B&B Friday Update 5/2/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/2/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

Eric and Stephanie are both sitting at her house. Eric says he is impressed with the way Stephanie is reaching out to the Logan family.

The doctor is with Bridget and Katie. Katie thinks about Storm, and how she is told that Storm saved her life. Brooke, Donna and Stephen come in to see how she is. Katie is told by Brooke that Storm was cremated and that they will hold a memorial when she is out of the hospital.

Eric says he never thought Stephanie would change, Stephanie says she is not giving up she is just letting go of Eric, the company and the house. Eric asks if that means Stephanie won't come to the wedding, she asks if the wedding is still on for tomorrow, with everything going on.

Stephen asks Bridget if this can be stopped. Brooke says that Katie is rejecting Storm's heart; Donna is sitting next to Katie.

Eric says Donna hasn't canceled anything yet, Stephanie makes a good point by saying its probably not even on her mind. Eric says they were having a wedding a little less traditional, so Stephanie says "No caterer, No Best man?" Eric says that all of his friends are Stephanie's friends, she says Donna and him will make new friends. Stephanie gives Eric a "Instruction manual" for Donna, regarding the gardener's schedules, etc so he is taken care of. (Stephanie exits the room)

Katie asks Donna if her wedding is tomorrow, she tells Donna to marry Eric. Donna says she wants Katie to be her maid of honor. Brooke says she needs to save her strength.

Eric is reading what Stephanie gave to him, and Ridge comes in, surprised to see Eric. Eric tells Ridge the marriage to Stephanie is now over. Ridge says it might not be the best idea to get married right way, he says Donna's sister just had a heart transplant, and her brother just died. Ridge says Stephanie has changed, he asks Eric to think about all the years they've spent in the house together.

At home Donna here's the doorbell and sees its Stephanie. Donna says she just came home to change, Stephanie asks how Katie is. Stephanie asks if Donna is getting married tomorrow, she says Katie wants her to go through with the wedding, and if she goes through with it maybe Katie will have something to hang on for.

Brooke is with Katie; Bridget says the doctor is coming; they have to take action because Katie's heart is beating incorrectly. The doctors step in. Stephen and Brooke look worried.

Ridge says to postpone the wedding. Ridge says Stephanie has changed, Eric says there will always be something between him and Stephanie but he doesn't want to be manipulated. Ridge says to spend a couple of weeks with Stephanie, he says he knows Eric still loves "mother".

Stephanie tells Donna that the envelope she gave her is info for her, because she is the next Mrs. Eric Forrester. Donna asks why Stephanie is being so nice, she says Katie is a wonderful girl and she hopes she recovers. Stephanie says she prays for her every day. Donna says she can't even think about losing her sister.

Brooke goes over to Katie, she tells her not to regret Storm's gift. Katie says she wants Storm back, she starts crying.

Eric says marrying Donna will not change how he feels for Stephanie. Eric says not all the memories are that pleasant, but they aren't all that bad. Ridge leaves by saying not to marry Donna, he will regret it.

Stephanie says to read over the information and if she has any questions to call her. Donna says she is getting married tomorrow, she says she has to go to the hospital. Donna leaves and tells her to see herself out. Before Stephanie leaves her cell phone rings, it’s Ridge. He says he just ran into Eric, Stephanie says Eric signed the final divorce papers. She says she is going to be at the wedding, and see him look her in the eyes, in front of their family, in their house. She hangs up.

Eric is playing the piano, and he thinks about a memory with Stephanie.

Bridget tells Katie she has to breathe, the doctor wants Brooke and Stephen to leave, they say they won’t. Brooke says Storm is in her heart, she says to remember what Storm wrote her. Donna comes, Stephen says to keep breathing. Katie thinks and hears Storm; he says "he hasn't left her", "it was my choice, my gift, accept it." She screams out Storm, the doctor says she is stabilizing. She puts her hand by her heart and keeps saying,  "Storm".

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