B&B Monday Update 4/7/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/7/08


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

At his home, Nick tries to get Taylor and Brooke to calm down because they have been arguing. Taylor is begging him to let her have the baby for one night. Rick arrives and speaks up on Taylor's behalf. Nick agrees with Brooke that Taylor's involvement with Rick proves that she's not thinking too clearly. Rick reminds him that he's involved with Bridget. He speaks in defense of Taylor's character and how she should have one night with her son. Nick argues with him that he is only concerned about Jack's welfare; he thinks that Rick and Taylor's relationship is wrong. Taylor declares that she is not giving up either Jack or Rick. Brooke accuses Taylor of just taking revenge on her and being delusional. Brooke threatens to phone the police, so Rick tells her that she can tell them that he is her accomplice. Nick declares that things are getting out of hand, so he tells Brooke to get out of the way so that Taylor can get the baby. Brooke hesitates until Taylor warns her to get out of the way. While Taylor is upstairs, Brooke begs Rick not to be with Taylor. Tears pour down her cheeks as Rick asks her if it's really too much to ask that Taylor spend one night with her own son. As Taylor brings Jack downstairs, she assures them all that he will be safe. Nick tells her to have him back at 10 am sharp the next day. Taylor thanks him as she and Rick leave.

Brooke starts arguing with Nick about his letting Taylor go with Jack. She wants to go check on them, but Nick tells her that they're not going to do that. He reminds her that she doesn't have any say in Jack's life, since she walked away from him. He gets tired of arguing and orders her to leave. She won't leave. They argue some more. She reminds him that they will always have a connection through Jack.

Rick and Taylor bring Jack home. They are both confident that Jack will be spending a lot of time here in the future. She has missed Jack so much and looks forward to their evening together. Rick compliments her, and she thanks him for helping her out with Nick and Brooke. She can't believe how he stood up to his mother. He says that seeing them together makes it all worthwhile. She thanks him again for being there for her. He reminds her that this time with Jack is only temporary. He hates that it is and suggests that she fight to get Jack back. He declares that he will be with her to help her fight. She thanks him again. He wants all three of them to have a wonderful life together. For once, she doesn't argue. They kiss.

At his office, Ridge phones to make sure Storm is kept out of the building, since he's fired. Brooke drops by for a visit. She wonders why he and her mom have not yet gotten married. He tells her that he would love to but that the situation is complicated. He looks concerned when he hears that Bridget is getting involved with Nick again. Ridge confides to Bridget that he is worried that Brooke still has feelings for Nick. Bridget tells him that if he doesn't marry Brooke, he is keeping her and Nick from moving on with their lives. Bridget reveals that she's still blaming herself for the mistake in the lab. Ridge lectures Bridget to take things slowly with Nick. He reminds her about Nick and Brooke's feelings for each other. Even though Brooke has sworn to Bridget that she doesn't have feelings for Nick, Ridge thinks she does and that being close to Jack will only get them closer. He thinks that she could be making a big mistake having a relationship with Nick again. She's as worried for him as he is for her. She worries that he might lose her to Nick if he keeps putting off the wedding. She realizes that he is listening to his mind and not just his heart, like she does. He wonders if Nick has said anything to her about the situation. She says they're just spending time together and seeing what happens. Acting like a big brother, he wonders if Nick has been good to her and praises her for being so wonderful. She says they are not making a commitment yet. She is grateful that Ridge cares so much about her. He tells her that she is spectacular and that she deserves someone that loves her for all that she is.

Phoebe drops by Ashley's house unexpectedly. Ashley is surprised but asks her about school. Phoebe tells her that she only has one paper left before spring break. Phoebe quizzes her about whether she is still involved with Rick, since she might get back together with him. When she finds out that she's not, she wonders if he is seeing anyone else. Ashley tells her that she has not been talking to Rick about his life much lately. Phoebe confides that she has dated some guys her own age, but they are not as special as Rick. Phoebe is so touched that Rick has been helping out her mother so much in her time of need, and it has only helped her feel warmer towards him. The talk turns towards Ashley's love life. Phoebe doesn't know why Ridge has not married Brooke yet. She thinks that he was happier with Ashley.

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