B&B Wednesday Update 5/21/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/21/08


Written By Suzanne
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Phoebe is shocked, having found Rick and her mom in bed. Taylor tells her that she wasn't expecting her until tomorrow. Rick says that it's not what it looks like. Phoebe thinks that Taylor is seducing Rick and doesn't think she needs an explanation. Rick tells her that she needs to know the truth, but Phoebe keeps blaming Taylor. She points out the lit candles, so Rick tells her that he was the one who lit them. When she wonders what happened to "us", he says that there was no "us". They argue about it. He makes the case that they were not together, and then she left unexpectedly. Phoebe cries, upset that she lost Rick. He reminds her that time had passed, and they were getting on with their lives. Taylor assures her that nothing happened, that they decided to wait until she got back. Taylor begs her to listen. She tells her that Rick has been there for her in her hour of need. They got close, and what happened was unexpected. Rick confesses that he was the one pushing to be more than friends. Taylor didn't want it because she didn't want to hurt her. However, they fell in love with each other. Phoebe looks disgusted. Taylor goes to comfort her, but she yells, "Don't touch me!"
Phoebe starts protesting that Rick is too young for Taylor, barely older than Thomas. She points out that first Rick was with Ashley, and now her mom. She says that this is so wrong and asks if she is the only one who sees this. Taylor tells her that she's not, but they have a bond, and it's grown more every day. For a minute, they discuss Brooke and how she feels about all of this. Taylor tells Phoebe that the last thing she wanted to do was hurt her. She tells Phoebe that she's so sorry, and she wanted to tell her herself. Rick tells Phoebe gently that it's important that she understand the situation or else they can't have a future together. Phoebe is more shocked when she finds out that Rick has asked Taylor to marry him. Phoebe cries more, stunned, and yells at her mother. She tells her that she is pathetic. Rick stops Phoebe from leaving, asking her to remember when Ridge was coming between them. He asks, "Please don't do that". He reminds her that she broke up with him, and he tells her that he moved on. He says that as devastated as he was, life led him down an unexpected path when he found Taylor. Phoebe tells him that you only get one first love, and she doesn't have that good memory now. She begs her mom to tell him that this is over. Taylor, distraught, tells him that he has to go because her daughter comes first. He leaves, saying it's not over. Taylor tells Phoebe that she is so sorry. Phoebe still won't let her touch her and still cries, red-faced now. Taylor is also crying.

Nick and Bridget are in bed at their place (she has moved in). He stops, saying that it's weird with company in the house. He is definitely distracted and worries about someone hearing Bridget, who is apparently noisy in bed. They go back to kissing. After a while, it is now Bridget's turn to stop. She remembers something. She is supposed to put vitamin E on Katie's scar. He wonders if it can wait. She admits it can, but she probably should do it now. She kisses him but leaves anyway. He waits, looking disappointed.

Katie and Donna are downstairs at Nick's place, still talking about Donna's son, Marcus. When Katie asks, Donna won't tell her who the father is. Katie wonders why she is told this big secret but can't ask any questions. Donna asks Katie to stop judging her, so Katie assures her that she is not doing that. Tears fall down Katie's face as she feels sympathy for what Donna went through. Donna is tearful, too. Katie can't imagine what it must have been like for her to give up her baby. Donna tells her how she did what she thought was best. She wasn't prepared to be a mother then. Donna admits that it hurts like Hell. She now has tears falling down her face, too. After telling Katie about meeting Marcus, she wails that he will probably never speak to her again. Bridget comes downstairs to give Katie vitamin A. At the mention of feeding Jack, Donna wonders if she can help feed him, so Bridget goes to get his bottle. Donna tells Katie quietly not to tell anyone about Marcus. She can't tell Eric or anyone else. Donna burps the baby, helping Bridget. Bridget praises that Donna is good at that and can come over any time. She suggests that Donna leave the silk blouses at home. Donna smiles and says that's probably a good idea. Bridget tells her that she can put him down. Donna, surprised but glad, puts him in his crib. She wonders, with all of these women taking care of him, if he can tell them apart and know which one is his mother. Bridget notes that he'll have to sort that out later.

Nick walks downstairs and sees Katie looking at her scar in the mirror, with tears in her eyes. She buttons her blouse when she hears him behind her. They talk about Bridget. She hopes that they will be happy. Donna watches them and then comes downstairs, chatting about Jack. Donna leaves. Nick offers to put the vitamin E on Katie's scar, but she grabs it quickly. She says that she can do it Nick sits down next to her and tells her that he didn't always have this life he has now. He's seen men die and see many scar. He tells her that it's a lot harder for her to look at that scar than it is for him. She unbuttons her blouse and takes off the bandage, revealing the scar. He solemnly takes the tube and a cotton swab. He puts the vitamin E ointment on the cotton. He looks her straight in the eye, and then he dabs it on her chest. She looks at him, and tears fall down her face. She grabs his arm, and then they hold hands. It is a very tender moment between them. Bridget's voice calls out Nick's name, spoiling the moment. He goes upstairs reluctantly.

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