B&B Tuesday Update 4/8/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/8/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Rick pops in on Taylor, finding her holding and cuddling Jack. He brings her some breakfast and she admits that last night was amazing, but it wouldn’t have happened except for him. He reminds her that somewhere along the way she has forgotten how special she is, and she is Jack’s mother. And no matter what she says about the difference in their ages, that he’s Brooke’s son and she’s Phoebe’s mother and they have been romantic in the past, none of that matters. He is committed to trying to get that little guy back in her life for good. And he likes the idea of sharing his life with her…..protecting her……spoiling her…..standing up for her. She opines that she made a promise to not to let anyone else back into her heart, but he is making it hard for her to keep that promise. He kisses her sweetly.

Brooke fills Ridge in that last night Rick and Taylor were at Nick’s and they were together, really “together”. He’s aghast, this makes no sense. This is not the Taylor or the behavior that he knows. She re-iterates that Taylor clearly is not rational, she is not stable and should not be taking care of Jack. Now she even has Rick to thinking that they have a relationship and this is so wrong. But he wonders why Brooke was even over at Nick’s last night anyway. She tries to explain that she was just worried about Jack. And she was worried about their future. She will always have a connection to Jack and she just wishes Ridge could separate his feelings for Nick and Jack. Jack shouldn’t have to suffer because of Ridge’s hatred for this father. He sees it as Brooke’s ultimate feelings for Jack will send her back to Nick. She convinces him otherwise. Her only connection is because Nick is Jack’s father and she is worried about that child. He admits the more he hears about Taylor’s behavior, the more he thinks Brooke’s instincts may be right. He doesn’t want to do anything that will jeopardize his future with Brooke, so he will try to separate his feelings for Nick and Jack. He wants them to move on together. She thanks him for his support and says she wants that too so much. They solidify their feelings with a hug.

Nick calls Taylor but Rick picks up. He convinces Nick to give Taylor just a few more hours with Jack since all is going so well. Ridge is worried about Phoebe. He doesn’t want her to find out from somebody that her mother is involved with her ex-boyfriend. Brooke wants to go to Taylor’s and check on Jack, and Ridge thinks that is a good idea and he will go with her. Phoebe drops in and is surprised to find Rick at her mom’s again. She has great news and wants to tell both her mom and Rick that Constantine wants her to meet him on his last leg of the tour in Australia. She apologizes to Rick since they are just getting back together, but asks how he feels. She won’t go if he says no, but he gives his blessings.

Little Miss Busy Body…..er Katie drops in on Nick. (Guess no one bothered to tell her that Jack was not there, or maybe she just likes to check up on Jack’s father too). She comments that he seems to be in a mood. If it has to do with Bridget, she thinks they need to call it quits anyway. He repeats it, she wants him to end things with Bridget? She replies yes, and right now. It’s just not working out the way she thought it would. He asks how did she think it would turn out? She stammers that she didn’t expect the casual sex and it just seems like he is using Bridget because she is sweet or because he is trying to get back at Brooke or to fulfill his manly needs, whatever. (Excuse me, but wasn’t she the one who practically pushed them together and invited Bridget over and did everything but escort her upstairs to Nick’s bed while she babysat below?) Glibly he replies that somehow he missed that part about how this became any of her business. Katie replies that she loves Bridget and wants what is best for her. It’s clear that he doesn’t love her the way she does him.

Brooke and Ridge come over to Taylor’s and Phoebe tells them the good news about her tour with Constantine. Ridge is only concerned about her schooling and she offers she will be on Spring Break in a few days and she will only miss a few classes and she’s cleared it already with her professors. Again she wants to clear it with Rick. He replies their dinner the other night was special, but he doesn’t want to hold her back. (truth be told, he’s probably glad she is leaving town). Phoebe would like him to come too, but he answers it’s too last minute and he can’t get off work. So just go, have a great time and don’t think of him at all. When Phoebe leaves, Brooke wastes no time in turning to Taylor and reminds her that her daughter still has feelings for Rick, and yet Taylor is involved with him. Taylor says, “oh please, don’t go there. You of all people, don’t even go there.”

