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Brooke and Ridge return home after Donna and Eric's wedding. She is glad to see Donna so happy and remarks that Stephen was right about the wedding being just what their family needs. Ridge wants to talk about their wedding. She is glad to hear it but wonders why he has suddenly changed his tune. He says it's time and that she isn't spending so much time obsessing about Jack. She reminds him that she's had other things going on lately. He felt that she had been backing off before. They both want to make sure that the other one is not going anywhere. Ridge is as sure as he's ever been, he tells her. She's very glad to hear it. She has tears in her eyes and kisses him. They start undressing and she suggests that they make plans for their wedding. Ridge mentions that if she wants to have the wedding at his dad's house, it won't work for him because of what happened with his parents and Donna. She gets very angry at him for insulting Donna. They argue about Stephanie and Donna.

Ridge admits that he is prickly about his parents splitting up, so this mollifies Brooke somewhat. He is worried about Stephanie because she is not calling him back. Brooke tells him that before they can make wedding plans, she has to plan Storm's memorial with Donnas so that they can say goodbye. Ridge wonder if she would want to do that considering what he did recently (shooting Stephanie, framing her dad, et al.) Brooke gets angry again and points out that her brother is dead and that she's still grieving. She calls him insensitive, and he agrees. He tells her to forget what he said, to go ahead and have the service, but Brooke is still miffed. She points out that Storm had flaws, wasn't perfect, and made bad mistakes, but they want to celebrate what was good about his life. She is adamant that he was a good person, intelligent, loving, and most of all, he was her brother. Brooke sobs that she loves Storm. Ridge tells her that he's sorry and hugs her. He apologizes more and begs her forgiveness. She recalls that whenever they had problems before, they would melt away in the bedroom, but she's not sure if that will work any more. Ridge tells her that they've come too far and gone through too much to let anything get in the way. He tells her that he loves her so much, and then he kisses her.

Donna and Eric share champagne in bed, with a roaring fire nearby. They kiss. He starts to make a toast, but then tells him it's her turn to make the toast. She says, "to me" and says that she will spend every waking moment making him happier than he ever has been before. He says that she's already done that. They clink the glasses and joke around, flirt, and kiss more. She can't believe they're married and says it's like a dream. She jokes that it's old hat to him, but it's her first wedding. She then corrects herself and says, "only wedding", which he is glad to hear. She says that their wedding was perfect, even though she was on red alert all day, worried what his family, or Stephanie and Pam, might do. They laugh. Eric says that he was impressed with Stephanie's behavior. Donna is very happy to hear him before to Stephanie as his "ex-wife". Later, Eric looks at a nearby picture of Stephanie, Ridge and Thorne, and he sighs. Donna is in his arms, quiet. She says that she will be hosting Storm's funeral, which will be her first event as his wife. She wonders whether she should wait until Katie is released or not. Donna worries about her attitude. Eric points out that Katie's been through a huge trauma, so she needs time. Donna is not so sure. She says suddenly that they should be having a special evening together. He jokingly pretends not to know what she means. She tells him to go freshen up while she makes a phone call, and then they can focus on what they're supposed to be doing on their wedding night. He says that instead, he will wait for her in the shower. She replies, "You'd better", and they kiss. He looks at the picture of Stephanie one more time before getting out of bed.

Stephanie brings flowers to Katie, who is still in the hospital. The flowers are from the wedding, she tells her. Stephanie asks her how she's doing. Katie is bitter and depressed. She thinks that Stephanie is there to gloat that she should have sent Storm to prison instead of letting Katie talk her out of it. Stephanie says seriously that there wouldn't be much point in that. She then tells Katie jovially that, after the wedding, she didn't want to drown her sorrows at a bar or stick pins in a Donna voodoo doll, and then she thought of her. Katie wonders if she wants to welcome her to the shot-by-Storm club. Stephanie realizes that they do share that and says that they also share a couple of broken hearts. Katie doesn't know why she went to wedding, but Stephanie tells her that she was convinced that he wasn't going to go through with it. But he did, and now she's all alone. Katie is suspicious about why she's there and tells her not to waste her time trying to cheer her up. Stephanie points out that she should be happy she survived and is alive. Katie agrees but says that she's not. She confides to Stephanie that she's having trouble thinking about her brother as a hero, very angry at him, and doesn't understand how he could have done this, and how she could have been so stupid. Katie is clearly still very upset and pours her heart out to Stephanie. Stephanie tells her gently that she was his sister, not a psychiatrist, so she couldn't have seen it coming. Katie tells her that she rushed into the situation, grabbed the gun, got shot, and now her brother's dead. She says that it's her fault. Stephanie tells her again that she couldn't have known what would happen or how disturbed he was. Katie says that her sisters call it "his final gift". She thinks that what he did is sick and that he's no saint. Stephanie agrees with Katie that it was wrong that he killed himself, no matter what the justification. Katie tells her that she doesn't feel like her life and she doesn't know what she has to live for. She refuses to forgive Storm or herself.

Just then, the phone rings, so Katie answers it. It's Donna. She tells Katie that she has been thinking about her. We hear the sound of Eric's shower in the background. Donna tells her that the wedding was beautiful, but they missed her. Katie tells her without emotion that she's glad everything worked out the way that she and Eric wanted. Katie tells her that she's tired, trying to get her off the phone. Donna tells her that she wants her input on Storm's memorial. She wants to know if they should they wait for Katie to get out of the hospital or not. Katie tells her that she won't be there; Donna is shocked. Katie goes on to say that she wouldn't want to hear her eulogy. Donna, angry, tells her that she's glad she's not coming, and she slams the phone down. Stephanie tells Katie that she doesn't have to justify her feelings for anyone. Katie states that she has loved Storm her whole life, but what he did was horrific. She can't see it as a blessing, no matter what her sisters want her to think. Stephanie agrees that this is not up to them to tell her how to feel. Katie says that it is wrong to glorify suicide. What he did was a violent act and she can't understand why they don't get that. Stephanie points out that it is just their way of dealing with the situation. Katie is adamant that she won't be at the funeral. She wonders how she can she live her life now, since she was an active and healthy person before. Now she'll be on anti-rejection drugs and may not be able to have kids. What happened to her is not a miracle, but she'll be haunted by it forever. Stephanie looks concerned as she says this. Katie whines that she's not one of those people who will have new lease on life after something like this. She is angry that she's lost her brother and may lose her sisters, and she may lose herself. She suddenly seems to realize that she's been ranting on a bit. She asks rhetorically if Stephanie isn't glad that she stopped by now and was able to get cheered up. She tells her bleakly that she's probably the one person who feels worse than Stephanie does. Stephanie jokes that there's a certain comfort in that. Katie doesn't know how she'll go on or accept this; she feels so empty and all alone. Stephanie takes her hand and tells her softly that she's not alone. She says that a lot of people love and adore her. Katie cries.

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