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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

The room is stunned as Katie stands and slowly stands in front of family and friends and speaks at Storm’s memorial. She says she was taught growing up that in Heaven everyone is perfect. If you were missing an eye, you’d get a new one. If you walked with a limp, you could throw away your crutches. Everyone is healed in Heaven, no depression, no resentment or anger. They all want to believe that, all the bad stuff disappears and only the good stuff remains. That’s why you have memorials services so you can convince yourself that your loved one is in a better place, at peace, not suffering. So you tell stories that may not be quite accurate and share tender memories that may not be quite like they really happened. And recall qualities of the loved ones they have that he did not really possess.

Stephanie returns to Katie’s room only to find Taylor sitting there. Taylor surmises that she knew Katie wouldn’t be at the services. Stephanie thought Taylor would be. Taylor responds that she doesn’t think Brooke would think much of that, and she thought she might do more good here with Katie. Taylor wonders when Stephanie became so close to Katie that she spent the night there? She quips that Katie is the least problematic one in that family. And that’s why she is back; Katie seems to be in a really dark place, more than even Stephanie right now. Taylor tells her that Rick asked her to come by and see Katie professionally.

Donna whispers that no one wants to hear this now. Katie responds that she has every right to be here. And are these his ashes? His remains are not complete without Katie. She continues that to tell the truth, she doesn’t take too much comfort in the thought that everyone is perfect in Heaven. If you’re a good person and you stay out of trouble, then good things will come to you and you will have a happy life. But that is not always true. Sometimes justice is not served. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Everyone says that Storm will live on in all of their hearts….she just doesn’t know. What if in a year she forgets what his voice sounds like, or how he used to look at her? Pictures alone can’t hold your hand or make you laugh or share your life. Everybody is telling her that Storm lives inside of you. And all seem to love that idea, but it scares Katie to death. But everyone seems to find comfort in it, in the idea of sawing her chest into and prying it open to make room for Storm. She pulls her blouse aside and tells them to take a look at the spot where Storm is. “This is where Storm lives now. This is what he looks like.”

Both Taylor and Stephanie wonder what the doctor was thinking, letting Katie out of the hospital so soon and letting hr go to the service when she is still so furious about all of this. And Stephanie is also stunned that Rick, for someone who is not dating Taylor’s daughter anymore, would be so loose-lipped with Taylor and confide in her. Stephanie admits that she feels guilty too that she didn’t turn Storm in and none of this would have happened. So she feels responsible for Katie and thought she could help her in some way.

Katie tells those gathered not to turn away. Look at her. She needs them to see her. She needs them to see that she is different, that her grief is different than their grief. She states that she loved Storm more than anything. He was both a brother and like a father. He was patient, generous, forgiving and protective. He would have done anything for her and given her anything….but she didn’t want his life. Storm is gone and it’s her fault. She admits she rushed into a situation that she didn’t understand. She shot a bullet into her chest. She did this, and she’s the one who shouldn’t be here. Every heartbeat she takes should be Storm’s. He should be here. And they can all argue about the kind of help he needed, but she knows that he didn’t want to take his own life. She herself has been far closer to that edge than Storm ever was. Those thoughts have been unwelcome visitors in her mind ever since she woke up and realized he was gone. “I am ashamed to be alive. I am afraid of living.…..but I promise I will not make it a smaller heart than what it was when it was his.” To Storm she says she hates what he did, but loves him for it. And she vows to live stronger, live harder and forgive more freely because of the heart he gave her. She will never forget and will remember how much he loved her with it. And she will try to love others and herself as he would have.

Stephanie decides she has things to do and not stick around since Katie won’t be back for a while. And chides Taylor as she had forgotten what an annoying best friend she could be. She needs to write all this down in a diary, like maybe taking up sky-diving. Taylor agrees that would be a good idea, write everything down and remind herself that she is a good person. She saw her at Donna and Eric’s wedding and was blown away, the dignity she had and how she held it all together. If Stephanie wants to come see her professionally, any time. Stephanie thanks her and says one thing is for sure, she is not going to just sit around and wait for another of Eric’s marriages to fail.

As he serves the guests coffee, Marcus manages to overhear Eric tell Ridge it is a good thing that Katie came. There’s been a real disconnect between her and Donna lately. This may go a long way into closing that. Ridge adds that he was hoping for short and sweet, and obviously he didn’t get that. Eric reminds him that Storm will only have one memorial service. Ridge smarts that is one more than he deserved. But he knows this is what the Logan’s needed and he was here for Brooke just like Eric is for Donna.

The sisters gather around Katie who admits she was terrible to them. Donna admits she wasn’t very patient either. Brooke says they have been beating up on each other, and now are beating up on themselves and they can’t do that. Things have changed and they have to be careful. Storm is not around anymore. They all admit that Storm kept them listening and kept them talking over the years. He also would pound down the door when they ran to their room to pout. And he was the one who always told them not to put a barrier up, and they did just that with his name on it. Brooke makes them promise they won’t ever do that again. One by one they put out each hand and form a never-ending circle and each says they promise.

Stephen takes a few pictures of the girls and says their mother will love it. Are they all gonna be all right when he goes back to Paris? They say yes, give their mother their love and tell her that Katie is okay. Bridget announces that she has to go back to work, but tells Nick he did a good thing bringing Katie there. Donna calls upstairs to Eric so say she is taking her dad to the airport. Marcus touches her gently and says he is sorry about her brother. He could feel her pain.

Nick glides Katie out to the terrace and she asks how long is it going to be? Before he tells her he was right and she was wrong. He pretends he doesn’t know what she is talking about so she fills him in – about coming to the service. She feels like a different person than she did this morning. He quips well what do you know? They put a new heart into her, but it took a while for her to feel it, that’s all. She thanks him for bringing her there, for knowing it was what she needed, and for being more stubborn than she. Very gingerly he asks if they can hug? She smiles that yes she would like that. Brooke looks on in the distance.

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