B&B Wednesday Update 4/23/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/23/08


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

At the courthouse, Rick is very annoyed that Brooke has just told Taylor not to marry him. They bicker about it, and Rick asks Taylor not to let Brooke sway her. Taylor only cares about getting Jack and going home. He offers to go with her, but she wants to go alone. They make plans for him to come by her house afterwards. They hug. Taylor is about to leave but turns and tells Brooke to think about what she said -thinking about her own family and getting her priorities straight. Rick follows behind her. Brooke, upset, sits down, angrily slamming her purse on the table and muttering, "Damn it!" to herself.

At the Marone home, Katie worries about Nick, who is very quiet. She wonders if he's worried about Taylor, but that's not it. He tells her that he's worried about her brother. He overheard Storm saying that he shot Stephanie and pinned it on his father. Katie tells him that it's true but asks him not to say anything. Nick wonders angrily how Ashley would feel if she knew. She starts to ask him again not to tell her family secret, but Taylor arrives to get Jack. She asks about the visitation schedule. He tells her that Storm will be drawing that up. She notes that it will be strange not to have to worry about anything. He tells her kindly that he never meant to keep her from Jack. She understands that he was just looking out for him, and he says that he always will. He asks her, tentatively, what she intends to do with Rick. She confesses that she doesn't know, but all that matters to her is Jack and taking care of him. She admits that she messed up their marriage. He tries to console her, but she just wants him to remember the good times. She has to get past Brooke and what she did. Taylor promises Nick that she won't let anything ever get in the way of being a mother again. They hug, and she tells him that she's so sorry how it ended. He asserts that they just have to be parents to Jack now. Katie walks downstairs, carrying Jack. She hands him to Taylor, who holds him close.

Brooke goes home. Ridge is there. She thanks him for putting the kids to bed. He tells her that they wanted to say good night, but he figured her cell phone was off while she was in the court room. He knows she was at Taylor's hearing, so she admits it. She tells him glumly that Taylor got custody and is picking Jack up now. Ridge is glad that Taylor got her son back, since the court has said she can handle it. Brooke still wants to be part of Jack's life and tells him that she asked Taylor for that. Ridge offers to talk to Taylor for her. He figures that Taylor will be living alone in her house with just Jack, but Brooke is not so sure she'll be alone. She tells Ridge that Rick and Taylor are engaged, which shocks Ridge. They discuss it at length and wonder why Taylor would do that. Ridge doesn't think that Taylor would risk hurting Phoebe like that. Brooke hopes he's right, especially for Jack's sake. Ridge assures her that Jack and Rick will both be okay. She knows that Rick always wants to protect the women in his life, so Ridge figures she is blaming herself for how Rick is acting. Ridge tells her that it's not her fault. They hug.

Katie gets a phone call from her office. When she gets off the phone, Nick starts right back arguing with her about Storm and Ashley. Katie doesn't think that there is anything to worry about and points out that Storm is better and is getting help. He still argues that Ashley should know. They argue more about it. She assures him that Storm would never hurt Ashley or anyone that he cares about.

Ashley, wearing a summer outfit (a lot of skin showing), pours herself a drink as she stands in her house. She remembers Ridge's words about Storm. Storm is suddenly in her doorway and says that he hopes she's thinking about him. Startled, she drops her glass. He apologizes for not knocking and says the patio door was open. Looking worried, she wonders why he's there. He wanted to finish their conversation at the lab. He confides that when he cares about someone that he can't give up on them. He tells her that he can't give up on her. She looks surprised. Storm helps her pick up the glass and notices that she's not wearing the earrings he gave her. Then he notices (inappropriately) that she's not wearing much at all. She tells him that she was just in the hot tub, trying to relax. He agrees that his day has been stressful, too. She tries to drop the hint to get rid of him, saying that she wants to take a shower and get to bed. He doesn't take the hint. Instead, she wonders where Abby is. She tells him that she isn't comfortable having the conversation with him right now, since he freaked her out. He points out that he could have been just anyone off the beach. She agrees, gritting her teeth, still trying to be polite. She says she will be sure to lock the door after he leaves. He tells her about shooting Stephanie, even though she doesn't want to hear it and has to try to pretend like she doesn't already know. He first explains all of the emotions and reasons behind it, and then he explains that he gave in to his rage. He takes full responsibility for what he did, but he is still acting creepy and angry. Ashley looks at him blankly. He notices that she doesn't seem that surprised.  After a few uncomfortable seconds of silence, she stammers that she doesn't know what to say. Storm is annoyed that Ridge told her and that she's not being honest with him about that. He gets up close to her and says that he really hates it when people lie to him. She looks scared.

When Taylor arrives home, Rick is there with confetti, a party horn, and a big sign that says, "Welcome home, Jack!" He repeats out loud what's on the sign, blows the horn, and then welcomes them both again. Taylor goes over to him with Jack and gives him a kiss. They all smile and kiss again. They sit down on the couch with Jack. Taylor just wishes she hadn't wasted so much time because of pain and fear. She thanks him yet again for helping her so much. Jack makes a lot of baby sounds while they talk about him. When she mentions Brooke's shadow over her life, he laughs, so she wonders why he thinks it's funny. He says that no one else, except maybe Stephanie, has intimidated Brooke more than Taylor. She is shocked to hear that. Rick points out that it's because she is so smart, talented, and people respect her. She jokes about being a "saint". He can't see her flaws and tells her to give him her hand. He only knows how much he loves her and wants her to be his wife. He gets down on one knee and brings out a ring. He asks her again to marry him. Taylor looks very touched by his words and by his proposal. Taylor is still unsure about what to say. He is frustrated that she still needs to think about it and worries that his mom's words have affected her. He tells her that he knows she is not just with him out of revenge against Brooke. He wonders if she really loves him, and she agrees that she does. He tells her in an assertive way that he's ready to be Jack's stepfather. She reminds him about her other kids, including Phoebe. She needs to talk to them first.  He says that they will explain things to Phoebe, and then he will put the ring on her finger. They kiss.

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