B&B Monday Update 5/5/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/5/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

Nick visits Katie in her room and tries to cheer her up.  He says he brought her a gift. He holds out his hands and says that he has pistachios, which he got in the gift shop.   She just looks at him glumly, so he wonders if maybe she'd rather have scotch instead.

Donna is hugging Eric at the Forrester house. Donna tells Eric how happy she is to have him in her life.  They are glad that Katie is better, but Donna is very sad that Storm is not returning.  They are looking forward to getting married tomorrow.  Rick arrives and asks her to give Katie his best, too.  Donna and Eric hug once more, and then Donna leaves.   Eric and Rick talk briefly about how Katie is doing.  Neither one can imagine what the Logans are going through.

Bridget walks into Nick's house.  She calls his name to see if he's home.  Bridget is sobbing, upset. She goes to see if he's upstairs.

Nick sits and tells Katie she needs to get better.  Brooke listens in at the door.  He makes lame jokes until he gets Katie to smile. Brooke looks glad that he did.  Nick kisses Katie on the head and then leaves.  Brooke thanks him for making Katie smile.  They chat for a few minutes.

Eric asks Rick how Brooke is.  Rick says he talked to her a couple of hours ago. Eric says he is leaving it up to Donna whether they are having the wedding tomorrow or not.   Eric knows they are all still grieving.  Rick thinks the wedding might be a good idea, but Eric is not so sure.    Rick tells a surprised Eric that he thinks Donna and Eric will be solid one way or the other.  He says he sees the way Donna leans on him.  Eric puts his hand on his son's shoulder.

Brooke tells Katie the doctor is pleased with her, and to keep up what she is doing, so they can take her home. Brooke says she can't stop thinking about Storm, so much has happened. She tells Katie it's over, and this is exactly what Storm wanted.  She thinks Storm is looking down on them.  When Brook says it was a miracle, Katie tells Brooke to stop.

Nick arrives home, so Bridget rushes downstairs and hugs him. She sobs, very upset, tells him how glad she is that he is here.  She can't believe what Storm did; it's like a bad dream.  They hug and she cries a lot more.

Eric pours himself something to drink. Rick offers to make calls to people about canceling the wedding, but Eric doesn't know yet what they're doing.  Eric says Donna and him didn't plan a traditional wedding, so there won't be many people. Rick asks about the best man. Eric doesn't think Ridge or Thorne would do it, so Rick asks, "What am I, chopped liver?"  When Eric replies, "you?" in amazement, Rick says that he thought Eric would never ask.

Nick and Bridget are sitting on the couch. Nick tells Bridget he is going to make her something to eat. She tells him not to go. and starts crying again. Bridget says that Storm was begging her to find a heart donor. She tells Nick she tried every place.  She thinks she planted the suicide and heart donation idea in Storm's mind, but Nick tells Bridget she is not responsible for what happened and points out that Katie only had a few hours to live, yet Bridget kept it together and did what was necessary.  It's all because of her that Katie is dong well.  Bridget admits that she barely remembers it.  They kiss.

Katie Brooke that she doesn't want to talk about Storm. Brooke says she knows its hard, but it is the only thing that's keeping the family together - knowing Katie is going to fight. Brooke tells her that their father is getting the memorial service prepared, but he's very upset.  Donna walks in and asks how Katie is and says she's looking good.  Katie doesn't say anything and still looks glum. She tells Katie everyone is asking about her, including Stephanie. She also  mentions that they think it's better to postpone the wedding, since it wouldn't feel right without her. When Donna says that Katie will be better, she tells Donna she is never going to get better.  She wishes she was dead and that she should be dead. Donna tells her she is doing so well, and Brooke says she is going to get better. Donna says she can't believe Storm is gone; he was supposed to walk her down the aisle. They can't believe he's gone and really miss him.  Donna continues by saying that Storm really hasn't left them because he is inside of Katie. When Donna notes that Storm is a hero, Katie tells her suddenly to stop. Donna and Brooke look at each other in surprise.

Bridget says Nick is giving her more credit than she deserves - she was just dong her job. Bridget is less upset than she was.   Bridget is grateful that Katie's alive but says that she's not out of danger yet.  They pray that she stays that way. Nick tells Bridget he got Katie to smile, which surprises her.  She tells him how amazing it was when they put in Storm's heart, that was still beating.  She felt that it was something spiritual, and Nick knows she means that Storm was there in the room with them.  She wonders if she sounds crazy, but he tells her that she isn't.  He could tell that something was going on that was beyond human beings.  They hope that Katie keeps her heart beating.  Nick smiles and they laugh and kiss.

Donna asks Katie how she could say that Storm was not a hero.   Donna berates Katie for that and says that he gave up his life for her. Katie tells Donna "There's no heroism in killing yourself".  She adds that there's no honor or redemption in it. She says Storm abandoned them to live in this hell.  Katie ends by saying that they shouldn't ever call him a hero again around her.

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