B&B Friday Update 4/11/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/11/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

(At Nick's house) Katie asks Nick why she got involved, they are hugging and Bridget who has been listening asks what's going on. Katie looks worried.

(In Ridge's office) Brooke walks toward Ridge's desk. Ridge says he is worried about Phoebe, Brooke asks Ridge why he fired Storm. Ridge asks why everyone feels Storm is okay, Brooke tells him he is okay and that he is in therapy. Ridge tells Brooke he knows Storm has been seeing Ashley.

(At dinner) Storm and Ashley are eating diner together, and Ashley asks about Storm's past, because he already knows hers.

(At Nick's house) Bridget's surprised, she asks them what she is supposed to think? Katie says she shouldn’t babysit Jack anymore because she is getting to attacked to him. Bridget feels she is missing something (Katie and Nick look at Bridget).

Brooke says she didn’t think there was any reason to tell Ridge about the lunch meeting Storm and Ashley had. Ridge days for Ashley’s safety, he is going to find her and warn her about Storm.

Storm tells Ashley a “secret" of his.

Katie says everyone is concerned about Jack, Bridget tells Nick she loves him, but things are different now, and she wants to take things slowly. Bridget says they had something special, and she wants that back (Katie looks worried). Bridget says she might have come on too strong before. She says everyone makes mistakes, and says “right Katie?” Katie thinks back to when she kissed Nick and agrees. Katie says Jack is lucky to have Bridget in his life, Jack cries and she goes upstairs to check on him. Katie tells Nick, Bridget is acting weird, and when Bridget gets back with Jack, she is telling her the truth. Nick doesn’t look happy.

Ashley thanks Storm for dinner, and when he asks her to dance, she declines. When he goes to pay the bill, Ridge walks in. Ridge says she can’t spend time with Storm, and he says he had to fire Storm. She asks why, and he says Storm Logan is the person that shot his mother (at first she doesn’t believe him, she looks stunned).

Nick says that they are not lying to Bridget, because she suspected Brooke. Katie says she has to tell the truth, e says saying they kissed wouldn’t be the truth; she kissed him.

Ashley says that, it’s ridiculous, Ridge says, Storm confesses and that she should be careful. Storm sees Ridge and Ashley talking. Ridge says not to tell Storm she knows he shot Stephanie. She says she will handle Storm.

Katie admits that she kissed him. She says she is feeling nauseous, (Bridget is walking downstairs) the phone rings and its Jackie (Nick’s mom), he goes outside to meet his mother. Bridget asks Katie what is wrong, and she says she won’t take the answer “nothing.”

Ridge is waiting for the elevator and then Storm comes up and asks him what he told Ashley, Storm says he cares for Ashley, and before Storm walks away says; “lets hope you didn’t say anything” Ridge follows him to make sure Ashley is okay, he has a flashback to what he told Ashley. Storm gives him the “evil eye.”

Katie says she wants to talk to Bridget, she tells her she kissed Nick. Bridget asks if she has feelings for Nick, she looks worried and doesn’t respond.

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