B&B Friday Update 5/9/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/9/08


Written By Suzanne
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Everyone waits to find out why Eric pauses before saying, "I do". Some are hoping he'll stop the wedding, but others are hoping he won't. Stephanie whispers to her sister Pam that she knows he can't. Eric says, "Forgive me", so everyone thinks that he is changing his mind, even Donna. He tells her that he loves her, so he is saying, "I will". Donna sighs with relief and the preacher pronounces them husband and wife. Donna kisses him enthusiastically as everyone watches. Eric's family all looks disappointed. Bridget is the first to stand up and applaud as Eric and Donna face the crowd. Everyone follows suit, although some do so reluctantly.

Nick sits by Katie's bedside. She doesn't want him to be there because she feels that he is just there out of obligation. He assures her that he's just there to keep her company, as her friend. She doesn't want to sit there and pretend that she is okay with what happened to her. He doesn't care if they talk or not, but he points out that nothing will drown out the sound of her brother's heartbeat. She tells him sadly that no one can fix her. He knows that she sent her sisters away so that she can just hide from her scared feelings. He tells her that she can't hide from what her brother did for her. He knows some of what she is feeling because people stepped up to help him with Jack when he was feeling scared and alone. She points out that he had a lot of women to help him, not just her. When she suggests that he figure out what he wants, he tells her that Bridget has been around a lot lately. She is glad to hear it and tells him that he should figure out how special Bridget is. Nick tells her gently that Bridget really loves her and that Storm's death took a toll. Katie says angrily that Storm's death not an accident and that everyone should admit the truth. He tells her that's okay for her to be angry and that she should feel however she needs to. He is going to leave her alone, but first he tells her that they are all very glad that she is still around.

The photographer gives Pam, Thorne, Felicia and Taylor some champagne and asks for smiles. They reluctantly pose as he takes pictures. Taylor wonders where Stephanie is, so Kristen tells her that Felicia took her out to the terrace. Pam comments that Stephanie should have thrown Donna off the terrace, so the others laugh.

Stephen and Brooke congratulate Eric and Donna, who tells Eric that she is officially the luckiest woman in the world. Ashley also wishes them well, saying that she is now leaving. They are surprised that she is leaving early, but she says gracefully that this is more of a family gathering. Ridge hovers nearby and is also surprised but jokes that she wants to leave before Pam "blows her top".

Felicia and Stephanie are on the terrace. Felicia is angry. Stephanie admits that she didn't think he would go through with it. Felicia tells her that he still loves her and remarks that they should have boycotted the ceremony. Stephanie wants to go back, so Felicia thinks she's leaving. As she heads over to Donna and Eric, Pam thinks that she is going to blas them, but instead she gets champagne and calls everyone over for a toast. Eric and Donna look at her warily but hopefully. Stephanie tells them that what they are doing takes courage and commitment. She speaks about marriage and what it means. Felicia looks very sad. Stephanie admits that they both made mistakes but that Eric was a good husband. She tells Donna that he's a good man and hopes that she appreciates how lucky she is. Stephanie congratulates them and then downs her glass of champagnes in one gulp. Cameras flash as Stephanie wishes them, "Bon voyage". She gets a tender look from Eric, and he also looks a little surprised at her words.

Stephanie says her goodbyes to Eric. He offers to go get the kids, but she doesn't want to make a big fuss about her exit. He thanks her for the way she's been acting and tells her that he's sorry. She tells him that she is, too, and they hug.

Felicia and the others try to cheer up Pam, who is sad. Stephanie hugs Pam and says goodbye, telling them to stay and celebrate. They think Eric made a mistake, but Stephanie tells them that it's too late and they are married now. They don't want to stay, but she asks them to stay and celebrate for her. Outside, as she is about to get into her limo, Stephanie looks around and says goodbye to her old life.

Ashley drops by to see how Katie is doing. Ashley fills her in on the wedding briefly. She heard from Brooke how Katie is having a hard time accepting what happened with Storm. She tells Katie that she doesn't harbor any bad feelings towards Storm. She doesn't think he was going to hurt her with the gun. He was trying to show her that he wasn't a monster. Katie realizes that she jumped to conclusions and that it is her fault that the gun went off, which makes her responsible for Storm's death as well. She gets very upset. Nick and Ashley try to calm her down. Katie yells at Ashley to leave. Ashley apologizes and leaves. She also asks Nick to leave, but he won't. He sits down next to her bed, leans over her and tells her that he's not going to leave her. She cries and says over and over that she killed Storm. Nick hugs her.

Eric finds Donna standing in a corner by herself as he tells her that their guests are leaving. She figures that she should say something to his family, but he is slightly annoyed at the way they've acted. She smiles and they hug. Kristen and the others wonder if they should leave, and Thorne suggests going to get drunk. Stephen and Bridget are annoyed at their attitudes. Stephen suggests they act like Stephanie, who acted with class, to honor her. They leave anyway, ignoring him. Ridge drinks champagne and comments that the house will not be the same without his mother. Stephen replies in a catty way that it feels better already.

Back to Donna and Eric - Donna's relieved that Stephanie and Pam didn't try to ruin anything. She and Eric laugh at that. She was blown away by Stephanie's toast. He admits that his ex-wife is "some woman", and Donna agrees. Eric adds that Donna is all the woman he's ever gonna need, and then he nuzzles her with his nose Eric asks the musicians to play one more song, and they dance. Outside, Stephanie hears Donna's delighted laughter, so she goes to the door and sees them dancing. Stephanie has a flashback to her and Eric dancing years ago and talking about their wedding. In the past, she asks him if he still finds her attractive, so he kisses her. Back in the present, Stephanie has a pained expression on her face as Eric kisses Donna. She whispers, "Goodbye, Eric. Be happy" and then leaves.

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