B&B Wednesday Update 4/16/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/16/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

(At Nickís house) Rick tells Nick to do the right thing and sign the papers.

(At Forrester Creations) Pam puts a device in Ericís office so she can hear Eric and Donnaís conversations from her desk. Felicia and Thorne are eating Pamís lemon bars, and while talking to their aunt, they call Tiny a beast. After Felicia and Thorne leave, Pam puts her plan into action and listens in on Eric and Donnaís conversation. Donna wants to make love, but Eric is booked all day. Donna tells Eric that maybe she doesnít turn him on anymore. Pam likes this and looks at a picture of her mother, Stephanie and herself.

Nick says he needs time to think. Katie starts to say something, and Rick tells her that no one asked her opinion. Katie continues and says that there is a lot to consider. Taylor says Nick can convince the judge that he and she are the ones who should raise Jack. Katie starts to say something again and Taylor tells her that she doesnít understand why she keeps talking. Nick says that he is Jackís father and has sole custody and anyone elseís involvement is up to him. Rick tells Nick to make the right decision. Nick takes the papers and tells them to wait.

One of the models thanks Pam for her lemon bars. Donna warns Pam that Eric and she know that Pam is the one who has been pulling all the pranks on her. Tiny scares Donna again. Pam leaves with tiny, Donnaís cell phone rings and she writes something down at Pamís desk. Tiny and Pam come back and Tiny frightens Donna.

Taylor tells Rick that she knew Brooke would one day want to take Jack from her. She asks why Katie is with Nick. Nick asks Katie if he should sign the paper. She tells him if he has any doubts not to sign it. Nick says he never wanted all this to happen to Taylor, he planned to raise their boy together.

Pam walks into Ericís office and gives him a delivery. Pam tells him, he doesnít have to marry Donna, and he tells her he wants to. She tells him she wonít give up.

Nick asks Taylor about acknowledging his feelings. He says she walked out on him and Jack. He also says the court has decided for the time being what is to happen. Taylor asks him to tell her that he is not going to sign the document.

Donna sneaks to Pamís desk and gives Tiny lemon bars. Eric tells Pam to stop playing pranks on Donna. She walks back to her desk and sees Tiny is moaning and is not feeling well. Donna hears this.

Taylor says once again she loses to Brooke. Rick defends Taylor again and says hat he loves her. Rick tells Nick if he wants a war he will get one and Taylor will win (Taylor is crying).

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