B&B Friday Update 4/18/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/18/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

(At Nick's house) Nick holds Katie's hand and says to her "so your impressed with me" The doorbell rings, and Nick gets a package regarding Taylor's psychiatric evaluation.

(At Forrester Creations) Felicia calls the vet for Tiny. The vet says they will come to Forrester creations. Pam looks at Donna.

(At Taylor's house) Taylor is on the phone, talking to a patient. Rick made them sandwiches. The doorbell rings, its the same guy who delivered the package to Nick. Rick tells Taylor its from her attorney. Taylor says that its her psychological evaluation. She tells Rick to look, he opens it and smiles.

Nick tells Katie the hearing continues tomorrow. Katie says Brooke won't like it, then there is a knock on the door, and Brooke walks in. Brooke says she has been waiting for Nick to call about Taylor's psychiatric evaluation.

Thorne is on the phone with the vet, and Pam is with Tiny. Donna looks worried and all of a sudden the vet comes in and says Tiny was examined. The vet asks Pam what happened and says it was Donna who knows. Donna said he probably over ate, and says Pam makes lemon bars. She says, she threw lemon bars at the dog because the dog doesn't like her and she was cornered. The vet says Tiny needs his medicine in the day and night, and she says she only gives it to him at night. She asks if he will be okay, and doesn't get a response.

Taylor says that its strange that it takes a messenger to say all this. She says she will never again let people have that power over her.

Brooke thinks its superficial. Brooke says its a complicated situation. She again starts talking about Taylor and Rick. Brooke says Taylor is with Rick to get revenge on her. She tells Nick Taylor has done all she can for jack and its time to let go.

Taylor says she doesn't know how to thank Rick. Taylor says she also won't let anyone tell her Rick doesn't belong in her life.

Brooke says Nick should keep sole custody. Brooke says she isn't going to deny she has feelings for Jack. Nick asks her if she is suggesting she gets custody, she is. She says Taylor isn't a good person for Jack. They look at Katie, she says Brooke isn't wrong.

The vet tells Pam that Tiny died (Pam cries). Pam accuses Donna of killing Tiny. Donna tells her she is sorry, she continues to blame Donna. She asks Donna is she poisoned him. Donna says there is no reason to blame anyone, and again says she is truly sorry.

Nick says just because Taylor is with Rick, doesn't;t mean she can't raise Jack. Brooke says he needs to keep custody of Jack. Katie tells her she has to start thinking of jack as Taylor's, not hers. Brooke wants to know why everyone is ganging up on her. Brooke says as long as Taylor is with Rick, she will not be stable enough to have custody of Jack. She says if Taylor were to get custody of Jack and be involved with Rick, that would be her worse nightmare.

Taylor wants everything to be perfect for Jack. Rick tells Taylor he doesn't care what Phoebe, Brooke or Nick thinks. Taylor says they aren't lovers but they aren't just friends. Rick gets on his knees, and asks Taylor to marry him! She tells Rick she doesn't know what to say, he tells her to say yes.

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