B&B Thursday Update 4/17/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/17/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Nick takes the ripped up papers and tosses them in the wastepaper basket and comments to Katie that he hates what this is doing to Taylor. She just wants to see her son. Katie states he did the right thing as Taylor is still not yet ready to raise her son.

Rick takes Taylor home as she whines that Nick won’t see her side at all. He doesn’t trust her, he thinks she is still crazy. Rick apologizes for his butting in, he just wanted to help her get a head start on the court case. She hugs him as being the only one to be on her side.

Felicia asks where is the Prima-Donna? She and Thorne can’t make the decision about the fragrance themselves as Eric wants her opinion too. Donna hangs around and is showing concern as Pam bends down over Tiny sprawled out on the floor, not moving at all. She finally joins Thorne and Felicia as Felicia quips that it is nice that she finally joined them. She takes a sniff but nobody else can smell anything except the stench that is coming from Pam’s area. She is beside herself, yet Thorne tells her she must get Tiny out of there, take him to the vet or something. Felicia chimes in that he can’t ever be here again and advises that there are some really good doggie day-care centers. Pam spies Donna lurking and accuses her of hurting her baby.

Rick changes into his swim suit but can’t convince Taylor to do likewise. She is too upset that how can she convince the judge of anything when she can’t even get her husband to believe in her? And it’s bad enough to have to go through a custody trial, but then sharing Jack with Brooke – she can not even think of that. Rick keeps pointing out that it isn’t up to Nick, it’s up to the judge. Nick bemoans how terrible this is for Taylor. Katie offers that Taylor isn’t as stable as she professes to be. And sharing custody with her is not Nick’s only option. She reminds him that he can hold onto full custody until he is confident that Taylor is ready, no matter how long that takes.

Rick tries to convince Taylor that her evaluation report will hold more weight than Nick’s trusted opinion. She is going to get Jack back and in this house. She just needs a chance to prove that and she will do that in just a few days. Everyone in that courtroom will see exactly what he sees. He moves toward her and caresses the back of her neck while cupping her face, they will see the most amazing woman on the face of the planet. She covers his hand with her own and smiles into his eyes.

Nick announces that Jack needs a mother. Katie agrees, but says both Brooke and Taylor have issues. They are both angry and suspicious, even paranoid. He warns her it won’t get any better if they think he’s cutting them out of Jack’s life. Katie offers that the bottom line is Taylor is his mother, but can not take care of him right now and Jack is always going to be safe with Nick. And he’s not going to be alone, Jack will always have plenty of love and attention. He may aggravate both Taylor and Brooke if he files for full custody, but Katie tells him he will be making a deliberate, well thought-out decision as opposed to what Brooke is doing. She admits that both of her sisters just jump in with whatever feels good at the moment without regards to the consequences. She says “not usually” when Nick says that she doesn’t do that?

Taylor wonders how Rick always knows the right thing to say. He muses it’s because he is wise beyond his years. And he doesn’t see it as her against Brooke. This is all about Jack and he wants to see him grow up in an uncomplicated and peaceful world as he can. And he gives her his word that Jack won’t grow up and be discussing this thirty years from now with his therapist. He urges her to just keep on doing what she is doing and Jack will never know all about this. He claims he might not always say the right thing, but he will always be there for her….right where he needs to be. He’s actually glad all of this has happened as it has brought her to him. It’s opened the door for her to be in his life. He grins that she is going to have her son back, she’s going to have him in her life and everything will be fine. She whispers that she does believe him…..and she loves him. They kiss.

Donna calls Pam into Eric’s office. She asks her to close the door as there is an awful stench in the lobby. Pam tries to get Donna to admit she did something to make Tiny sick. Donna gets in her face and says that Pam made her the laughing stock of the company and now the tables are turned, how does that feel? Pam accuses her of poisoning her dog in revenge for an awful dye job. Donna denies it but tells Pam that Tiny growled at her and was threatening to tear her apart from limb to limb. Pam wasn’t around so Donna tossed him a lemon bar. Pam shrieks how can Donna be so cruel by giving him something that his stomach is sensitive to? Donna swears that she didn’t mean to hurt the dog. Pam declares that Eric deserves so much better than her. Donna shoots back that Eric wants her and not her poor, pathetic big sister. They will be married and nothing anyone can do about it. Pam accuses her of just thinking “me, me, me.” Has she ever thought what this will do to Eric’s life, his family, his reputation, this company? Donna isn’t sure whether to laugh or call security. Pam warns her not to call security. “This isn’t about Stephanie any more, you just made it personal!”

Felicia interrupts and calls Pam to come quick, something is really wrong with Tiny. Pam barks at Don-nah that she fed him all those treats. Donna says she was only defending herself. Pam calls her a liar. She knows she hated that dog and now she’s finally got even with him. And she wouldn’t believe Donna if she swore on a stack of Bibles. She fed him all those lemon bars and they could kill Tiny. Donna bends down to Tiny and tries to get him to wake up; she refuses to believe he could be that ill.

Rick and Taylor kiss. Finally she pulls away and asks him to please put some clothes on. Smugly, he asks if she will take some off? They are supposed to be swimming right now, and if she doesn’t change, they can always go skinny dipping. She tells him to stop. He says he can’t, she drives him wild. She gushes that what this hot guy does for her ego! He likes her eyes, her hair, down to her toes and everything in between. She quips what does he know about all those things in between? He answers not nearly as much as he wants to….and he wants to make love to her so badly. She says she wants to make love to him too. Fine, he says, what are they waiting for? She reminds him the time is just not right. They still have a lot of issues to deal with – Phoebe, Jack, Brooke, Ridge. It is not completely right, and that is what she wants. He laments that he has never felt like this in his entire life, so how can any part of this be wrong? They kiss more.

Katie denounces the relationship between Rick and Taylor. She can’t believe that will be any lasting relationship. Jack doesn’t need that. She wants all of this to work out, but she also doesn’t think she needs to be spending so much time with Jack as he has become very special to her….she loves him. She confides he has a strong, loving father and she thinks his commitment to his son is beautiful…..it’s a pleasure to watch……it’s a pleasure to be around…..Nick is a pleasure to be around. “I’m not impressed by a lot of people, but I am by you.” Taking him by the hand, she emphasizes she is impressed by him.

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