B&B Thursday Update 5/1/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/1/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Sobbing incoherently and calling out Storm’s name, it’s obvious to all that Katie wants to get out of that bed. Brooke and Donna try to restrain her and talk her into settling down. Nick joins in, and Brooke insists that Katie wants to see their brother. Bridget advises them that she needs to relax and breathe normally.

Stephen rushes off the elevator and asks the desk about his daughter. Eric spies him and joins him. Stephen is shocked to find the major surgery he was told was really a heart transplant. He asks how she is, and Stephanie replies that she survived the surgery, be grateful for that. Katie stops groaning just long enough when her dad comes in; he wants to know where Storm is? Is he involved too? The girls exchange knowing glances. In disbelief, Stephen hears Brooke say that Storm is dead, he shot himself. He staggers as he slowly tries to process it as Bridget explains that Katie needed a heart and they couldn’t find one until Storm. He gave her his heart. “Storm, my son is dead?” Katie squeaks that she is sorry. Brooke adds it was the only way Storm knew how to save her. Donna comments that he really didn’t want to leave them, but he couldn’t live with himself if he just let her die.

Stephen quickly assures Katie that he’s not blaming her. He’s so grateful that she is here. He loves her very much. As she groans and gasps to breathe, Bridget advises them all that Katie needs to be alone and try to get her breathing back to normal, they should all leave. Brooke has to usher Stephen out. He rips off his scrubs and insists on seeing his son. Brooke guides him down the hallway. Stephanie points out Donna for Eric, and he goes to her and comforts her.

Slowly Stephen walks into the room, glancing nervously at the mound on the table that is his son. He steels himself before lifting the sheet, then has to steady himself by pulling up a stool to sit on. He’s close to crumbling by time he continues. He cries, “my poor, generous boy.” What he did for his sister! He mutters that others won’t understand what he did, but he does. “It’s who you are.” Whatever his sisters needed, he didn’t hesitate, no sacrifice was too much. But he cries, that wasn’t Storm’s job, it was his own. And he had ran away and left it to him. Storm is a better man than he is, but for whatever it’s worth, he will take care of them now. He needs to cling to someone and Brooke is there for him.

Nick greets Bridget in the corridor and gives her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and tells her she is doing great to hold it together for her family. Stephen goes back into Katie’s room and sits beside her. She acknowledges with a worrisome look on her face. He states Storm loved her so much….it took a tremendous amount of faith and devotion for him to do what he did….to give up his life for a chance to save hers. It was his last act of love, that was the kind of man he was. And she knows that because she knew him better than anyone else. She barely gets it out, but says she doubted him. Stephen says it doesn’t matter, Storm loved her and that gift was his way of showing it. She lets out a grrrrrr sound, blinks her eyes, stiffens and he asks what is wrong. The nurses rush in and start examining, asking Katie if she feels sick? The doctor is paged and Brooke and Donna hear it and follow, as does Bridget.

The nurse informs them that the patient is feverish and short of breath. She’s fighting chills and dizziness. Bridget tells her mom that she will have to wait outside. They need to take some tests, but it looks like Katie’s body might be rejecting the new heart. The doctor joins them and says that Katie has a temperature of 103 and her pulse rate and blood pressure are elevated. And these are the first symptoms of an acute rejection. Brooke reminds him Storm was a perfect match, how could this happen? Bridget points out that Katie had foreign tissue introduced into her body. Rejection isn’t uncommon after a transplant, it doesn’t mean that the heart won’t work. The doctor adds but it is reason for concern. They can adjust her medications and increase the dosage of steroids. Beyond that, it’s just a waiting game. He tells Bridget they will wait on another blood culture. Storm was a healthy man with a strong heart. He and Katie were as strong a match as he’s ever seen. If this rejection becomes chronic, it won’t be because his tissue is incompatible. He explains further, the body is still a mysterious organism and there is only so much medicine can do. They can give the patient every opportunity to live, but sometimes it comes down to their will. Donna declares but Katie wants to live. Simply he says, Katie’s body may be willing to accept the heart, but Katie may not be.

Nick asks Eric if he’s heard anything? He knows Bridget was paged so something serious is going on with Katie. Eric admits he doesn’t know a thing. Bridget comforts Katie that they are lowering her fever and upping her anti-rejection medication. But she needs her help. She needs her to just focus on getting better right now. She wants her to breathe, relax and just rest. That is the most important thing. Donna admonishes that she has to fight, fight. She knows she is sad, but she can not give up. Stephen adds that Donna is right, medicine can’t do it all. Donna says again that Storm wouldn’t have made this sacrifice unless he knew that she could handle it. He wanted her to live. “He wanted that more than anything in this world. Just accept his gift.”

Both Stephen and Brooke try to convince her they know this is a burden, but Storm wanted her to survive. And he would do it all over again for any of them if he could. If he were here, he’d tell her the exact same thing. So she needs to hang in there and fight. He loved her enough to give her his heart. Does she love him enough to accept it? Brooke says this is Katie’s way to honor Storm. A way to make his sacrifice make sense. Katie just has to get better and move on with her life and make something of it. Can she do that? If not for herself, then at least for him? Breathing heavily and more firmly than she had spoken before, Katie looks at them and says it was WRONG.

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