B&B Tuesday Update 5/27/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/27/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At Forrester’s, Ridge laments to Brooke that he can’t believe Taylor would hurt her own daughter like this. Brooke reminds him that Taylor said it was over between her and Rick, but then they’ve heard that before. Taylor walks in and Ridge shows his displeasure again to her.

Rick finds Phoebe deep in though at Insomnia and invites himself to sit down. He treads lightly, but actually she is in a better frame of mind and states that what they had was so precious and she wouldn’t give up those memories for anything. But, life moves on. He certainly has and the way she sees it, she can either be a victim which means someone else will be in control of her life, not her….or she can accept what is. And what is – is he and her mom. He thinks that is very enlightened of her. She corrects him, that is practical. And she knows her mother loves her, that is why she broke it off with him. “Your mother does love you, Phoebe, more than she does me. She would never do anything to betray you, no matter what the price.”

Pam takes a phone call from Marcus to Donna who is unavailable at the moment. Marcus leaves the Insomnia number, and Pam wonders what Donna is up to now? Eric asks Donna what did she want to tell him because there is nothing she could say that would make him change his mind about her. She’s touched, he has so much faith in her. He says of course, that’s why he married her. He thinks he knows her better than she knows herself. That’s why he made a promise to Ridge and the rest of the family. Gently he tells her they are worried, that she will bring the family down with some scandal. He told them she wouldn’t, but in that unlikely event, he promised to leave Forrester Creations. She thinks that is so unfair, but he says no, it’s never going to happen. The family is just concerned. She opines – yeah about themselves, not about Eric. He says they are worried about him and his legacy, but they don’t know her. They will and then they’ll see. She says in the meantime she’d better be on her best behavior. He says no, just be herself. He doesn’t want her to be changing for them or anybody else. He asks again what did she want to talk to him about, but she says it is not important now. He says well there is one other thing they ought to discuss, the family is also worried what would happen if they were to have a child. He just assumed that would not be a part of their lives. To be really selfish, Donna is all he wants. Is she okay with that? Slightly worried she says she doesn’t know, she hadn’t given it any thought. He states that he didn’t think she had, that’s why he made the assumption. And he’s not worried about it. All of this with Ridge and the family will go away. They will get tired of looking for skeletons in her closet that aren’t even there. Then Ridge can do what he does best – design beautiful clothes for beautiful women, and take care of his own kids.

Taylor says she is not going to defend herself to Ridge, and certainly not to Brooke. Brooke doesn’t think she has any defense. Taylor continues that it wasn’t her intention to hurt Phoebe. Phoebe walked in on them, but they hadn’t slept together. Ridge blasts that doesn’t make any difference. She walked in and saw them and knew what was going on. Taylor explains that nothing happened. She knows it doesn’t look good, but it did bring it out into the open. It forced the issue and helped the truth come out. And something good did come of it. She was able to show Phoebe that she was willing to sacrifice her happiness for her. Rick loves her and she ended it. Now Phoebe knows that her happiness trumps everything, even that. Ridge asks if Rick shares that same attitude? Taylor says he wants whatever she does, he wants her to be happy. It’s like he made her the center of the universe.

Katie shows up at the office and Donna admonishes her that she should be at home resting. Katie says she had to get out of the house and she needed to talk to Donna. Pam comes through and Donna seems concerned and wonders if she got any messages. Pam pretends to look through them and replies no. Was she expecting a call from someone special? Then Eric walks by and Pam mentions the tension around the place, with him and his family. Is he sure Donna is worth it? Eric warns her that he and Donna are in love and this marriage is going to last. He knows her loyalty is to Stephanie, but if she wants to continue to work there……what he’s trying to say is if she tries to interfere with his relationship with Donna, he’ll have no recourse but to let her go. She relies okey-dokey.

Katie wants to know how Eric reacted when Donna told him she had a son? She replies she didn’t, he had something to tell her first. She tells Katie about the ultimatum, any scandal and he’ll leave Forrester Creations. Katie points out this is not a scandal, but Donna says there is more. Eric does not want to have any kids. Katie is sorry about that, but Donna does have one now. She just hopes she is not beating herself up over that. Donna mentions the way Marcus was looking at her, the rejection in his eyes. She has to wonder if she did the right thing all those years ago. Katie says she gave him to a good home, so there is no reason to have regrets. Donna sobs that no, she has always had regrets and now she may have given up the only chance to make it up to her son. Eric walks in and asks what is wrong?

The room gets more crowded. Rick walks in and repeats that Taylor is right, she is the center of his universe. Ridge snaps does Phoebe live in that universe? Or does it even matter what he did to her? Rick says of course it does. He’s sorry the way Phoebe found out, but the truth is he was not committed to Phoebe when he got involved with Taylor. Ridge again barks that Taylor is her mother and he was Phoebe’s first boyfriend. Rick wonders what is the point? Is he supposed to get his ex-girlfriend’s approval before he gets involved with anyone new? Ridge keeps belaboring the point that Rick would know how this would devastate Phoebe. Rick equally states she will be just fine. Ridge snaps his fingers vigorously and asks does Rick think she will get over it just like that? Because he doesn’t think it will be that easy, maybe ever. More crowded as Phoebe walks in and says she has something to say, especially to her mother.

Eric assumes Donna is upset because he doesn’t want children. And if it is because of his children’s attitude, that is all nonsense. Katie chimes in that Donna is right, they aren’t ever going to give her a fair shot. Eric says they will if they all will just stay the course, they can ignore them. How can the children find trouble if there is none? He re-emphasizes that he loves Donna and nothing is going to change that, he promises.

Pam surprises Marcus at Insomnia by saying, “it’s you.” He hasn’t a clue who she is or what she is talking about. She reminds him that she saw him leaving Eric’s the other day. And he’s a little whippersnapper and so busted. And for him not to even think he can slither his way out of this….she’s talking about Donna Logan, does that get his attention?

Ridge tells Phoebe she doesn’t have to be involved with this. Brooke adds this is about Rick and her mother and a very sick relationship. Ridge tries to convince her that Taylor never meant to intentionally hurt her. Phoebe believes her mom can speak for herself. Taylor does tell her that she feels terrible what she did to her, but it’s never going to happen again, she gives her word on that. She repeats again that she has broken it off with Rick, it’s over. Phoebe tells them to stop…..Rick has told her that he is in love with Taylor and she guesses she must be in love with him too. So why did her mother end it? Phoebe says she is grown up, she’s not a child. Taylor acknowledges that maybe not but she will always be her baby and she would do anything for her. Phoebe wonders if that means giving up a man that she has fallen in love with because she thinks Phoebe can’t handle it? But what about the hurt it is causing her? Brooke smarts that they will get over it. Phoebe asks and what? She wakes up every morning knowing she is responsible for two of the most important people in her life being miserable? She declares if they really want each other, and she thinks they do, she can’t stand in their way. She just couldn’t do that. They fell in love, and she knows what that is like. She also knows how that is when love is denied. She says she is not going to stand in their way, she could not live with herself if she did that. Taylor sniffs and hugs her daughter.

With Phoebe gone, but in the presence of Ridge and Brooke still, Rick pulls out the engagement ring and asks Taylor to marry him. There is nothing stopping them now. Brooke steps forward and tells them to wait a minute. Rick reminds her they have waited long enough, than you very much. Brooke gets in Taylor’s face and begs her please do not do this. If she truly cares for Rick, and she believes she does, and loves her daughter, which she knows she does, then do not accept this ring. She’s begging her, do not do this to their children.

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