip magazine in the supermarket. He laughs and tells her just to forget he was here because he doesn’t want the whole world to know his business either. She says that is why they have to tell Eric. He’ll know how to handle this. He’s a good man and he loves her. Marcus asks, enough to give up his company? He tells her he really appreciates her trying to make him feel like he matters to her, but this whole family sounds pretty messed up to him. She vows that she will tell Eric the truth whether Marcus leaves L.A. or not. He says she does not have to do anything if he just goes. She begs him not to go, not until they get to know each other. Is that too much to ask?

Felicia hugs her dad and asks does he know how much this hurts her? When Donna lets him down, the family will still be there for him, even their mother. They love him and always will. Katie tells Stephanie not to worry about Bridget, she is very happy. And Katie is very supportive of the relationship, she even encouraged it. Stephanie gets cutesy and asks who did she encourage – Nick or Bridget? Katie answers both. Stephanie didn’t know she was such a matchmaker. Katie answers that she thinks Nick is the right man for Bridget. Stephanie wonders if Bridget is the right woman for him? Katie says of course she is. She’d be the right woman for anyone, she’s amazing. Stephanie stuns her when she asks if Katie had rather be that woman up there with Nick? Katie laughs and says she doesn’t know where this is coming from, but yes she’d like to be running around and having fun, she’d love to be healthy enough for that. Stephanie reminds her how Bridget felt when her mother slept with Nick. Katie assures her nothing like that is going to happen again. This has nothing to do with her. Stephanie points out that she is living here with them in his house. Katie reminds her they invited her because hey were concerned. She doesn’t know why Stephanie is trying to turn this into something ugly when it’s not. Bridget helped save he life, so she would never do anything that would cause her pain.

Donna repeats to Marcus that she just wants to get to know her child. He wonders at the risk of losing her marriage? She says Eric will never walk away from her or allow anyone to disrespect her son. She says she knows this sounds complicated, but for him just to give he a chance to get this out in the open. It may take a while but she knows it will be worth it. She knows she can make this right. He says that is why he came here to L.A., to see her and spend some time, that is all he ever wanted. And today he just came to warn her about that nosy blonde lady. He starts to leave and she tries to hold him back, please don’t go. They’re scared and it’s confusing, but please don’t go! Eric walks in and asks what is going on?

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