B&B Monday Update 5/26/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/26/08


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Donna worries to Katie at Nick's that Marcus hates her. Katie assures her that's not true, but she is too upset to agree with Katie. They argue about it. Katie tells her that she should definitely Eric about Marcus. Donna is not so sure.

Ridge visits Eric in his office. Eric tells him that he doesn't want to hear one more bad word about Donna. Ridge continues to argue with him about Donna and her possible effect on the company. Ridge admits that he's worried about Eric, too, but mostly about his legacy in the company.

At Forrester, Phoebe has a flashback to Taylor and Rick trying to explain their relationship to her. She is very upset. Brooke greets her, saying she didn't know she had returned from Australia. Phoebe tells her that she's looking for Ridge. Brooke offers to help her, but Phoebe only wants to talk her dad. Brooke guesses that she knows about Taylor and Rick.

At her home, Taylor worries to Rick about how they hurt Phoebe. She wants him to leave in case Phoebe returns. He wants to talk about things, but she tells him firmly that it's over.

Eric refuses to shut Donna out, he tells Ridge. They keep arguing. Ridge reminds him that he said he will give up the company if Donna has any embarrassing secrets. Eric maintains that it won't happen and that he trust Donna.

Katie and Donna keep discussing Marcus. Donna is really worried that Eric's family will use this against the two of them. She doesn't think she should tell Eric. Katie thinks it's much better to tell.

Phoebe confides to Brooke that she feels like an idiot. Brooke tells her that they wanted to tell her for a while. Phoebe tells her in disgust that she walked in on them in the bedroom together. Brooke tries to comfort Phoebe, who is very upset. Brooke confides that they tried to get them to stop their relationship. Phoebe lets her know that Taylor ended things with Rick. Brooke looks surprised.

Rick begs Taylor not to give up on them. She won't hurt her daughter any more. She admits that she still loves him and wants him to hold her, but she moves away from him. She won't hurt and betray Phoebe and reminds Rick how hurt Phoebe looked.

Donna goes in to Eric's office, where he is on the phone to someone. Ridge is still there. Eric kisses her hello. Ridge doesn't want to stop their argument. Eric sticks up for Donna and says that the family should apologize to her for the inappropriate things they said. Eri can tells she's upset about something, so Ridge finally offers to leave. Donna tells him to stay because she can tell they have issues. She asks them not to fight about her.

Taylor and Rick keep arguing about Phoebe and their relationship. Rick reminds her that this is not a fling and that they were planning for the future. Taylor won't budge, but he keeps arguing that they should let Phoebe see how much they love each other. He thinks she will get used to the idea.

Brooke notes that it must have been hard for Taylor to betray her daughter. Phoebe is a little surprised that Brooke would be so sympathetic to Taylor. Ridge comes in, so Brooke tells him what happened. Phoebe cries on Ridge's shoulder.

Ridge has left the office. Eric tells Donna not to feel guilty for how immature his kids have been acting. She worries that she is affecting his relationship with his children. He reminds her that they are in the marriage together. She wants to tell him something but doesn't want his opinion of her to change. He assures her that will never happen.

Ridge tells Phoebe that Taylor has been under a lot of stress. He thinks that her affair with Rick was a reaction to that. Phoebe wonders why he didn't tell her about them. Ridge replies that he'd hoped they would come to their senses. He wishes he could erase the memory of seeing Taylor and Rick together from her head. She agrees, and they hug.

Taylor tells Rick that she doesn't think she can explain her feelings for him to Phoebe, since she wasn't around when Taylor was having so many problems. He disagrees and uses Donna and Eric as an example of a relationship that people didn't approve of. He keeps arguing and then gives her the engagement ring. She returns it, saying again that she can't hurt Phoebe. She tells him how great he has been to her and how he makes her feel. She asks him tearfully to help her by walking away. She begs him to do it and kisses him goodbye on the cheek. They hug. He looks at her and then leaves reluctantly. She breaks down crying.

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