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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/24/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Storm accuses Ashley of lying to him, and he hates that. She can stop pretending that Ridge hadn’t told her this already that he shot Stephanie and set his father up. So now she already knows the truth although he wanted to be the one to tell her, so now he just needs to make her understand.

Thorne pours drinks when Felicia comes in. He comments that their dad’s wedding is just around the corner and their mother has called one of her infamous meetings. Ridge quips better make his a double. Felicia says it’s a good thing she’s not drinking; someone is going to need to be sober to pry her mother’s fingers from around Eric’s throat. Thorne says he figures it will be a little lower than that. Ridge adds that she will be going for his heart, this house and the company. Felicia agrees, there is no way Stephanie is going to let Donna Logan walk off with her husband and her legacy too. Stephanie enters and hugs Felicia. They quickly discuss her trip to L.A. and Felicia nods that her meetings with Nick Newman went well. All want to know how Stephanie is and she has a hard time convincing them that she is all right. Felicia says now she’s really worried. Not only is her mother smiling, but she’s also wearing a festive top. Stephanie declares she is not thinking Eric is going to call off the wedding, and she’s through fighting, she is not even going to try and change his mind. She wants them to all get on with their lives as she is going to get on with her own.

Stephanie explains to them she has made two decisions. She is going to step back from any public role in the company. Felicia doesn’t want her to do that and let Donna Logan run her off. Stephanie says that is not what she is doing. And the second decision is a little more personal. Eric is going to get married and she thinks it would be perfectly fine if he married here at the house. They are all shocked.

Katie tells Nick that she knows he must think she is crazy to defend her brother after all he has done. But he’s a man who protects his family, his sisters, and he hates people that mistreats them unfairly, he defends them, that is who he is and she thinks Ashley is darned lucky to have someone like Storm in her life. Storm moves toward Ashley and she backs away. He asks her if she is frightened? She admits that she is, and would he please go? She begs again for him to please go, she won’t tell anyone what he admitted. He can trust her. He says he knows he can, and she can trust him too, that he is not dangerous. Despite her leaning away from him and clearly does not want to be touched, he grabs her forcibly with both hands and says it is okay, he thinks he is falling in love with her.

Stephanie explains to her kids that she has given this a lot of thought and if Eric wants to get married here, she thinks he should. Felicia laughs and is sure Stephanie is going to booby-trap the home. Stephanie denies that, it’s just that is Eric’s home too. Eric walks in and hears this. Stephanie doesn’t see him come in, but tells the kids that she can’t get her husband back but this gesture can bring the family back together. She wants them to be there to support him. They all disagree. Stephanie says she would like the three of them to show Donna and her family that they as a family are united. Eric stands and drinks this all in. Stephanie states they love one another and can overcome those disagreements. Eric chimes in and says very well said, he’s just not sure he believes it.

Nick stiffens and tells Katie that her brother did not shoot Stephanie to protect her or her sisters. She thinks he was and now it’s their turn to protect him, and he is working through his anger. Nick says that isn’t what he heard. He stood right there and heard Storm admit that he blamed Ridge for interfering in his relationship with Ashley. She says well he likes her, and he’s afraid if she finds out what he did that she won’t like him anymore. Nick smarts, “well it should change her feelings, he shot somebody!” And he wants to know how he will deal with that when he finds out that she knows and dumps him? She doesn’t even know why they are talking about this, but she grabs her purse and sweater and says she is going to see Ashley.

Storm backs away and apologies that he didn’t mean to shock Ashley. She says if she really means that much to him, will he just do as she asks and leave, please? He said he thought if she understood why, maybe she wouldn’t think he was the devil. She talks calmly and asks if she sits and listens to his side of the story, will he then please go? He agrees, that is all he ever wanted. He asks her to sit and she grabs a big pillow and hugs it in her lap. He stands, finds this is harder than he thought. He explains that he’s had a lot of anger over the years toward his father and toward himself as he wasn’t able to provide for his sisters. It was his job to provide for them and help them succeed and they were….until the day that Brooke met Ridge. And then everything he had worked for and sacrificed for went right down the drain. And Ashley can not probably believe how that made him feel to be humiliated over and over again. And then Stephanie sent a rapist into Brooke’s home. Does that make Storm worse than Stephanie? He doesn’t know, but he couldn’t take it any more. And he just snapped when his dad came back into town and thought he could just save the day.