Thinking of just the right words to say, Nick tells Katie that he needs to clear up a few things for her. He and Bridget have talked about this and are proceeding slowly, which means no commitments, no promises. He’s still going through a divorce, and he’s not ready to jump right into something else, and Bridget understands this. Katie says perhaps in her head, but not in her heart. She’s way more wrapped up in this than Nick is and she thinks he knows that. He states that Bridget has told him they are on the same page so that is all he has to go by. And besides what happens is just supposed to be between them. (no, in this family everybody knows).

Nick gets personal and tells Katie that it’s rather nice, no strings attached…. a certain freedom about it. Has she ever had a relationship like that with no strings? She admits she is not exactly the no-strings kind of girl. He tells her not to knock it until she has tried it. She asks if he is sleeping with anyone else? Slightly taken aback, he admits that he is not. But if he chose to, he could, given that he’s a man going through a divorce…..and those are the rules. If he chooses to play the field, he can. And he can just act on his impulses. It happens all over the world…..animals do it, they act on their impulses. Men and women have impulses and they act on them…unless of course you are a monk or a priest. “But me, being just a mere mortal man, I have a tendency to act on my impulses.”

Brooke and Ridge, Taylor and Rick continue to bicker. Rick tries to explain the dinner the other night was a complete surprise. He had broken up with Phoebe months ago and he had no idea Phoebe still had feelings for him. They had not been dating. The last thing he expected was her to tell him that she wanted to get back together with him. Ridge still thinks it’s mighty convenient for him to shove her out of town like that. Brooke voices that it is very self-serving for Taylor too. Taylor replies if she were Brooke, she would be quiet, what with her history with her daughter’s husbands….she has no room to talk. Rick tells his mom, yeah Taylor has a point. Ridge adds that the bottom line is now that she knows Phoebe still has feelings for Rick, Taylor must end this relationship. It’s a train wreck just waiting to happen. Brooke adds this is a very unhealthy situation and no place for a baby. Ridge agrees, this is no place for Jack right now. Rick asks if Ridge is kidding him or not? He’s been fighting tooth and nail to keep Brooke away from Jack and now he’s siding with her. Now he wants to take Jack away from Taylor? Brooke tells Ridge that she is glad he sees the situation for what it is. She doesn’t want Jack exposed to any of this and they are going to take Jack home right now. Rick stops his mother and tells her the hell she is! She’s not taking Jack anywhere.

Katie scoffs and tells Nick that he is a caveman. Yeah, a caveman. He takes that as a compliment. And he announces that just because she doesn’t act on her impulse and he does, doesn’t make it wrong. She smarts oh, he might not know her very well. She might have a little bit of cavewoman in her! Nick chuckles…..he would love to see that. He’d love to see her come out from behind that shell that she hides behind……that 16-year-old pimply-faced girl that all the kids made fun of. Let go of her, okay? He tells her she is beautiful, she is hot, she is sexy, so let that girl go. He taunts, doesn’t she ever have impulses….doesn’t she ever have desires that makes her all crazy? She should listen to them sometimes….let them take her where they want to sometimes. She scoffs okay she will. She throws her arms all around his neck and plants a long big one on his lips.

Brooke tells Rick this is really none of his business, but he insists he is making it so. Someone has finally got to come to Taylor’s defense. Brooke contends that Taylor is in no shape to start a love affair with him and in no condition to take care of little Jack. He turns it on her, why is SHE doing this? She signed away her rights to Jack. Taylor carried him for nine months and she gave birth. Now Brooke wants to take him away. “We won’t allow that.” Ridge points out there is no “we” when it comes to him and Taylor. The child needs to go home. Taylor tells Ridge that neither he nor Brooke have any say at all in what happens to Jack….just as they have no right to ask her and Rick questions. But, if they must know, they do care about each other. She admits they have gotten very close and they have feelings for each other.

Brooke thinks that is ridiculous. How could she have feelings for her son? Rick tells his mother, thanks a lot. Show some respect. He’s not some naïve little boy any more. Brooke replies she knows he isn’t, but can’t he see that Taylor is using him? Taylor chimes in, give Rick some credit. He’s a caring, compassionate man. He’s helped her get on her feet again. She feels like she has a future again because of him….and she thinks she might like to have him in it. He makes her a better person. He’s the kind of man she could fall in love with…..She tells Rick that she does love him. And Brooke, she loves her son! He echoes that he loves her too. Very upset, Brooke proclaims this is wrong. “This is sick, and I am not going to allow this to happen. This is NOT going to happen, do you understand me?”

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