B&B Wednesday Update 4/30/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/30/08


Written By Suzanne
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All of today's show takes place at the hospital...

Bridget gives Brooke a letter that they found in the room where Storm shot himself. Donna is also there. They realize he wrote it right before he dies. It has Katie's name on it, so they debate whether they should open it or not. Bridget wonders how they will tell Katie that she has Storm's heart.

In a waiting room, Ridge explains to Eric and Stephanie what happened with Storm and Katie. They are very sympathetic. Ashley walks up to them. Stephanie is a little confused about the events and asks if Storm threatened Ashley. Ashley says that Katie misunderstood what was going on and that it is a long story. Ridge tells them that the nurse said that Katie had a good night. Stephanie blames herself for what happened because she knows that if she hadn't listened to the Logan sisters, Katie would be ok and Storm would be alive. Ridge tells them that he told the police about Storm shooting Stephanie. Eric doesn't think that matters now, but Ridge thinks that Brooke might blame him for that, as well as his firing Storm.

Brooke, Donna, and Bridget watch Katie from outside her room. When Brooke asks if they will get to see her, Bridget explains that they have to be careful now about infection and whether the transplant will stay successful. Doctor Patrick comes out and tells them that they are lowering Katie's sedative and testing her breathing to see if the tube can be removed. They are glad to hear it, and he assures them that this is a good thing. He advises them about ways to keep Katie safe from infection by washing their hands whenever they return to the ward, using a hand sanitizer and putting on a disposable gown when they visit her, not touching any of her equipment, and not visiting her at all if they have a cold or cough. After asking how long they've been there, he also suggests that they take showers and change their clothes now, so they can see her when she awakens. Brooke sighs happily before walking away with Donna and Bridget to the showers.

Donna takes a shower and puts on scrubs. Bridget goes to check on a patient while Brooke takes her turn at the showers. Brooke tells Donna quietly that they need to call their parents. Donna tells her that she tried to phone their mother, but she didn't get her and doesn't want to leave this as a message. Brooke asks about their dad, so Donna replies that she will try him while Brooke is in the shower. Ridge comes in and notices that Donna is wet. She tells him that they're going to visit Katie, and then she leaves. Brooke explains why they are showering. Ridge asks if he can join her, since he could use a shower as well (oh, sure, having my brother shoot himself always puts me in the mood for a sexy shower!). Brooke turns him down, saying she'd like to see Katie first. He hopes she isn't still mad at him. She points out that it's difficult for her now because of the way he was down on Storm. He agrees that it's hard for him, too. Brooke confides that the reason it bothered her most was that he was making decisions without her and wanted to cut Storm out of their lives, even though she knew Ridge was just trying to be protective. She says that Storm is now out of their lives, but she hugs Ridge when she realizes how that sounded. She sighs, not wanting to blame anyone for what happened.

Nick brings food back for everyone at the hospital. Eric tells him that Donna and Brooke will be able to visit Katie soon. Nick is surprised to hear that Katie might wake up soon. Meanwhile, Donna tries phoning her dad, but she gets his voice mail. She tells him where they are, that Katie had major surgery, and that Storm was involved in that. Her voice breaks and she has a hard time getting the words out, but she ends with telling him that she loves him. After she hangs up, she is crying. Eric comforts her and acts concerned for whether she's had any rest. She tells him that she's fine and hopes he doesn't think she's ignoring him. He is completely understanding that she has to focus on Katie. Stephanie goes over to Donna and tells her that she's so sorry for their family's loss. She also tells her to let Brooke know that Felicia is watching the kids and that they are praying for Katie. Donna is grateful and thanks her. Eric looks at Stephanie with surprise and admiration on his face.

Brooke and Donna put on the gowns that the doctor told them to wear, then they use the hand sanitizers and go into Katie's room. They admire how well Katie looks now, not as pale as before. The machine Katie is hooked up to makes a lot of noise. Brooke talks to Katie to tell her that they're here, so she wakes up and looks over at them. Bridget comes in, too. Brooke tells her that she had surgery, but she will be okay now. They look very happy to see her. Bridget tells her that it will be hard for her to talk now so she might not want to try. She explains that the tubes they put in her throat sometimes hurt it. Bridget goes to get some ice chips for Katie. Katie tries to speak to them, but they can't make out what she's trying to say. She finally says, "Storm".

Bridget fills Nick, Eric, and Stephanie in on what's going on with Katie. Stephanie wonders if Katie knows what's happened. Bridget doesn't think that Katie will be able to say much for a few days. Stephanie doesn't think they should wait long to tell Katie the truth. Bridget reminds her that her mom and Donna will know what to do. Nick tells Bridget with a kiss that she's a hero for what she's done here. Stephanie keeps talking to Eric about how Katie shouldn't wait to hear the truth. Eric understands what she means and points out that it's big of Stephanie to even be there. He remarks that sometimes he forgets how sensitive she can be. She agrees, with a coy smile.

Donna strokes Katie's head as she and Brooke talk to Katie about how great the doctor is and how wonderful Katie looks. Brooke and Donna are joking-arguing over who gets to stand closest to Katie when Bridget brings in Nick to visit Katie. He jokes that he doesn't like the outfit they made him wear. He does looks a little silly in a bright blue hospital gown. Bridget offers Katie ice chips, but she shakes her head. Katie says with her halting, raspy voice that it wasn't Storm's fault. She is upset, sobbing, and asks them to tell him. She thinks that Storm is too afraid to visit, thinking she blames him for the accident. Brooke assures her that he's not afraid. They look over at Bridget, who nods. Brooke takes out the letter that Storm wrote for Katie. She tells Katie that Storm left it for her.

Eric and Stephanie impatiently wait for word on Katie. She thinks that they are probably telling Katie what happened. She comments that she would be angry at her brother for doing such a thing because of all he had to sacrifice. She thinks that she will feel the weight of it for the rest of her life. Eric disagrees; he thinks that Katie will eventually accept it and make peace with it. Stephanie doesn't think that what Storm did was about love, the way Eric does. Eric thinks that Stephanie would have done the same type of thing since she loves as fiercely as Storm did. Stephanie looks very surprised that he would say that.

Katie asks Brooke to read the letter for her, and Bridget agrees that's a good idea since they are all there. Brooke reads the letter. Storm reminds Katie of when they were young and played house. Katie and he would be married by the dog and promise to stay together forever. He says now that is true. He apologizes for letting her down and says that he will now be closer than her own skin. His heart will do what it should do without his head screwing it up. The ladies all cry while the letter is read. Storm asks Katie not to be mad at him. He says that their sisters are not as tough as they are. He finishes with, "There's more to say, but we'll be together soon. I'll be the whisper in your ear. Love, Storm". Brooke's voice cracks as she says the rest. Katie starts asking, "Where's Storm" frantically, and breathing harshly. They sob and tell her that he's with her. Katie puts her hand to her chest.

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