He continues that he saw the opportunity to get even with the two people who had done the most harm to his family so he took it. She is agreeable, he got away with it. He says no, Stephanie forgave him but he has to pay for that. He pays every time he looks into his sisters' eyes and sees their pity. He knows that sounds pretty hard to believe, but they actually respected and revered him. Storm gets weepy but jumps up and says he wants to show her something. She gasps when he pulls out a small pistol. She recoils and asks him to please don’t. He asks if she is afraid of the gun? Is that what she thinks he is?

Stephanie claims Eric can marry in the house and she won’t even be there. His new wife can decorate every inch of the place with animal prints, red velvet, whatever she wants. Felicia maintains she won’t let Donna move a single dust bunny, and Stephanie chides her that she will as this is or will be Donna and Eric’s house. She informs Eric that she has spoken to the real estate people and lawyer and if he would like to buy out her half of the house she will sell it to him. Gleefully, she says she has lived here alone long enough to know she does not want to continue to live there alone. Felicia muses that Donna Logan will never been queen of this castle. Stephanie points out they will all have their memory, but if she is not going to be living there, then why shouldn’t Eric? This is where the family belongs and she doesn’t want them thinking they would be disloyal to her. Thorne sits by her and she kisses him as he says it won’t ever be anywhere close to what it once was. She tells him it would be so much more painful if she stayed there. Now she wants to talk to Eric privately.

Storm plays with the gun in his hands, nervously turning it over and over. Ashley continues to cringe and wants to get away. She asks why did he bring the gun? He just wants to prove that he’s not the man that Ridge says he is. He saw the gun in a pawn shop window. It’s like the one that he used to shoot Stephanie, a small one and he thought she might understand if she saw it. It wasn’t like this was premeditated. It wasn’t some plan that he had to get Stephanie. He didn’t go looking for it, he just found it. It was so small and for some reason he picked it up and put it in his pocket. He had no idea he would run into Stephanie in the showroom that day, and Ashley has to believe him that he would never do anything like that again. He wants her to know that he’s not some lunatic, just some ordinary guy that went over the edge. He just couldn’t take it anymore. He just couldn’t see his father break his sisters’ hearts one more time. And he couldn’t let Stephanie cause his sister anymore pain, he just couldn’t. He raised his sisters and that is the man he wants Ashley to see. He was their hero and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for them.

Katie rushes up but stops short when she sees Storm and Ashley through the window. She listens for a few moments. Storm tells Ashley he doesn’t believe in violence. He believes in justice and family and in doing anything he can to help somebody that he cares about…and that includes her. “That’s the man I am, Ashley, that’s the man I want you to see.” She says okay and slowly gets up. Ashley’s back is to the door but Katie manages to see the gun when Storm turns. She barges in and asks Storm what is he doing with that gun, put it down!

Eric reminds Stephanie the house is full of memories and she can make new ones. She offers that he can too and makes him promise that he will see that the children and grandchildren do what they have always done here in this home. He assumes she will be a part of those celebrations too and she says in a way, but in spirit only. He mentions the ghost of Christmas past and she laughs that she is just moving out, not moving on. He says he thought she called this meeting to draw a line in the sand and make the children pick sides. He admits he was wrong and he’s sorry. She tells him don’t be. If they had had this discussion a few days ago, he probably would have been right. Felicia and Thorne stand on the balcony above and realize what an amazing woman their mother is. Eric continues that he didn’t know what he was going to be walking into today, not this. But maybe he should have. “Sometimes you are a very classy lady, Stephanie Forrester.” He gives her a kiss and she says they will get the papers worked out.

Fearing the worst, Katie shouts at Storm to give her the gun. So Ashley rejected him and he brought a gun over? He’s calm, Katie is the one who is panicking and grabbing for the gun. He holds on firmly but she also clutches it and they struggle. A shot rings out, she squeals and falls to the floor, the chest of her white blouse covered with blood.

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