B&B Monday Update 4/14/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/14/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

Ashley is in the car with Storm, and she looks worried.  Storm has a flashback to when he was talking to Ridge. Ashley tells Storm that she will take a cab because she lives out of his way. He says its no trouble.

At Nick's house, Nick is carrying in Jackie's things) Jackie comes in with Nick and says to get rid of the bathtub at Spectra. Nick wonders where Katie and Bridget went. Bridget asks what is going on with her and Nick. Katie tells Bridget she couldn't help herself and knows that sounds stupid. Bridget asks how long "this" has been going on. Katie says it was only the kiss, Bridget says she is not going to hate her forever, and makes sure that is all that has happened.

At Ridge's office, Brooke asks where Ridge was, and she asks if he went to see Ashley. Ridge says her secret is safe (about Storm), Ridge says that he saw Ashley and Storm out on a date.

Storm smiles, and says he wants Ashley to get home safely. Storm asks if Ridge said anything about him.

Jackie asks if he has two women fighting over him. He says its Katie Logan and Bridget. He says Katie has been babysitting Jack. Jackie says she forgot, Katie is Bridget's aunt. Nick says things are complicated.

Bridget says its cute that her aunt has a crush on her guy. Bridget says she never thought of Nick and her as a couple. Katie says she will check on Jack because she's "the babysitter". After Katie leaves, Bridget says to herself; she has lost Nick before and won't lose him again, and says especially not to her aunt.

Brooke asks what the problem is with Storm and Ashley. He doesn't think Storm is harmless.

Ashley tells Storm, Ridge had a problem at work. Storm says he thinks Ridge came to warn her about him. Storm says he is not going to let Ridge ruin their night, he says he will take her home.

Bridget says hello to Jackie, she says Nick is upstairs with Jack. Bridget sees all the things Jackie brought for Jack (clothes). Nick asks about Bridget's talk with Katie.

Brooke says Storm snapped, but he will never hurt anyone again. Ridge says he doesn't want Storm anywhere near his family or anyone he cares about, including Ashley. Brooke looks stunned.

Storm walks Ashley to her door, she says she had a lot of fun. He asks if he can come in, she says it was fun but she has a big day tomorrow. Storm says to Ashley; "Ah, yes, yes, yes, the belief fragrance. You know, it's funny. What we believe to be true affects what we think and feel and how we react. What is it you believe in, Ashley? I mean, do you believe in, uh, the fun we've had, or do you believe in ridge and what he thinks of me?"

Bridget tells Nick that Katie told her that she kissed him. Bridget says she wants to keep things light and easy, but if he wants to go out and date or kiss, they need to talk about it, because what Katie told her hurt her. Bridget tells Nick spending time with Jack and him, mean a lot to her, Jackie comes and tells Nick that Jack wants him. Katie comes down, and asks what Nick said. Bridget tells Katie Nick and her never had a fair chance, and she is not going to lose Nick to anyone, especially Katie.

Brooke tells Ridge that Storm is not a threat to anyone.

Ashley says she believes that she had a very nice evening and its time to cal lit a night. He says he was hoping to chat more, and says that its raining and that they will get soaked. Ashley again says she is tired, he asks if she trusts him. She says she had a good time. When Ashley is inside Storm says to himself, that there is something different about her, and that Ridge said something to her. Meanwhile, Ridge calls Ashley and asks if Storm is gone. She says yes and says she thinks she covered. Ashley thanks Ridge for telling her, he asks her if she knows how much he cares for her. She says that means a lot. Ridge says to lock the door, and she says she did.

Storm, still thinking to himself, says that he won't let Ridge ruin this. He says he swears to God that he will stop Ridge. He says he and Ashley will be together.  He is watching Ashley through her window in a creepy way as rain drips off his head.

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