B&B Wednesday Update 4/9/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/9/08


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

Nick and Katie continue to kiss. They are both in a daze and compliment the other one's kissing ability. She breaks out of it, realizing what she did. She very shocked. Her reaction surprises him. She blames him for what happened and says they should forget that it happened. He agrees, but she keeps beating herself up for the kiss, since she is so close to Bridget. He tries to console her, since she is so upset. She declares that she will never again follow her impulses. Katie goes to leave, but she's so frazzled that she knocks over an expensive vase. Bridget arrives and wonders what happened. Katie tries to cover, saying she wanted to give Nick a message about Jack. She says that Jack is with Taylor. Bridget is surprised to hear that but tells Nick that she will see him upstairs. Katie tells her that this is too weird and that he shouldn't tell her about the kiss. Nick disagrees. He thinks the kiss means that his heart is not in the same place as Bridgets, so he should be honest with her. They discuss his feelings for Bridget. Katie doesn't want to be the one responsible for their breaking up. He worries that Bridget will not get what she needs from him. Katie leaves, upset. Bridget goes to the top of the stairs and wonders why he hasn't come up yet.

Katie lingers outside the door. Brooke wonders if Katie is all right and tells him that she took the rest of the day off. She kisses him. Katie still eavesdrops by the door. Nick breaks off their kiss and tells her that he loves her. However, he says that it's confusing for him to try to make their relationship the way it once was. Bridget wonders why. She guesses that there is another woman, and she thinks it is Brooke. Nick and Katie look nervous because she doesn't mention Brooke's name, just says "her".

Ridge, Brooke, Rick and Taylor continue to argue about Rick and Taylor's relationship, and whether it affects Jack or not. Rick tells them that they will have to accept the fact that he and Taylor love each other. Ridge is worried about Phoebe's reaction, and Brooke joins in on it. They keep arguing. Brooke still wants to take Jack home, but Taylor tells her that she has no right. Brooke reminds her that she is supposed to have supervised visits, according to the judge. Rick and Taylor tell her that the baby is fine, and Nick allowed her to take him. Taylor tells them both to leave. Ridge keeps arguing about how this is wrong because of Phoebe. Rick and Phoebe blast Ridge for the way he treated Taylor in the past, and how she needs Rick right now. Brooke accuses Taylor again of using Rick, and he again denies. Ridge decides they should leave. Rick tells Brooke kindly that he's sorry that this upsets her, but that his relationship with Taylor is not a mistake. He adds that if it is, it's his own mistake to make. She just gives him a kiss on the cheek, and they leave.

Taylor hugs Rick, thanking him for his help. He tells her how much it meant to her that she said she loved him. She enjoyed how it made Brooke and Ridge's faces look, but she tells him that she does indeed love him. She is uncertain about the future, though. They hug. Jack cries, so Rick goes to get him. Taylor tells Jack that she is so lucky to have him. She remarks that their beginning was rough, but now look at them. She calls Jack beautiful and precious. Rick sits next to her and agrees that Jack is those things, just like she is. He knows that she will be a wonderful mother to Jack. She wonders if she will ever get him back. He is confident that they will fight together and win. Rick hugs them both and kisses her hair.

Back at home, Brooke and Ridge discuss Rick and Taylor. Brooke is upset, so Ridge hugs her. She wonders why Rick is lashing out at her like this. Ridge thinks Taylor will realize that there is no future in this thing with Rick. Brooke hopes that is true. Ridge kisses her, saying he has a meeting, and then he leaves. Brooke gets out her cell and phones Storm. She gets his voice mail and leaves a long message about what she's worried about. She's concerned about Jack's safety and asks Storm to phone her back. She then leaves Ridge's office in a hurry.

Brooke goes back to Taylor's house and starts arguing with her again. Rick is no longer there. They get into a very heated argument about Jack and Rick. Brooke declares that she will never believe she's stable as long as she's still seeing her son. Taylor tells her that she's about to finish her psychological evaluation, and then she will go back to court to get Jack back again. Taylor tries to reason with Brooke about Rick, saying that she never expected him to come into her life. She advises Brooke to just let him live his own life. Brooke won't hear of it and says that their relationship is "disgusting". When Brooke goes to leave, Taylor grabs her arm, saying, "I need my son!" Brooke wrenches her arm away and retorts, "Not until you unhand mine". Brooke tells her that she will see her in court, then she stomps out. Taylor holds one of Jack's stuffed animals and cries softly.

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