B&B Friday Update 5/16/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/16/08


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

At the beach house, Bridget, Thorn and Felicia are helping Bridget move out and Stephanie move in. Bridget and Felicia discuss some moving stuff. Stephanie walks in, in a very cheery mood. Bridget tells her that she would miss the view but is glad that she and Rick could stay there as long as they did. Stephanie her for her help. Bridget points out that Stephanie is being very gracious for giving Eric and Donna the house. Stephanie replies that she didn't want to rattler around in the big house. They both agree that the beach house is "cozy".

Katie puts together a puzzle in her hospital room. She has a flashback to kissing Nick. Nick arrives and jokes with her, saying that she seems in good spirts. He brings her pistachios but is disappointed that she so easily guesses what he brought. He also brought her a Lakers shirt, hat, and magazine. He then notices that she doesn't seem as upbeat as he'd first thought. However, after he jokes with her, she brightens.

Donna comes downstairs in the Forrester home, speaking German to Eric and acting very happy and silly. She semi-slides down the bannister as he catches her in his arms. They kiss. She invites him to a swim, but he says he has to leave. He admits that he wants to check on Stephanie in her new place. She jokes around and they kiss more. The man from yesteray arrives. They recognize him from the caterers at the wedding. Eric leaves. Donna recalls that the man was very sympathetic about Storm's death. He introduces himself as Marcus. He tells her that he doesn't work for the caterers, so she jumps to the conclusion that he is a tabloid reporter. She yells at him for trying to get close to her during her brother's dead and orders him out. He looks aghast.

Bridget leaves, telling Stephanie that she can keep the dishes that came with the house, since she doesn't cook anyway. Eric arrives. Bridget hugs them both before leaving. Stephanie tells Eric that Thorne and Felicia went up to the store down the road to get sandwiches. She laughs at his concern and jokes that he got the big house, and she got the little cottage. He reminds her that the beachfront property is worth a lot, plus she insisted that he stay in the house. She notes that it will be good for her to be there, putting a little distance between herself and the family for a while.

Nick and Katie put the puzzle together. Nick gets a text message from Bridget, saying that she's homeless. He figures out that she moved out of the beach house. They debate where she should live. Katie thinks Bridget should move in with him. Nick ignores her as she tells him to invite Bridget to move in.

Eric hopes that Stephanie doesn't think that he intended to banish her there. She knows that he doesn't. Felicia and Thorne arrive just as they are talking and notes that Stephanie shouldn't have to deal with Donna any more than necessary. Eric looks annoyed.

Donna keeps yelling at Marcus. He says that he wasn't expecting a funeral when he arrived and that it was definitely the wrong time. She tells him how much she loved her brother and then wonders why she's telling a stranger all this. He tells her that he's not a stranger, so she wonders if they have met before.

Nick reminds Katie that he and Bridget decided not to rush things. Katie dismisses that idea. He also adds that he has to consider Jack, but she points out that is not an issue, since Bridget is great with Jack. She tells Nick that she intends to hang around his place a lot (to spend time with Jack). He is glad to hear it. He makes jokes about how she is not as cheerful as she used to be, so she says that it hurts her to laugh, but she also adds with sadness that she doesn't have a lot to laugh about. Katie looks into his eyes and says that there is one bright thing that gives her hope and makes her feel that life is worth living. They don't say anything but just look at each other lovingly. Bridget arrives, breaking the mood. She kisses Nick and notices that Katie is much farther along in the puzzle that she expected. Katie tells her that there's a missing piece and they laugh about it. Bridget talks about looking for a new place. Katie interrupts her by saying, "Stay with Nick!" They argue about it, but Nick agrees with Katie. Bridget is reluctant to barge in on his home, but he insists and says they should call the movers. She hugs Nick, and they both say, "I love you". They look very happy. She leaves to call the movers. He thanks Katie for her suggestion. She tells him that he should be happy. They smile at each other, and then he leaves. She looks sad after he goes.

Felicia invites Eric to lunch with them, so they all go out to the deck. Stephanie goes to wash up first. Eric notes that this will be a good place for Stephanie. Felicia still can't believe that he traded her mom in for Donna. Eric doesn't want to hear it. Thorne agrees with her and warns that Donna has a lot of baggage.

Nick returns to Katie's room and spies the missing puzzle piece. She puts it in the puzzle, finishing it, and they smile at each other. He puts on the Lakers hat and then leaves. She looks thoughtful.

Marcus tells Donna that he thinks he met her before. He says things that confuse her, like "It couldn't be" and "I always imagined how you'd look" He asks suddenly if she is his mother. She looks stunned.

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