B&B Tuesday Update 4/22/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/22/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Brooke asks Katie why it’s taking the judge so long to make his ruling? Katie tells her it’s only been a few minutes, but Brooke thinks it should only take ten seconds to see how wrong this is. Just look at Taylor and Rick, how they’re kissing. And she thinks Rick should have stayed home. The judge is never going to give Taylor custody now. She is certain their relationship will prove to the judge just how unstable Taylor is. Taylor tells Rick that she is a nervous wreck. He hopes she is not upset that he told the judge that he’d asked her to marry him. He wanted him to know this was not just a fling.

In Ashley’s lab, Storm has a fantasy of him giving Ashley an exquisite pair of earrings and she called him an amazing, generous, sexy man. When Ashley comes in, she is taken aback as she was not expecting him back in the building. He pretends to need her help and she sloughs it off as she is really busy. Cleverly, he produces a glass cup and mumbles about a grain of sand…..some calcium carbonate and viola – instant chemical reaction - a pair of pearl earrings. She thinks they are beautiful, but can not accept them. He wants to apologize, he did something wrong.

Judge Freedman is ready to make his ruling. He says he has taken into account all the statements he heard today, even Miss Logan’s, and even though he thinks her stating herself as Jack’s biological mother overstates her position, her opinion can not be dismissed. The relationship between her grown son and Dr. Marone has no bearing in this case, and furthermore he can see no reason why his involvement with the child would be detrimental. Personally he thinks him being in her life could be very stabilizing. So it is the ruling of the court that Dr. Marone’s rights be restored. Taylor gasps, grabs Rick’s hand and she thanks the judge. She tells Rick she never could have made it through this without him. The judge orders Nick to return Dr. Marone’s son today. Taylor also thanks Nick for what he said to the judge. He is glad this is over and wants them to get back to being Jack’s parents. Rick thanks him too and is glad that Nick feels comfortable with him being with Jack. Taylor feels this is the best thing that can be happening – two parents and two stable homes. They can’t let anything interfere with that.

Ashley questions Storm; he did something wrong? He says he must as she is not returning his phone calls. He’s sorry for whatever it is, but he hopes the earrings will make up for it. She tells him it is not necessary, but he thinks it is. He likes making her happy and showing her how much he appreciates her. He knows they haven’t been seeing each other very long, but he feels some potential there….and for him that is rare. “And I was kind of hoping we could make that grow if you’re willing to take that chance.” They just can’t let Ridge ruin it for them. She asks what does Ridge have to do with it? He reminds her that he saw Ridge talking to her at the restaurant the other night. She said it was about business, and she hasn’t seen him since….or has he been saying anything about Storm? He asks if she would lie to him? Saved by the bell, his cell phone rings. It is Katie who tells him the hearing is over and it didn’t go Brooke’s way. She begs him to meet her at Nick’s to help him draw up some papers. Ashley is relieved to see Storm leave.

At his home, Nick comments that Jack should be waking up soon. He doesn’t want to disturb him until he wakes on his own, otherwise he will be cranky. He doesn’t want to send him over to Taylor’s like that. Plus they have visitation papers to do yet. He wanted Jack’s life to be perfect with both parents raising him together. Since Taylor is not going to be over for a while, Nick decides to go upstairs and be with his son. Storm arrives and tells Katie that visitation papers should be easy enough if no one contests it. She comments that the one person who wants to can’t. The judge made it clear what position Brooke has in this case. But Brooke went down swinging, saying some very hurtful things to both Taylor and Rick. Katie fills Storm in that the pair are engaged now. Storm can’t believe this; Brooke must be going out of her mind. She asks about him, and he confides it’s not so good, Ridge is trying to ruin things with him and Ashley.

Taylor returns to the courtroom only to spy Brooke and tries to duck out. Not fast enough, Brooke informs her they need to talk. Taylor says no they don’t. The judge made his decision and she is going now to pick up her child. Brooke wants to talk about Rick. Taylor asks is that why she stuck around, to congratulate her? Brooke offers that Rick is a very generous and caring man so she can see where he would be very supportive and want to help her, but a marriage proposal? She’s even shocked that Taylor would go along with that. She thought this whole thing was about revenge. But now that she has custody of Jack, she’s won, so Taylor can let go of Rick. Taylor is surprised that is the way Brooke views this. Brooke states that she is sure Rick does care about her, but if Taylor really cares about him then she will call off this engagement. Taylor assures her that she cares about Rick too and she is not using him, but she can see that Brooke would think that way. She must lay awake at night, driving herself crazy, wondering if they are making love. Brooke asks are they? Is she making love with her son?

Katie thinks that is great, Storm and Ashley Abbot, and that it sounds promising. He reminds her it’s only been a couple of dates, but he feels really connected. Except that it must have bothered Ridge since he fired him. Katie is shocked and wonders if Brooke knows? He answers yes and even Brooke is now asking him to stop seeing Ashley. And he really likes Ashley, she may be the one, it’s been a long time since he’s felt about anybody that way, if ever. Katie is really happy for him and just wishes Ridge wasn’t lurking about. But she advises him to just forget about Ridge, it doesn’t matter how he feels. Only him and Ashley and how they feel. She knows Brooke has her own agenda and wants to make Ridge happy, but that shouldn’t affect Storm. It bothers Storm though as Ridge might manipulate Ashley and turn her against him. He sighs that he thinks Ridge has been telling her stories about him. Katie pooh-poohs that Ridge wouldn’t listen to that junior high nonsense. Storm isn’t so sure, and this could throw him in jail for a very long time. Neither see that Nick is at the top of the stairs and can hear them. Katie asks if he thinks Ridge told Ashley about him shooting Stephanie and placing the blame on his father? Storm confirms that Ashley denied it, but he thinks she knows the truth. Katie can’t believe that Ridge would tell her, but Storm still maintains that Ashley is pulling away from him. He’s not going to let Ridge ruin this. “I swear to God I am going to stop him.”

Brooke asks Taylor again – is she sleeping with her son? She’s relieved when Taylor says no. Then says she needs a place in Jack’s life. Can Taylor give that to her? Taylor answers that she and Nick have joint custody so if she wants to see Jack, she knows who she has to see. She is sure they can work out some sort of arrangement. And she smarts that she wouldn’t even have to be doing that if she had just gone back to Nick. Brooke says all she wanted to do was make sure Jack was safe. Taylor reiterates that if Nick isn’t concerned, then neither should she. Brooke sobs that she can’t help it. Taylor laments that Brooke was supposed to be married by now. With her two young children, she is supposed to be a family by now. Taylor doesn’t know what she is waiting for. “Jack was never supposed to be a part of your life. Your role in his conception was an accident.” He may have her genes, but he is not her son.

Brooke bemoans that it doesn’t feel that way. But right now she is talking about her grown son. She is worried about him and loves him very much. Rick opens the door and overhears his mother. She begs Taylor as one mother to another to please, please break off this engagement. It’s only going to hurt everyone involved and she is asking her to end it, end it now before it is too late. Rick storms in and says this is enough. He asks Taylor who is she going to listen to – his mother, the woman who tried to take her son away from her or will she listen to him, the man who loves her? Brooke cries to Rick to stop this and turning to Taylor begs her if she has any decency at all, do not marry her son.

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