B&B Friday Update 4/4/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/4/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

Taylor answers the door and it's Rick who says he was in the neighborhood. Rick says tonight is a big night because Taylor is going to call Nick and ask if Jack can come for an overnight stay. Rick says he won't pressure Taylor into a relationship, and if Nick says no to letting Jack spend the night, he will have to answer to Rick.

Ridge tells Storm to pack up his stuff, and he has fifteen minutes to get out of the building. Ashley asks what is going on.

Taylor calls Nick and asks if Jack could spend the night at her house. She says she is his mother, and she is not drinking anymore. He says yes, and she is excited and hugs Rick.

At the hospital Bridget sees a picture of her and Nick and has a flashback of when Nick told her he wanted her to be a part of Jack's life. When Bridget calls Nick, he tells her Taylor is picking up Jack. Nick asks if he can call her back because someone is at the door. She starts to say something and says never mind.

Nick answers the door and it's Brooke. Brooke asks how long he thinks it would take before she found out the news.

Ridge tells Ashley not to worry about it, Ashley says she and Storm had lunch and talked over the papers. Ashley says she has to go. Ridge tells her to stay away from Ashley.

Taylor tells Rick she has to get going, Rick asks if he can come and stay in the car. She says they have to get one thing straight, he can't look her in the eyes the way he normally does.

Bridget holds the picture to her chest and starts to think of times they've spent together.

Nick asks Brooke how the wedding is. She says there is not a date as of now, because of issues. She also says she can barely look at Nick because he is with Bridget. Nick says he is not going to wait for her. Brooke says she has a gift for Jack, and that Ridge has forbidden her to see Jack and Nick. She says there is no wedding finger on her yet (meaning since she's not married she will continue to see them). Nick tells Brooke that Taylor is taking him for the night, and Brooke says Taylor is unstable, and that he shouldn't let Taylor take care of Jack.

Ridge tells Storm he knows what he is capable of, and he wants him to leave. Storm asks Ridge is he remembers Shane McGrath, and then says that everyone makes mistake. Ridge also tells Storm to stay away from Ashley, Hope and R.J.

Brooke says Taylor is involved with Rick, she says Taylor is disturbed. Nick answers the door and it's Taylor, he tells her it's best she stay with Jack at his house. He says Brooke told him about her situation with Rick. Taylor says she is taking Jack, she only wants one night.

Ridge tells Storm to go to Europe to be with his parents. Storm starts pushing him and then Ridge hits him and again tells him he's fired. Ridge leaves and after Storm gets up, Ashley walks in. (Storm and Ridge were in the lab.) Storm asks if she would like to have dinner with him tomorrow. She says yes. Storm says to himself, "So you think you can tell me what to do Ridge?"

Brooke tells Taylor she is not taking Jack. Nick says Rick was involved with Phoebe and Taylor says not too long ago he was involved with Bridget. Taylor starts to go upstairs to get Jack, and Brooke pulls her to the side. She says if Taylor is not willing to admit she is using Rick, then she is not ready to take care of Jack. Taylor tells Brooke to get out of her way. Nick looks concerned and is thinking. Taylor begs him.

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