B&B Monday Update 4/28/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/28/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

At the hospital, Storm is waiting outside Katie's room, looking at his sister through the window. Brooke tells Bridget that she has to keep trying/ Bridget says the pump that Katie is on is going to have to be turned off. Storm goes in and says they aren't going to do that.

At her home, which is now a crime scene, Ashley goes outside with Ridge while the house is being processed by the police and their forensic team. Ashley says it all so surreal as she recounts the nights events: Storm telling her he shot Stephanie, pulling out the gun, and fighting for the gun with his sister. Ridge comforts Ashley.

Bridget is on the phone, still trying to get a heart for Katie, while Storm says there must be a way.  Tears fall down Bridget's face.  Meanwhile, back at her house, Ashley tells Lt. Baker what happened. His son, the other cop, is also there with him.

Ridge tells Brooke on the phone that he will come to the hospital; she says they have done everything they can for Katie. Ridge tells her how sorry he is but adds that he is telling Lt. Baker the truth about Storm shooting Stephanie.   For once, Brooke doesn't object.  She understands.

Storm sits in a nearby hospital room and starts to cry. In Katie's room, the doctor tells Brooke and Donna that they can say their goodbyes before they take Katie of the pump. Brooke tells the doctor she does not have permission to remove Katie from the pump.  Brooke cries and gets a little hysterical as  she tells the doctor to find a heart. The doctor just says that she is sorry.

Bridget tells a nurse to call all of the organ doctors again; they will find a heart. Donna and Nick are with Katie. Donna tells Katie she always was the strong one in the family, she also tells her to open her eyes. Bridget is watching.

Brooke asks Storm if he is ashamed and adds that he should be.  Brooke asks Storm why he would bring a gun to Ashley's house, but he doesn't say anything.  Brooke tells Storm the police know that he shot Stephanie, and now Katie, and that he is going to jail for a long time. He sits down, takes out the gun, and puts it down on the bedside table. He looks at a picture of all his sisters and him, and pictures of his sisters when they were younger.

Lt. Baker comes out of the elevator at the hospital and asks where Storm Logan is. The nurse says she hasn't seen him in a while. Brooke comes into Katie's room, where Donna and Nick are, and looks at Katie. Nick tells her that Bridget came in and said there won't be a heart for Katie. She hugs Nick, and Donna cries next to Katie.

Storm writes a note and puts it in an envelope; he looks at all the pictures of his sisters. He thinks of when they were younger, playing. Storm thinks of more times he spent with his sisters and watches them grow up in his mind (they are showing videos and picture of when the Logan kids were younger).

Bridget says she looked everywhere for a heart, and everyone starts crying. Donna tells Katie she loves her, and she hopes that Katie will still be looking out for her like always. She also says that one day they will all be together again. Brooke says everyone loves her, and they all cry. Nick hugs Bridget. Bridget asks Brooke if one of them shouldn't go find Storm. Suddenly, they hear a gun shot. Brooke runs to see what it was, pushing past a crowd of people in the hallway.  She goes into the room where she left Storm and finds him lying on the floor. He has obviously shot himself. Donna, Brooke, Bridget, and Nick are all there. Brooke sees a picture of Katie in Storm's hands. Brooke cries, and says, "He gave her his heart".

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