B&B Tuesday Update 4/29/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/29/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Bridget interrupts Nick and Brooke as they watch from the observation room. She tells them everything is ready as can be. With rosary in hand, a woman in the lobby is praying for a loved one. Donna walks by and spies Lt. Baker and son and asks does he really have to be here? Charlie replies that Storm took the coward’s way out, but his dad says they will stay until they know something about his condition.

Bridget brings in Theresa, a woman to talk to the family about organ donation. Dr. Brauer joins them and all are sobbing by now. She tells them how sorry she is, there was nothing they could do for Storm. There’s no brain wave activity. It’s not like sleep, it’s called brain death and she informs them that their brother can not recover. Brooke fishes through her purse and finds Storm’s wallet and says his wishes were very clear, he wanted to be an organ donor. Theresa says she will let O.P.A. know. Bridget says they will not have time to go through registry. Brooke adds that their sister needs a heart, and Storm wanted her to have his. Theresa says it is not that simple, but Bridget corrects her and says it is if they just let it be. Theresa even brings up there is only a one in four chance between siblings that it will even be a match. Brooke and Bridget both affirm that it is a match, Storm knew that. Bridget advises Theresa that a cardiovascular surgeon from the transplant center is on the way. They have one patient on a heart-lung machine that is about to die, and another patient they can’t save….and he’s got a working heart that is a perfect match. They can’t lose them both.

Fighting back more tears, Brooke clutches her brother’s jacket to her chest. She tells Nick she wonders how Storm will remember her. She just remembers the last words that she said to him. Ridge and Ashley walk up and he asks Brooke about Katie. He also asks if the police came for Storm? It had to be done. Brooke replies it doesn’t matter now. She informs them Katie’s heart could not be saved, but Storm gave her his. He took the gun and went into a room…..

With every man in place and Bridget assisting, the surgeon begins. He says, “people let us reflect on what it is we are about to do. The heart is the nearest address we have for the human soul. When it stops, the soul is homeless, and it moves on. A man died so this woman might live.” He goes on to say that skill, training and experience can not account for this mystery. They approach it with humility. “We look to a guidance not our own.”

Dr. Brauer finds Brooke and Donna in the lobby and tells them that she knows they are waiting word about Katie. It’s a lengthy, complex surgery and she has no news. But she can tell them that tonight or tomorrow a half a dozen people will get a second chance at life or sight because of their brother, they hope including their sister. Brooke thanks her, and Donna asks if they can see Storm before they take him away? Close by, Ashley tells them there is something they should know. She explains that Storm was trying to explain to her how it was the night he shot Stephanie. Somehow he thought if he showed her the gun Ashley would understand. But what happened was Katie saw the gun and jumped to the wrong conclusion, and she just rushed in. So if they are right and Storm’s intention was to take his own life so he could give Katie his heart, then this was not atonement. There was nothing to atone for, “it was a gift.”

Ridge brings Brooke a cup of coffee and listens as she spills how terrible she was to Storm. He was always there for her, but when he needed her to understand……she was too scared and angry. He probably thought that Katie was the only one that mattered. As the surgery progresses, Donna goes to the room holding Storm and says she knows he is there. Nothing they took from him was “you.” She hopes he is not scared, God will understand. She sits at the foot of the table and touches him around the feet and prays to God to please not punish this man…don’t turn him away. “It’s only because of him that I know what your love is like.”

We see an exposed heart as the team continues the tedious surgery. Donna returns and slumps down and Brooke, cradling the jacket still, kisses her on the head and tells her that she knows where she will be for a while. Nick walks up and asks if thee is anything he can do for Donna? Call her dad? Donna says she will when she knows what to tell him. He asks if he should call Eric, but she admits there is nothing he can do.

Slowly Brooke walks into the room with a sheeted mound in front of her. She spreads the jacket over the figure that is Storm. She pats it ever so gently and lays her head down on it. She sobs that this shouldn’t have happened….a lifetime of things that shouldn’t have happened. She confesses she was scared more than she was angry, they all were. Otherwise she never would have said those things. Can he ever forgive her? Did he die hating them….or think they hated him? No, she won’t believe that. She knows he did it for Katie. There is no other reason he’d want to leave them. Her eyes dart around. She says she has to know for sure. She needs to know. Can he tell her? She knows he is there, she can feel him. She pulls the jacket to her bosom and tears fall as she barely squeaks that she loves him so much and she knows he loves her too. Does he feel her loving him back?

Brooke returns to the lobby and goes straight into Ridge’s arms as he comforts her. Bridget appears and they all rush to her for news. It’s done….well almost done. They have to get the heart started with a small electrical shock. At least they hope so. Brooke swears that it will. Theresa walks up and hands Storm’s letter to Bridget, the one he left for Katie.

With everyone looking down on the scene, the monitor flat, the paddles are applied to the heart for defibrillation. Donna sighs why is nothing happening? Brooke whispers “be with her”. The paddles again and there is a bright white heavenly light on the subject. Brooke whispers again, “please forgive us.” Again the paddles, and while all hold their breath, there is a visible beat of the heart as it starts. It’s clear, they can close. Everyone in the room and observing give a sigh of relief and tell the doctor wonderful work. He remarks he had help.

Brooke hugs Ridge and lovingly puts the jacket around her sister and they hug each other a little tighter.

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