B&B Friday Update 5/23/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/23/08


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

Katie watches as Donna and Marcus hug. They are both grateful to have found each other. Katie looks at the birth certificate that he brought. They are all in shock a little. He talks about how he found her by the newspaper article about her wedding. He took a chance and hopped on a plane to L.A.. She talks about the day he was born. She tells him how hard it was to give him up. He is smiling as he explains how much he looked forward to this day. She smiles, calls him sweetheart, and they hug. He asks her not to let him go, and she promises that she won't, not ever. She tells him about how she wondered about him all these years. She likes his name and says that it's perfect and beautiful. She would think about him every year on his birthday.

Marcus suddenly wants to know why she gave him up. She tells him that she was very young and couldn't support a child. He wants to know the name of his father so that he can track him down, too. She tells him that she has no idea where he is. He starts to get upset that his father didn't want him, either. She corrects him, telling him that she never told his father about him. That doesn't mollify him. She hoped that he had a happy childhood and begs him to tell her that his adopted family was good to him. He tells her that he will talk about that another time. He just wants to know why she gave him up. She tells him tearfully why she did it and mentions that her father walked out on them. He can't believe that she would give him up after her own father walked out on her. He accuses her of being selfish, since she makes it clear that she would have been a teenage mom. He thinks she just did what was easiest for her. He accuses her of turning her back on him. She tries to deny it. He says that she was ashamed of him, and still is. He reminds her how she wouldn't admit to being his mother before, and how she rushed him out of the office. When she tries to say that she wants him, he yells that she is a liar. She wasn't there when he needed her most. He rushes out the front door. Donna calls after him to come back. Katie holds her up as she cries.

Brooke continues to protest to Eric's children about how they are trying to get Donna and Rick out of the company. They argue, particularly Brooke and Ridge, with the others putting in their two cents. They basically have the same arguments that they had before about Donna. Ridge doesn't think that they can work together with Eric any more. Ashley points out that this is the same reason that she left Jabot - it's difficult to have a family business if the family members don't see eye to eye. Ridge and the others think Eric should retire.

In his office, Eric complains to Stephanie about how their children are acting. He thinks they're acting hypocritical, but she doesn't. She tries to reason with him about how they view Donna and the situation. Eric doesn't think there will be scandal with Donna because she has no more secrets. Eric declares that he trusts his wife completely. Stephanie looks at him warmly (but maybe with a hint of sadness) and tells him that she's happy for him.

The children walk into Eric's office, with Brooke and Ashley. They all say hello to their mom with hugs and kisses. Eric tells them that he's been asking Stephanie to talk to them about their attitudes about Donna, how they want to push her out when she could be a great asset. Brooke tells him that she and Donna are the only ones who think that Donna should stay. Ridge tells him that they have just been doing so well in the company, and they are worried that Eric's loyalties are now divided. He brings up children, but Eric doubts that Donna wants any. Ashley thinks that people would have said that she wasn't very maternal either, and yet she is devoted to Abby. Eric tells them that he's sorry that they don't like the woman he's married and is in love with. They all start to suggest that Eric might want to retire. Eric is stunned and shakes his head. Ridge steps forward, wanting to take over from Eric. Eric gets very angry and sarcastic about what they're suggesting. He makes sure that Thorne and Felicia feel the same way that Ridge does, and they agree that they can't work with Donna. Felicia begs him to walk away for the good of the family. Brooke looks saddened, but Stephanie looks worried. Ashley admits that she has her doubts about Donna's credentials. Brooke declares that she belongs there at Forrester and doesn't want what happened to her to happen to Donna.

Eric tells them all that he loves them and understands that they are concerned about the future of the company. Eric tells them that he will make deal. If Donna brings shame down on the company, he will step aside and let Ridge take over. He trusts his wife that much.

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