B&B Wednesday Update 4/9/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/9/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

At Nick's house, he and Katie are still kissing, then she realizes what she did.

Brooke tells Rick she will not accept Taylor and him. Rick tells Ridge and Brooke that they will have to accept this, because he has grown up.

Katie says Nick made her kiss him, and asks him to forget about it. She says she will never follow her impulses again.

Brooke tells Rick that Phoebe will be devastated, Taylor then butts in and says she has stolen two of her daughter's husbands. Brooke then tells Taylor she is taking Jack to Nick's house. Taylor says that Brooke was the one who was concerned that Taylor wasn't bonding with Jack, and now she wants to take him away.

Katie says she has to go, and then knocks something on the ground, as she starts to leave, Bridget walks in. Bridget tells Nick she will see him upstairs.

Ridge asks Taylor why she is playing this game with Rick. Rick says, that Taylor has lost two men to the same woman, Brooke. Brooke says that Rick is making a terrible mistake. Ridge and Brooke leave. Taylor and Rick hug, she thanks him.

Nick says things with Bridget are moving to fast. Katie leaves, and Bridget starts to come downstairs, and asks if something is wrong.

Brooke asks Ridge why Rick is lashing out at her.

Rick tells Taylor she is glowing, Taylor says when she said she love him it was coming straight from her heart, they hug and Jack starts crying.

Katie is standing outside eavesdropping, Bridget says she took the rest of the day off, she starts kissing Nick.

Taylor talks to Jack, and asks Rick if he thinks she will get him back. He says yes.

Ridge tells Brooke he has to run, he has a meeting downtown, Brooke is on her phone, and leaves a message for Storm, and says she needs his help.

Bridget asks Nick what is wrong, he says things are feeling uncomfortable. Bridget asks Nick if there is another woman. Bridget says Nick has betrayed her again.

Brooke says she is worried about Jack. Brooke calls Jack hers. Brooke says she will not believe Taylor is stable unless she stops seeing Rick. Taylor says she doesn't know where anything will go with Rick, Brooke says she will fight to make sure Jack is no where near Taylor. Taylor hugs Jack's stuffed animal.

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