B&B Friday Update 4/25/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/25/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

At Ashley's house, Katie screams at Storm to put the gun down. Katie fights Storm for the gun and ends up shot, she falls to the ground.

Brooke tells Donna that Ridge thinks Storm is dangerous.

Storm tells Ashley to call 911. Katie has blood coming out of her chest. Ashley calls 911, Storm tells Katie he is sorry.

At Nicks house, Bridget walks in. They start to kiss.

Storm tells Ashley to get a towel, because Katie is bleeding. He tells his sister to keep breathing.

Bridget tells Nick she thinks Storm and Ashley would make a great couple, Nick tells her that Storm is trouble.

Emergency comes, Storm tells them to hurry. Storm is with Katie in the ambulance, begging her to hang in there.

Bridget gets off her cell phone and tells Nick that Katie is on her away to the hospital.

Storm tells Katie she will make it.

Ridge comes over and Ashley tells him Katie is in the hospital, he asks who did this to Katie. Ashley tells him it was Storm. Ridge is shocked.

Katie is wheeled in to the hospital, they are taking her pulse.

Donna says Storm only made one mistake, Brooke says there are times when you forgive people. Brooke says she is hopes Ashley will see the good in Storm, she says he would never hurt anyone ever again.

Bridget comes with Nick, she asks Storm what happened. he says "a gun went off, I shot my baby sister". Bridget is shocked.

At Forrester, Brooke and Donna continue talking about Storm and Ashley, they get a call from Bridget saying Katie is in ER. Brooke says Donna and her will be right there.

Bridget tells Storm and Nick that Brooke and Donna are on their way. Bridget tells Storm she didn't tells Brooke why Katie was in the hospital; she wanted answers from him first. She goes to check on Katie. Nick tells Storm he better pray that Katie is alright.

At Ashley's house, she is crying. Ashley tells Ridge that Storm admitted to shooting Stephanie, and that Katie and him were both struggling for the gun. Ridge says he doesn't care what Storm admitted, its time for Storm to be held accountable.

Nick asks Storm what happened. Storm says he went to talk to Ashley, and it was a mistake. Nick says he doesn't understand how a conversation with Ashley led to Katie getting hurt. The doctors say Katie is bleeding, they say the bullet damaged some of her ribs. Brooke and Donna arrive, while Nick is talking to him. Storm says Katie is in surgery and that Bridget is in there with her. Nick tells Storm to say what happened, Storm says he was at Ashley's, and he had a gin, they stop him. They ask why he has a gun, he says he showed Ashley the gun to help her understand what happened between Stephanie and him. He says Katie barged in and must of misunderstood the situation because she started fighting for the gun. Bridget says the surgeon wants to talk to the family, Storm, Brooke, and Donna come in. The surgeon says some bone fragments can't be removed, and that the heart pump is what is keeping her alive. Bridget says Katie is alive for right now. Nick walks in and Bridget says there is one thing that can be done. If Bridget could find a heart for a transplant, Katie could be saved. Donna and Brooke talk to Katie, they tell her to be strong. Bridget tells the surgeon that its possible there is a heart donor, she says she is going to make some phone calls. Brooke tells Katie she is an amazing sister. Nick comforts Brooke, Bridget comes in and starts to cry. Everyone then begins to cry even more.

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