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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/20/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

With Katie comfortably ensconced on his couch, Nick waits on Katie with coffee and asks if she needs a blanket or anything else? When he sees that she is enjoying this a little too much, he quips for her not to get used to this every day. She fires back that in the nursing facility she would have had twenty-four hour care. He replies also she would have had a roommate. She replies and now she has two – make that three with Jack. Bridget brings Jack in to share for a few minutes. He’s staunch on keeping a regular routine with bath and bedtime. Katie feels like she is a third wheel, the last thing Nick and Bridget needs right now. He responds she is not a third wheel; more like a pain in the neck. She promises to give him as much privacy as possible, especially on their first night together. He informs her it won’t be tonight as Eric and Donna are on the way over.

Eric catches Donna staring at the picture of baby Marcus. He asks and she quickly stashes it away in Katie’s photo album and tells him it’s just another picture for Katie. She tells him that she can’t believe this is her life and she is so happy, just where she wants to be.

Taylor returns home and notices the candles burning in the bedroom. She looks around and says she sees a half-naked man in her bed. Rick greets her with several steamy kisses. She says not tonight, they can’t because of Phoebe. He states she is due home tomorrow so that leaves tonight, one last night with no crisis or interruptions. More kisses and she tells him she wants to take it to the next level, really she does, but she wants to tell her daughter first.

Phoebe is at Insomnia fondly holding a picture of her and Rick. Marcus comes in and looks around and finding it full, he asks Phoebe if he can share her table? He sits down, introduces himself and assures her that he’s not going to hit on her or anything. He sees the picture and assumes it is her boyfriend. She ways she hopes so.

Nick opens the door to Eric and Donna bearing gifts of flowers and a photo album for Katie. Eric reminds Katie that she could have stayed with them, but she said that wouldn’t be fair as they are on their honeymoon. Eric counters that unless he missed something, it’s sort of that way with Nick and Bridget too. Katie says she was going to a nursing facility, but Bridget and Nick insisted and she can’t thank them enough for opening their home to her. Donna is fidgety and declines the offer to hold little Jack.

Rick pours sparking cider for the lady and down on his knee says he knows Phoebe will be home tomorrow, but then it will be too late. He comments that he knows how much she loves her children. And she doesn’t want to hurt Phoebe, he doesn’t either. But, he knows there is a very good chance that Phoebe is going to be devastated. He just needs her to know how much he loves her and what they have to look forward to.

Eric declines a drink saying he has to get back to the office. He just wanted to drop Donna off and check on Katie…….and Bridget. He does wonder what Nick’s intentions are for having her move in with him. Nick assures him that he will never hurt Bridget. He knows Eric is a father and all he can do is give him some assurance that they know what is going on with this relationship, and he loves Eric’s daughter. Eric appreciates that and says that is all he can ask for. He tells Katie goodbye and says his family wishes her the best. And he makes sure that Donna has the driver’s number when she’s ready to leave. Katie continues to look through the album and holds up the picture of baby Marcus and asks Donna whose baby is that? Donna snatches it from her hands.

As Nick and Bridget declare it’s time to go to bed, Katie begs cutely to please let her stay up past her bedtime, she wants to talk to her sister more. She suggests that Donna can see that she gets to her room and settled in and then lock up when she goes. Nervously Donna says she really needs to be leaving too. Katie tells her not so fast. What’s going on? She’s been acting all freaky ever since she asked her about the picture.

Taylor explains that she loves Rick and she wants to express that, but she just can’t right now, not the way she wants to. She explains she knows Phoebe is not going to like this with her ex-boyfriend and she will not get over it in just a few days. It’s wishful thinking but perhaps she has met some handsome Australian guy and fallen head over heels in love with him. Temporarily Rick gives in and just wants to hold her close.

Donna paces until Katie tells her that she is her sister, Donna can tell her anything, so spill it. Donna admits she is going crazy, she needs to tell someone. She doesn’t know where to start, she can’t get the words out. Finally she says there was this caterer….at Storm’s funeral…handsome, young and seemed very nice. Katie seems to know where this might be headed and says she hopes Donna didn’t……Donna assures her no nothing happened. Katie doesn’t understand. Katie says then help her understand, what is the matter? Donna tells her that the young man came by the house again today…..and at first she didn’t know what he wanted, he just kept looking at her. Then she blurts out that he’s her son or at least that is what he wanted to know. Katie is stunned and says that is ridiculous since Donna has never had a son. Donna hides her face in her hands as Katie asks if he ever had a baby? Donna cries she only told her mom and then Storm. Katie gathers it was that one summer away when she was in high school.

Donna fills her in that she went to stay with an aunt who schooled her and took care of everything. Donna was too young to take care of a baby and all she wanted was a good home for him. She put him up for adoption. And now this baby could be her son! What if after all these years he has found her? She tells Katie she doesn’t know what to believe. She’s just married Eric who is a famous, wealthy man and suddenly this guy comes out of nowhere. Then she mentions perhaps this is just some guy that Pam hired to mess with her. Katie wonders how Pam would even know when she was her sister and she didn’t know? Donna points out that if it’s true and he really is her son, he was standing right there in her living room and she rejected him. She was so overwhelmed she wasn’t thinking. Katie asks about the picture. Donna doesn’t know. She confesses that was too long ago and she’s just tried to forget all those memories. She doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. But Katie asks does she know who the father is? She says God yes. But the point is he was standing right there in her home and she did not hug him or even tell him. And how many times she has thought about him over the years? And now she cries, she may never see him again.

Nick tucks Jack in his crib and sneaks over and climbs in bed with Bridget. She starts in that she thinks he already has his dad’s good looks and irresistible charm. He quips boy he has to be careful then, as that charm carries a big responsibility. She asks if he would know that from experience? He reminds her that they have a heart patient in the house and too much excitement could be very dangerous. She states, “I like danger.” He claims she must if she is in this bed. They dissolve in a kiss.

Meanwhile Nick steers Taylor to the bed just to kiss her and says they can stay there a little longer. But she wants to stay in control. Then she asks if he heard anything? No, she will have to try harder than that to get rid of him. He lays her back on the bed with more kisses. Suddenly Phoebe walks in and wonders why it is so dark, what is going on? Then she notices her mom in bed with Rick and her mom is adjusting her dress and hair. She’s beyond stunned with ,”Oh my God!”

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