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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/10/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Brooke is none too happy when Storm tells her there was no mistake, Ridge definitely fired him. He’s surprised he hadn’t told her about it already. She asks why did Ridge fire him? Storm answers because Ridge feels he is dangerous, and then he especially didn’t like it when he heard Storm took Ashley out to lunch. And henceforth he is supposed to stay away from Hope and R.J. Brooke claims she will talk to him and straighten it all out. She also needs his help with Jack. She needs to do everything she can to protect him from Taylor.

Rick rushes into Taylor’s house, finding her sobbing and holding a teddy bear of Jack’s. She knew the minute Brooke found out the truth that this would happen. Brooke came over after Rick originally left and threatened her. She is convinced that Taylor is unstable and Jack is not safe with her.

Bridget grills Nick. She is sure there is another woman and how could she be so foolish? And how could she love someone so much and turn around and her stab her in the back? But then again, Bridget pushed her, she let her do it. She wants Nick to just tell her. It’s her mother. He’s still in love with her mother? He assures her no, it isn’t that. Brooke is with Ridge, their relationship is over. Bridget sighs, thank God! Nick assures her that Brooke loves her and always will. Bridget doesn’t understand then why Nick is so confused. Gently he tries to explain that he loves her, but he doesn’t know if he can be what she needs. He’s going through a difficult divorce right now, and Bridget deserves the best from a man…she needs a man completely available to her. She tells him to just shut up. That is the biggest cop-out she’d ever known. She clears her throat and asks is he saying that he doesn’t want her in his life? Because it sure hasn’t seemed like that in the bedroom (the one that SHE always instigates). He reminds her that things have been moving so fast that he’s not sure what the right move is. She quips who said anything about a move; it’s supposed to be moving slowly with them. So no buts, no buts at all. She says she knows him, better than he knows himself, and she just thinks he is scared. Essentially that is it.

What they don’ know is that Katie is still just on the other side of the door slightly ajar listening to all of this with a sick look on her face. Nick admits it is a lot of things, and Bridget says that is why she wanted to come over and help him with Jack and support him. She wants to give him all those things…..does he still want them from her? (careful what you ask for Bridget!) Meekly he says yes and she agrees, okay do what they originally said, and take things slowly.

Rick feels it is his fault if Brooke is trying to prove Taylor unstable. He loves her, but if his involvement with her puts Jack at risk in any way, then……..Taylor sobs this is exactly what Brooke wants. She wants one of them to crumble and then push the other away. He asks what does she want him to do? She really doesn’t know. Brooke did donate the eggs, but the baby is not hers, and Taylor just can not imagine a judge granting her custody. And it’s more than custody now; she wants to prove that the child actually needs protection from Taylor. To his thinking, Rick says Taylor needs protection from Brooke! Taylor cries that what Brooke wants to do is go in there and prove that their feelings for each other are ugly and evil and wrong. She is so tired of her ruining everything for her. “I’ve already lost so much to her. And I’m done with it, no more!”

Brooke tells Storm she is really frightened for her baby son. Can he help her? He says of course, any way he can. But, he’s warning her that she signed away her parental rights, so that might be a big obstacle to overcome. She surmises there must be a way around that since things are different now. He agrees that Taylor’s behavior of late has been very erratic, and she has already lost temporary custody of Jack to Nick, so Brooke might have some legal legs to stand on. He points out that Jack will always be a part of her no matter what papers she signed, that won’t change. She affirms she really needs him to make this happen. She really needs to play a role in her son’s life.

At Forrester's, Katie is covering for Pammy and tells her not to hurry back. Frantically, Bridget rushes in and wants to speak with Katie. Something is wrong with Nick. She blurts out that he is backing away from her a little bit, although he says it has nothing to do with her mom. As Bridget rattles on, Katie looks concerned and tells her that she is so sorry, she never should have encouraged Bridget to pursue this. Bridget tells her it’s all right, she thinks he is just scared and confused and she didn’t think it was the right time to walk out on him. Bridget wonders if Katie has talked to him about this? She doesn’t want to believe it is her mom, but she thinks it is. Katie denies it and says she should believe Nick. Bridget asks then what is going on? Is there another woman?

