B&B Wednesday Update 5/28/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/28/08


Written By Dawn S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Brooke continues trying to convince Taylor that a marriage with Rick now would not be right and tries to convince her not to accept Rick's proposal. She tries to use Phoebe as a reason to get Taylor to back off from Rick, telling Taylor that Phoebe will find it difficult if Taylor goes ahead with her relationship with Rick. Rick says Phoebe already knows about them so what difference does it make whether Taylor accepts his ring. Brooke says that it does make a difference that Rick is dating his girlfriend's mother.  

Ridge says the entire relationship started because of Taylor's drinking. Brooke accuses both Taylor and Rick of starting a relationship when they were on the rebound and also accuses Taylor of not being able to handle the fact that Jack is genetically Brooke's.  

Brooke tells him that it is not a relationship but a rescue effort by Rick and now he does not know what to do with the person he rescued. She accuses them of trying to convince her that their relationship is something more than what it really is. Rick wants to know what difference it makes how their relationship started, he says theirs did not start out as love at first sight the way it was for Ridge and Brooke and sarcastically adds he sees how that has worked out.  

Ridge asks Rick if he thinks that is fine to proceed with a relationship with Taylor now that Phoebe has washed her hands off Taylor and Rick. Rick angrily responds that Phoebe's feelings are the only thing that matter and Ridge's feelings do not matter at all.  
Brooke asks Rick to take things slowly saying they have not even been to dinner together, she tells Rick that if his feelings are real then they will still be there after a while but if they are not at least they would not have jumped into anything. Rick accuses his mother of being scared that he would share his bed with Taylor and she agrees to that.  
Taylor interrupts this conversation saying neither of them have any say in what Taylor does. She then turns to Rick and tells him, when he first proposed she was not in a position to give an answer since she was unsettled, but now she accepts. They both happily hug. Taylor asks him for some time to explain everything to Thomas and Steffy. Rick is ready to wait saying he understands that she is a mother who puts her children first, turning to his mother and telling her that this is one of his happiest days in his life and wishing Brooke could be happy for him and telling her he does not want to lose her from his life but he can see how easily that could happen.  
Rick and Taylor leave to go home. Ridge and Brooke continue to discuss Taylor and Rick. Ridge believes that Taylor will never marry Rick but Brooke disagrees. Brooke tries to convince Ridge that Taylor is no longer the same woman he knew. Ridge believes that Taylor changed after she started drinking. Brooke feels that Taylor is motivated by wanting to get back at Brooke.  
Ridge is still confused by Phoebe's behavior and cannot understand why she gave Rick a free pass. Brooke believes that the sudden engagement between Rick and Taylor was done just to torment her. Ridge does not agree since he believes no one knew that Phoebe would not stand in Taylor's way and give Rick and Taylor her blessing. Brooke is angry because she believes that Taylor has purposely turned Rick against his mother. Brooke believes that Taylor is completely manipulating Rick and that Rick is not able to see that. Ridge tells Brooke that Taylor is not diabolical or manipulative. Brooke continues to argue with her theory as to why Taylor is manipulative. Ridge tells her it is possible that Rick could turn his back on Brooke and asks her to back off a bit, remembering how it was for him when his mother was against Brooke, but Brooke says nothing is going to make her stand by and watch her son being used.  

Rick and Taylor arrive home and Taylor checks for messages from Phoebe, she tells Rick that she wanted to be sure that Phoebe was really fine with them. Rick assures her that Phoebe is really fine with them. Taylor is amazed that Phoebe was so unselfish and pragmatic. She tells Rick that she thinks that the ring is  beautiful and she loves it. Rick tells her he is glad he held on to it for so long and jokes that he has not held on to anything for so long. He tells Taylor he was sad when she doubted herself and put her feelings behind everyone else. Taylor tells him it has to do something with being a parent and Rick agrees and tells her he too is going to be a parent to Jack. They continue to discuss the last few days and Rick wants Taylor to promise that she will not push him away again even if Thomas and Steffy do not approve of their relationship. Taylor agrees and invites Rick to stay the night there. Rick and Taylor make love. Rick tells Taylor he believes most of their lives they are going to be alone because their families are all against them. They continue to discuss how they are going to have be enough for each other. Rick tells Taylor he believes they both are going to be fine.  
Marcus wants to know who Pam is and what she wants. Pam tells him that she thinks she does not want Marcus to be taken advantage of by Donna Logan. Marcus wants to know how  does she think he knows someone called Donna Logan. Pam says she knows since Marcus called Donna Logan earlier and that the caller id brought her to Insomnia. Marcus wants to know if Pam  tracks down each call made to the company. Pam says she knows what is happening.  

Pam continues to question Marcus about his phone call and wants to know why he called and why he referred to Donna as Donna Logan, wondering if he knew Donna from before her marriage to Eric. Marcus gets angry and tells her to have her brain checked. Pam wants to know if they have been meeting someplace, Marcus gets really angry and tells Pam if she cannot respect Donna , then she should respect at least Marcus. Marcus wants to know who Pam is and why she would want to know anything about him and Donna. Pam tells him she has a history with Donna and it seems to her that Marcus also seems to have some history with Donna. Marcus gets angry and tells her he is not having an affair with Donna and gets up and leaves the place.

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