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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/7/08


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Donna, Brooke and Stephen walk in to Eric's house. They admire how great it looks. Donna thanks one of the workers, but Stephen points out that they work for her now. They are all dressed up, except for Donna, who is wearing curlers in her hair. She wishes that their mom could have been here because she is not feeling well. Stephen jokes that she didn't want to see her daughter marry her prince charming. Brooke wants to take a picture of Donna and Stephen. He comments that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, unless you're a Logan. Donna keeps chiding him for his tasteless jokes. When Brooke takes the picture, Donna sticks her tongue out.

Ridge visits Stephanie in the guest house. She asks how it's going over at the main house. He wonders why she is there, so she replies that she is trying to stay out of the way. She didn't want the movers there today during the wedding. He doesn't think that she called the movers yet at all. Stephanie doesn't think Eric's going through with the wedding.

Stephen finds Eric in his study, straightening his tie. Stephen tells him that he's just looking to get out of the way. Eric makes a joke about how it's not a good day to poison the bridegroom. Stephen admits that there has been enough between them. Eric sadly talks about his losing a son. He expresses his sympathy but notes that he doesn't know what to say. Stephen hopes the wedding will be a good thing, a positive thing for their families. He's not too happy that Stephanie will be there and wonders if Eric is putting on a show for her benefit. Eric chuckles and says that he's far too selfish to have a wedding be about anyone else but him and his bride. Stephen tentatively points out that Donna will probably outlive Eric and be head of his family. Eric hopes that's true. Stephen warns that Eric had better make her happy because his money and bratty children won't. Eric gets annoyed and tells him not to insult his family. Stephen admits that some men (meaning him) weren't meant to be fathers, and Eric says that they are nothing alike. Stephen gives him a hard time about marrying someone so young.

Brooke leaves a message on Rick's voice mail, reminding him to bring the ring, since he's best man. Ridge jokes to her that she shouldn't worry because there are probably wedding bands lying around in the couch cushions (because they've all gotten married so often). Ridge is skeptical about the wedding and tells Brooke that Eric was having second thoughts when he spoke with him yesterday. Shocked, Brooke starts to panic. They argue about whether the wedding will happen or not. Brooke blames Stephanie for that.

Pam is dressed up, talking to Stephanie at the guest house. She is not in a good mood because of the wedding. She invites Stephanie to come with her back to Chicago, but Stephanie doesn't think she can get along that well around their mother. Stephanie admits that she's not sure about her future, but she will be fine. Pam doesn't think that Stephanie is being realistic about the wedding. Stephanie still thinks that Eric will back out. Stephanie admires Pam's dress. Pam comments that she wants to drown Donna. Stephanie agrees but asks her not to do it. She tells her not to play more dirty tricks because then Eric is even more determined that he's better off without her.

Donna is getting her hair finished by a hair dresser when Stephen walks in. She is nervous, making bad jokes. The hairdresser congratulates her and leaves. Stephen wonders why she is so nervous. Donna worries that nobody wants the wedding, including her. He tells her quickly, hopefully, that she can back out, but she assures him that she wants to marry Eric. She gripes that half the guests hate her and the other half are in shock because of Storm and Katie. He tries to help her, give her advice, and offer to help handle the guests. He tells her that she is not allowed to be upset on her wedding day. She scoffs, saying that she will have a great marriage even if the wedding day is rotten. He kisses her on the cheek and says, "I love you".

On the terrace, Brooke tells Eric that he looks handsome. He makes Jokes about their many marriages and then wonders why they keep doing it. Brooke thinks they were both just trying to escape reality, but that's not a worry this time because Donna loves him and no one else. Eric wishes that he could go one day without having any doubts. He confides that a little voice in his head keeps telling him he's making a fatal mistake. He feels guilty, like he is not sticking to the vows he made to Stephanie. She points out that he is much happier now, laughs more, and even his work is better. He agrees that Donna is good for him and that he loves her. Stephanie overhears from nearby when they chat about her and their marriage. He argues that Stephanie is part of his family. She reminds them that people and their relationships change and also about Stephanie's bad points. She reminds him that Stephanie lied to him from day one when she lied about being pregnant with someone else's child (good use of history!). She also mentions many other bad things Stephanie has done. Brooke points out that if he wants to be nostalgic, he has to remember the bad with the good. He assures her that he does. She says some more about how much Donna loves him. Eric kisses her on the head to thank her and then leaves.

Ridge and Pam chat at the house. She wishes she could have made exploding hors 'doeuvres. He thinks she should stop worrying because the wedding hasn't happened yet. When he says "the fat lady hasn't sung yet", she says ditzily that fat ladies aren't allowed in Beverly Hills. He gives her a perplexed look.

Donna reminds Stephen sadly that Storm was supposed to walk her down the aisle. He understood why she picked Storm instead of him. She didn't want him and Eric fighting. She decides not to dwell on her fears. He hugs her and says they will all think she is a perfect bride.

Stephanie walks out just as Eric leaves the terrace. She confronts Brooke, calling her a homewrecker. They argue and insult each other. Stephanie thinks that Brooke should let Eric make his own decision about the wedding. Brooke knows that he has already made the decision, but Stephanie can't accept it. They keep arguing about Eric, their families, and the wedding. Stephanie still thinks that Eric will return to her. She admits that Eric loves Donna, but not in the same way. Brooke laughs in Stephanie's face, saying that Eric will finally be through with her.

Felicia, Thorne, Ridge and Pam stand around, looking sad, like they are at a funeral. Thorne laments that he had to make up an excuse to explain to Ally why she couldn't be there. Felicia says that it's his job as father to protect his daughter from pornography. They all laugh in shock at her comments.

Eric goes to see Donna, who is still not dressed. She is still worried and nervous, saying they can postpone or cancel the wedding. He kisses her and consoles her. He tells her that he canceled their honeymoon reservations for now. She thanks him for that. They kiss some more. Donna tells him that she wants to redecorate the house a little, and he knows that she wants to get rid of Stephanie's touch. He asks if maybe he should have not just assumed she wanted to live there. She tells him that she wants to live there and can feel at home if he can. They kiss again, and she tells him that next time they kiss, they will be husband wife. He smiles and leaves.

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