B&B Monday Update 4/21/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/21/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

At the court house, Nick and Katie are there and Brooke arrives. Brooke tells Nick to tell the truth, which is Taylor is not ready to take care of Jack. Taylor and Rick walk out of the elevator, and they talk about his proposal. Rick says he will wait, her and Jack are worth the wait. Rick tells Brooke that she should not be there, she says she needs to protect both of her sons (Jack and Rick).

Eric, Thorne, and Stephanie are outside having a memorial service for Tiny. Thorne blames Donna, Pam comes. Stephanie and her hug. Thorne hands Pam a card.

Rick asks who Brooke is supporting, Taylor says "herself." The judge says he has studied the psychiatric evaluation and its clear what the court has to do. Rick and Taylor hold hands.

Thorne leads the memorial ceremony. Pam says Tiny was her baby. She talks about Tiny. She starts to cry, and again Stephanie and her hug, she walks away. Stephanie says she hopes Pam has been taking her medication, and says everyone should keep an eye on her. Donna walks in with flowers. Stephanie asks why Donna would come.

The judge asks how often Taylor visits, Nick responds "all the time," he also says the visits are positive. Nick says most visits are supervised, except for a week ago, Taylor took Jack overnight. Brooke doesn't look happy. Nick says he wants to add that he never wanted to keep Taylor away from her son, he says Taylor seems to have her act together. Nick says he thinks Jack and Taylor should be together. Brooke interrupts and says she needs to be heard.

Stephanie tells her she is to blame for her sister's loss. Donna defends herself, Pam is not happy to see Donna. Donna brings Pam a picture of Tiny and Pam, which she framed. Pam doesn't want it and tells Donna to keep it to remind her when she murdered her best friend. Stephanie and Thorne go after her. Donna defends herself to Eric, they hug. She says she is afraid of Pam. Pam looks at them hugging.

Brooke says she needs to be heard, and Taylor interrupts by saying she signed away Jack, she has no rights. Brooke says she feels a motherly bond with Jack, Katie looks weird at Jack. Brooke says Taylor's Hatred for her has made her do something odd, Brooke says Taylor is involved with her son, Rick. Brooke says Taylor is sick. Rick interrupts by saying Taylor and his relationship started out with him giving her support, then a close friendship and now they are engaged. Brooke looks terrified.

Donna puts the picture of Tiny and Pam by where Tiny was buried. Pam comes, Donna says Tiny wasn't getting his pills. Pam asks if Donna is accusing her of killing Tiny. Pam says Tiny is dead because of Donna.

Rick says he thought Brooke would be in favor of this, because he will be there to help Taylor. Brooke asks if they are romantically involved, and she starts crying. Taylor then asks to speak, she says she has been doing everything asked of her. She says Jack needs to be with his mother; her. The judge says they will take a brief recess. Brooke looks at Taylor and Rick.

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