B&B Tuesday Update 4/15/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/15/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Nick opens his door and a bag of pistachios is tossed into his hands. Katie is behind the frowning face. She quips is he just going to stand there and let her starve or is he going to open the bag of pistachios? She wastes no time in saying she met up with Bridget and she told Katie that she’d talked with Nick and had told him that Katie had a crush on him. She denies that, as a matter of fact she thinks he is a big jerk. He laughs, that’s the Katie he knows and loves. Brooke shows up and is surprised that Katie is now calling herself the babysitter and is there. Katie slings it back that they weren’t expecting her either. Nick offers to share his nuts with Brooke, but she declines. She says she was actually looking for Bridget, and just assumed. Nick quips not to assume. She looks at Katie grinning and says okay. She continues with the inquisition, how is he and Bridget? He informs her they are dating only, no promises, no commitment and technically no she is not living with him. Katie brings Jack down and Brooke wants to hold him.

Later, Katie pulls no punches. Enjoying eating Nick’s nuts, she asks Brooke if there is anything else they can do for her? Brooke reiterates her problems with Taylor, that she is still unstable and not ready to be a mother to little Jack. Brooke needs him in her life and wants to be his mother. She begs Nick to let her do that. Katie rolls her eyes when Brooke keeps badmouthing Taylor and blaming her for taking Jack away from her. So now it is revenge - Taylor’s son for Brooke’s son. He reminds her again that her having Jack in her home is not going to sit well with the dressmaker. And what happens to Jack is between him and Taylor, no one else. She signed away her rights. She further explains that Nick has full custody so it is up to him to decide who is in Jack’s life and who isn’t. If he loves her at all, he will let her have this chance to be with Jack.

At Taylor’s manse, Rick shows up and she hugs him and asks where has he been all of her life? (not even born yet?) She shares that she didn’t sleep well and all she can hear is Brooke’s voice telling her that she is going to prove Taylor unfit and take Jack for herself. He shows her some papers that he has had drawn up that will neutralize his mother’s position in wanting to be Jack’s mother and return those rights to Taylor. She is very grateful and hugs Rick. He thinks Nick will understand and sign the papers. He vows he made Taylor promises and he will do everything in his power to see that it happens no matter who is involved. She hugs him again and tells him she loves him.

At Forrester’s, Ashley fills Ridge in on the night before with Storm and how she is still very uncomfortable with his creepiness. At first she just thought he was quirky, but he’s very strange. He’s leaving a lot of voicemail now. As far as she is concerned, they are done, but she’s not sure she can say the same for Storm. Ridge is just glad she is not going to be out on the town with that psycho. She swears to Ridge that she will not see Storm or go on another date with him. She is amazed that Stephanie would even agree to give Storm a pass for shooting her. Ridge is adamant that Ashley not spill any of this to Brooke and why they need to keep this under wraps. She doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Ridge about how dangerous her brother might be. Can Ash do that for him? She gives him her word. He feels better and admits he still has a soft spot in his heart for her and she echoes that. And it’s a shame that he and Brooke keep running into these stumbling blocks. He thanks her for being such a great friend.

Katie can’t believe that Brooke just showed up and announced that she wanted to be Jack’s mother. Ridge would split a gut. But if Brooke had come to him a couple of months ago and said she wanted to be his mother, he would have been the happiest man alive. How does he feel about that now? Saved by the bell, Rick and Taylor show up and tell Nick they need his help. His mother wants custody of Jack and they all need to stop her before it gets out of hand. When Brooke gets her mind set on something she won’t let go, and right now she has it set on Jack. Nick explains it out loud, so this document is a statement from him stating he wants the judge to re-instate Taylor’s half of the custody? He pushes it back in Rick’s face and says he didn’t draw it up and he won’t sign it. Taylor begs Nick, she realizes what he has had to do in the past to protect Jack, it was warranted. But this is all a lot of garbage about Rick. He’s been her only friend throughout all of this. Because of him she has been getting back to normal, the woman that Nick fell in love with…..and for the record this sordid, perverted label that is on their relationship is NOT true. They haven’t had any physical contact (kissing don’t count? hmm) Only Katie’s sister brings it to that level.

Taylor reminds Nick that he always told her not to forget that she is the mother so if he will sign those papers, that will help insure that she will be able to raise that boy with him. He assures her that he’s never tried to keep her away from Jack. Rick points out that Brooke would, thus the papers. Katie offers that both Brooke and Ridge would be great parents. Taylor is appalled – but Ridge being a parent to Nick’s son? She doesn’t feel he could do that, bring Brooke’s son with Nick and all that resentment into his home? Taylor emphasizes that Brooke had no intention of donating her eggs. It was Taylor and Nick who made those plans. “I am the one who carried the baby, I am the one who delivered the baby, I am the baby’s mother!” She begs that she needs his help to defend herself as her baby’s mother. Rick steps forward and implores Nick to do the right thing, for Taylor’s sake, and sign the papers. It will carry a lot of weight to the judge. Taylor has suffered enough, just give her back her son.

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