B&B Wednesday Update 5/21/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/21/08


Written By Dawn S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Phoebe walks in on Rick and Taylor and asks her mother what she is doing. Taylor tells Phoebe that she was not expecting her until the next day and Phoebe sarcastically replies that it was really lucky that she did. Rick tells Phoebe that it is not what it looks like. Phoebe accuses her mother of trying to seduce Rick. Rick explains that that is not how things are and that he was the one responsible. Phoebe cannot believe that Rick is interested in her mother ,she asks him what about their relationship. Rick says they haven't had a relationship for a very long time. He says that he wanted to be honest with her before she left for Australia but there was no time then. He did not want to tell her all this through email or the phone. He says that he has moved on. Phoebe exclaims that he has moved on with her mother. Taylor says that nothing had happened and they were waiting for Phoebe to return so that they could tell her everything.

Taylor explains that Rick was there for her at a difficult time and they got close unexpectedly. Rick explains that he was the one who pursued a relationship with Taylor and she wanted to have nothing to do with him because of Phoebe. He says that they have fallen in love. Phoebe starts to cry and Taylor tries to comfort her but Phoebe does not want Taylor to touch her.  

Phoebe feels the relationship between Rick and Taylor is wrong and Taylor tells her she thought so too initially but that there is a bond between her and Rick and it is growing stronger each day. Phoebe wants to know what Brooke thinks about this relationship and is not surprised to hear that Brooke is not too thrilled about the relationship. Rick tells Phoebe that it is important for her to understand their relationship otherwise they will not be able to have a future. Phoebe appears confused about the reference to a future. Rick explains that he has asked Taylor to marry him. Phoebe starts crying.

Phoebe is stunned that Rick wants to marry Taylor and asks her mother if she has accepted. Taylor says she hasn't but she would if Phoebe gave her blessing. Phoebe gets angry and says that Taylor was in a pathetic state and that Rick felt sorry for her. Rick reminds Phoebe how it was when Ridge tried to come between them and asks Phoebe not to do that with Taylor and himself. He reminds her that she left him and he accepted that. He says he tried moving on and it led him on an unexpected path with Taylor and begs Phoebe to accept his relationship with Taylor. Phoebe is upset and asks Taylor to tell Rick their relationship is over. Taylor covers her face and Rick begs her not to do that. Taylor tells Rick that their relationship is finished. Rick refuses to accept that but Taylor insists that she does not want to hurt her daughter and asks him to leave. Rick leaves ,Taylor tells Phoebe it is over and apologizes profusely to Phoebe.

Nick feels awkward about having company in the house when he is with Bridget. Bridget says they do not have company they have family and the house is big enough that they can't be heard. They continue to make love. Bridget suddenly interrupts and says she needs to go down and give Katie the vitamin E to apply on her scar. Nick asks her if she cannot do that in the morning but Bridget replies that it would be better now. She then goes down to give Katie the vitamin E. Bridget gives Katie the vitamin and proceeds to get Jack his bottle.

Katie wants to know from Donna who is the father of her baby. Donna is not willing to discuss the father. Katie is glad that Donna shared her secret with her. Donna tells Katie not to judge her  actions in the past. Katie assures her that she is not judging her and not to put words in her mouth. Donna explains that it was very difficult for her to give up her baby and it was a sacrifice but she did what she thought was right for her child. Katie agrees that she would not know how it would feel to have to give up a child.  Donna wishes there was a way she would find out if Marcus is really her son. She worries that after what she told him that day, she may never see him again. Donna makes Katie promise that she well never reveal what they discussed to anybody, especially Eric and his family. Katie asks Donna if she thinks that the family would hold this against her. Donna tells her definitely they would. Donna helps with feeding Jack and helps in putting him down. She wonders if he realizes who his mother is and Bridget replies that the important thing is for Jack is to know he is loved.

Katie is upset at the sight of her scar. Nick tries to cheer her up by talking about Jack. Nick mentions that he knew Bridget was bringing down the vitamin for Katie. Katie says that Bridget is amazing. She also says that she thinks Nick is amazing too and thanks him for letter he stay with them. Nick jokes that she will have to earn her keep. Katie sincerely wishes that he is happy with Bridget. Nick offers to help apply the vitamin to Katie, she says she is fine and can do it herself. Nick tells Katie that he has seen a lot in life and has seen people scarred both inside and out. Katie agrees that she may have led a sheltered life. Katie then shows her scar to Nick and Nick applies the vitamin gently to her scar while tears roll down Katie's eyes.

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