B&B Monday Update 5/19/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/19/08


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

The doctor chats with Katie about whether she is ready to leave the hospital. She is not so sure. He points out that she did fine going to Storm's funeral. He warns that recovery can be a long and complicated process, so she will need assistance to do many things, which can lead to frustration. He suggests that her family can help her, but she doesn't want that. She insists that she wants to be transferred to a nursing facility. He thinks that her sisters would be a better choice, but she doesn't want to be a burden on them. They argue for a moment, and then he gives up. He switches tactics and suggests that she stay with someone else: Nick, who makes her face light up when he visits. She looks thoughtful. After the doctor leaves, Katie has flashbacks to all of the fun she and Nick had together before the shooting. The doctor returns and hands her a list of nursing facilities. He still thinks that she should get personal care from people she knows, such as from Nick. She tells him that her niece just moved back in with Nick. He thinks that's a great idea, since Bridget is a doctor. She declares that she will only go to a nursing facility.

At Nick's place, Nick and Bridget have boxes brought in by some movers. Bridget thanks Nick with a kiss and hug for letting her move in with him. They both agree that it is the next logical step. She says that this is gonna be great, and they share another kiss. They discuss Katie and how she is being released. Bridget is worried about her recovery. She thinks they should help Katie. Nick is not so sure, but Bridget thinks they should definitely invite Katie to move in. He wonders if she really wants this. She brushes off the notion that Katie has anything more than a crush on him. She thinks that Nick's humor will help Katie out. He reluctantly agrees, so they leave to go get Katie.

Katie gets ready to leave the hospital to go to the care facility. They are wheeling her out when Nick and Bridget arrive. They tell her that she's coming with them. The doctor is happy to hear that they will be taking care of her. Katie is not so sure that they should do that, but Nick and Bridget insist that they want to take care of her. Katie keeps arguing with them. She doesn't think it's fair to them to take her in. They keep trying to talk her into it. The woman from the convalescence home gets insulted when Nick starts calling it a hospital and "sterile environment". She also says that Katie already signed the paperwork to go to their place. Nick gets rid of the woman by claiming that he's Katie's lawyer and demanding to see the paperwork. When she walks away, Nick grabs the wheelchair. He and Bridget wheel Katie out of the room and into the elevator. She protests, but she is smiling. In the elevator, she agrees to let them take care of her.

At the beach house, Stephanie is unpacking. She sees that Eric is still there, which surprises her. He tells her that there's nothing in her fridge and suggests that she go to the store down the street. They reminisce about going there many years ago with their family. He offers to drive her down there, but she asks if he shouldn't be home with his new bride. She wonders if there's something wrong already, but he scoffs, annoyed. She says that she doesn't want to go to store; she wants to relax. He knows that she wants to go outside with some iced tea and a book. He remembers that she read many books on vacation. They talk about the good times they had there with their children, and together. They looks at the ocean for a moment, admiring it. She confesses that she will miss all of the activity at the house, especially with the kids. Stephanie tells Eric that she should give him back her keys, but he tells her not to worry about it. She jokingly asks him not to let the grandkids see "Grandma Donna" skinny-dipping. He laughs at the idea of calling her that and wonders if Stephanie just called him a "dirty old man". He tells her that Donna is good with the kids. Stephanie wonders if Donna wants her own kids. Eric says they haven't discussed it, but he thinks it's pretty obvious that he's through having kids. Stephanie looks doubtful. They discuss Donna and his new marriage some more. She hopes that Donna doesn't disappoint him.

At home, Donna is shocked to hear that Marcus thinks she might be his mother. He shows her a photo he found of him when he was a baby, and he explains that it had a piece of paper with her name on it. He searched the internet, and she was the Donna Logan that was most found. At first he crossed her name off and kept looking for others, but then he kept looking at her pictures and thought he saw some resemblance. He came there to make sure she is not his mother. Donna looks confused and shocked. He asks if she gave up a baby boy for adoption. She says, "I'm sorry", which he takes to mean that she didn't give up a baby. He is very disappointed. He tells her that he's sorry and that he won't bother again. She wishes him luck before he leaves. There is a knock on the door, so Donna thinks it's Marcus, since he left his photo. She opens the door, and it's Pam. She says that she has papers for Eric to sign. Donna tells her to call first. Pam wonders why and if she has something to hide. Donna suddenly gets the idea that Pam might be behind Marcus' sudden appearance. She accuses Pam and Stephanie of setting her up. Pam doesn't know what she's talking about. Donna asks her if she hired the guy, but still Pam has no idea what she means. Pam leaves. Donna sits on the couch, looking at the picture and talking to herself about whether Marcus is her son. Eric walks in, so Donna rushes over and hugs him.

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