When Katie can’t say anything, Bridget asks her not to spare her feelings. If it’s her mother she can handle it. She’s betrayed her before. Katie conveys it is not her mother….Nick is not seeing Brooke anymore. They’ve discussed it many times and he’s told them both the same thing. Bridget thanks her, that helps. So what is she going to do? Bridget replies that she is not just going to give up and walk away. She knows Nick and how he operates. And she knows that he loves her. She hugs Katie and tells her that she is so grateful that she has her to talk to. Katie can breathe deeply now.

Taylor hates this; that Rick is stuck in the middle. He maintains that there is no middle and he is not stuck anywhere. Brooke is his mother and he loves her, but she should not be doing this to Taylor. She wails that she is afraid that Brooke will convince some judge somewhere and award her the baby on some technicality. He reminds her that she is Jack’s mother and not to forget that. She hugs him and thanks him over and over.

Brooke asks Storm so how do they proceed? For starters he thinks she needs to leave him out of this….at least as her lawyer. If it comes to that, he will represent her, all the way to the Supreme Court. But he thinks her first step is much simpler than that….. talk to Nick. No judges, no lawyers. She wonders if that will keep her in Jack’s life and make sure Jack is safe? Storm thinks maybe Nick too is caught in the middle of a Taylor versus Brooke thing. And this can’t be about their history. This can only be about Jack and her love for him.

Katie walks on into Nick’s house just as he is lounging back and making himself comfy in his chair with a strong drink at hand. She sneers they need to talk. He quips that obviously she doesn’t need a key. She tells her that Bridget suspects there is another woman and she thinks they have to be honest with her and tell her they kissed. He hands her his drink and says maybe she needs that. She blathers that she just can’t keep this from Bridget. She loves her and she knows it might jeopardize their whole relationship, but she just has to be honest with her and tell her they kissed. She finishes the drink.

Storm tells Brooke that all three of them are Jack’s parents - she, Taylor and Nick. And yes, she signed away her parental rights and on a legal level that he’s not sure she ever had any rights, but on a human level nothing could take those away. So go to Nick and make him understand that in her heart that she knows how much they all three love Jack and that she wants to find a calm, peaceful way to resolve the situation. And then to figure out some plan so all three of them can play an important role in Jack’s upbringing. It’s time for all of them to find a way to work together to find a solution to this. Brooke admits she never thought this would happen. She always thought it would just be Taylor and Nick raising Jack together. Storm says yes it is unfortunate, but there are plenty of examples of parents out there who raise their kids in a loving environment even though they are divorced. Yes, but she scoffs, Taylor has been irrational for the last few months and she can’t imagine her son being raised in that madness. She just won’t allow it. There is Taylor’s feelings to consider, but also her own. She doesn’t want to think of Jack living over there and Taylor decides to have a drink and she gets drunk and becomes delusional again….it’s really frightening. He leaves her with that he thinks everything will be fine….talk to Nick, they will find a way to work this out.

Katie can tell that Nick is not wild about telling Bridget that they kissed. And she doesn’t have the stomach for this. It’s going to hurt Bridget and Katie gets a pit in her stomach every time she thinks about it. Nick hands her his drink and she finishes it. She berates herself why she ever encouraged Bridget to pursue this with him. “Why couldn’t I just stay out of it? And when am I gonna learn to just shut my big mouth?” And now Bridget is committed to whatever this relationship they are in. He agrees that whatever it is, it went too quickly and it’s his fault. Katie adds – and hers! He accepts that. It escalated too fast…she was just there when he needed something.

Katie remarks and now Bridget is not going to let him go. She’s in love with him and even though she knows something has changed, she can’t figure it out unless it is another woman. Katie praises Bridget and points out how proud she is of her. And now she has this chance at happiness…and Katie knows she is making too much of this, she feels stupid. It was just a kiss….but this is not her, she doesn’t do these things…she doesn’t do unexpected, unplanned things. Bridget opens the door and then hears Katie and stops. Nick says he gets the feeling that everything in her life is planned….like she already knows what she is wearing tomorrow. Even next week, that is the way she likes her life. That is how she feels comfortable, she is practical…she thinks things through…she doesn’t jump into the middle of situations without thinking of the consequences. She doesn’t throw caution to the wind…that’s Brooke or Donna, but not her. Now, oh God, she feels so stupid. She sniffles that she feels like such an idiot for doing something so unexpected.

Nick inches closer and holds her and tells her it is okay. She clings to him as he pats her back. She sighs why did she get involved? Why did she get so involved? With guilty looks they spring apart when Bridget walks in and asks what is going on here?

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