B&B Friday Update 4/11/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/11/08


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

At his home, Nick comforts Katie, who is very upset. She feels so stupid for kissing him on an impulse. Bridget pokes her head in and listens. Katie asks herself over and over again why she got involved as Nick hugs her. Bridget walks in, making her presence known, and wonders what's going on. They both look guilty. Katie tries to cover. She tells Bridget that she doesn't think that she should baby-sit Jack any more because she's getting too attached. Bridget suspects there's more to the story than that. They claim there is nothing going on and that they are still worried about Jack. Bridget backs off and says she feels that their previous conversation was not finished. She has concerns about some things. He wonders what she means. She talks about how they are both different than what they had before. She thinks they should proceed slowly in their relationship, even if it means not having sex. She thinks they will work out if they prooced slowly. She declares that she is not afraid to fight or compete with anyone. She knows that he still loves her, and he agrees that he does. She puts her hands on his face and says that she wants back what they had. Katie looks guiltier. Bridget beats herself up for coming on too strong with Nick. Katie flashes back to her kiss when Bridget says that they all make mistakes. Things are still very awkward because it's not clear whether Bridget really suspects things are going on between Nick and Katie or not. They talk briefly about Jack and how good Bridget is with him. Jack cries, so Bridget goes to him.

Katie thinks that Bridget is acting weird and wonders if she suspects anything. Nick doesn't agree. Katie plans to tell Bridget the truth when she returns. Nick argues that there is nothing to tell Bridget. Katie thinks the kiss is a big deal, but he doesn't. He points out that they didn't really share a kiss, that SHE kissed him (not the other way around). Katie is clearly annoyed at his attitude but agrees to what he said. They argue about why she kissed him. Katie gets very upset again and feels nauseous. He has her sit down and calm down. Katie still wants to tell Bridget about the kiss. Bridget returns but walks slowly down the stairs, watching them. She wonders if Katie is ok and if she can help. Nick gets a phone from his mom, who needs help bringing some things in from her car, so he goes out to help her.

Bridget yells at Katie, asking her what is going on with her. Katie confides to Bridget that she kissed Nick. She apologizes profusely and asks for her forgiveness. Bridget is shocked and asks if Katie has feelings for him. Katie doesn't respond, so Bridget demands to know the truth.

In Ridge's office, Brooke and Ridge continue to argue about Taylor and Rick being involved with each other. Brooke is worried about Jack, but Ridge is worried about Phoebe. Brooke changes the subject abruptly to ask Ridge about why he fired Thorne and banned him from the building. Ridge thinks he's dangerous, but Brooke disagrees, saying that he's in therapy. Ridge is also annoyed that Brooke didn't tell him that Storm is dating Ashley. He knows that Storm's interest in Ashley is not just professional, and Brooke can't argue with that, so Ridge rushes out to warn Ashley.

Storm and Ashley have dinner in some restaurant. She is amazed that he has been checking up on her and knows all about her romantic and family past. She wonders what skeletons he has in his closet, but he just laughs and jokes with her. They flirt a lot. Storm invites her to dance, but she's too tired from her long day.

When he goes to pay the bill, Ridge comes in and warns Ashley not to spend any time with Storm. Ashley is shocked to learn that Ridge fired Storm, but she's even more shocked when he says that Storm shot Stephanie. Ridge doesn't give her any details but says that Storm's dangerous. Storm watches them creepily from behind a plant. Ridge suggests that Ashley not tell Storm everything that Ridge just told her, but that she should just break things off with Storm without making him suspicious. Ashley agrees to handle Storm, so Ridge leaves.

Storm catches Ridge at the elevator, asking him what he told Ashley. Ridge reminds him that he warned him to stay away from Ashley. Ridge says that he doesn't want to cause him trouble, but he doesn't answer his question about what he told Ashley. Storm says that he cares about Ashley and hopes Bridget didn't say anything. Instead of getting on the elevator, Ridge watches Storm go over to sit back down with Ashley. Ridge thinks to himself that Storm is not well and that Ashley is in very serious danger. Storm fills out the bill. He looks up, and then he and Ridge glare at each other.

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