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Written By Wanda
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Rick tells Taylor he was “just in the neighborhood” (the last time we saw these two he was in cute little black boxers and they were kissing in bed, did they take cold showers?). He also has it on good authority that Phoebe is not here, she’s at the dorm tonight. He offers that he knows it’s a very big night for Taylor and he has to be here. She admits she does want to call Nick and see if she can have Jack for the night. He tells her he is not going to pressure her into a relationship if she needs this to be over. And Nick will say yes. She just needs to remember that she is Jack’s mother and she has that basic human right to be with her son. If Nick tries to stand in her way or prevent her from seeing her son, then he’s going to have to deal with Rick. She hugs him and laughs as she thanks him. He tells her that he does understand her need to protect Phoebe, he respects that, but he also wants her to know that he can’t just turn off his feelings. She deserves to be with her son, so call Nick right now.

Ridge grumbles to Storm and asks if he heard him? He wants him to get out of the building. They are hiring a new firm to handle the new fragrance line. He has fifteen minutes to pack his stuff and get out. Storm grimaces that Ridge doesn’t have the authority to do that. Ridge counters with oh yes he does. The last time he looked, the front of the building said Forrester Creations. Storm gloats that the last time he checked, Ridge’s dad still ran the company, so he’d need to hear from him. Ridge repeats again that Storm doesn’t have to hear from his father, he’s hearing from him. Pack his bags, he’s fired, get the hell outta here. Ashley hears the loud voices and comes out of the lab to see what is going on.

Taylor calls Nick and he says it’s okay for her to come and spend some time with Jack. He’s not so sure when she mentions she’d like him overnight. She points out that she is not drinking anymore and her home is now a safe and stable environment. The court said he had the right to determine if Taylor could see Jack or how often, so she is begging him for just one night and she will check in often with him. He hesitates, but says yes.

At the hospital, Bridget is having loving feelings and memories of Nick. She calls him and he remarks this must be his night for phone calls, he thought she was Taylor again. So old night for ex-wives. Bridget remarks that she was calling him to see if he needed help with Jack, but guess not. But it was good to her his voice. At that exact time, Brooke knocks and asks him how long did he think it would take her to get the news?

Ridge tells Ash it’s nothing to worry about. She bends down and picks up the torn up BeLieF papers and asks what happened? Storm answers that apparently Ridge has some problems with them. She’s surprised; she knew they had more work to do but thought they were all right. Ridge is surprised that she has seen them. And then more surprised when she mentions she and Storm talked about them over lunch today. Storm asks if that is a problem? Ashley’s beeper goes off and she remembers that she has a meeting with the package director. Can she trust them to be alone? She’s late so she asks Ridge to please lock up. Ridge looks into Storm’s eyes and warns him to stay the hell away from Ashley Abbott. Storm flashes him a cocky grin.

Rick wants to go with Taylor even if he has to stay in the car. He won’t take no for an answer. She says it’s not that she doesn’t want him to, but they can’t be looking at each other like that in front of Nick. He declares it will be much easier on her. She knows how much he loves her, but he doesn’t want to create waves. He just wants to be there for her. She does want him to be there, but she feels guilty about that and just hopes that Brooke is not there as she could give them both plenty of reasons to feel guilty.

Nick asks Brooke if she wants to talk, so who’s going to go first? She sighs she really doesn’t want to talk about it any more. He asks how is the wedding going? She replies that as of now, there is no wedding date. They still have some issues to resolve. She blasts that she can’t believe he has taken up with her daughter again (previously when she said no, she saw him walk up the stairs with Bridget waiting in his bed!). Nick asks if that is what they are going to talk about? She asks if he has any concerns for her feelings at all? He reminds her that he and Bridget are adults, they were married and she came to him! She states that she can barely look at him knowing that he is seeing Bridget again. He tells her that he could be with her, but he’s not going to be a puppet on a string. He had put his heart on the line and she could have stepped up to the plate, but she didn’t. “Now is there anything else that you want?” She sighs, she would like to see Jack, she has brought him something. Nick asks what would Cliff say? She concedes that Ridge has forbidden her to associate with him or Jack. Nick quips then obviously she is not listening to that. She replies therein lies the dilemma and the reason there is no ring on her finger. But, Ridge will soften so where’s Jack? She about explodes when Nick says he is upstairs and Nick was going to pack a bag as Taylor is going to take him. She can’t believe Nick will let Jack go overnight. Taylor is still very unbalanced and he can’t let him go.

Instead of leaving, Storm follows Ridge into the lab and leans against the door and reminds him that who he sees and when is none of his business. Ridge thinks he does since he knows who Storm really is and what he is capable of. That’s why he wants him out of the building. Storm shot his mother and then tried to blame it on his father. How pathetic! He doesn’t know why he is even having this conversation, just get out. Storm taunts him by saying his problem is he always looked down on Storm’s family and thought he was better than anyone else. Ridge denies that it is his family, just Storm because he knows who he is. He is a very angry, very disturbed man. Storm brings up Shane McGrath’s name. Does Ridge remember him? He points out they all have made mistakes they are not proud of. Ridge approaches him face to face and tells him again that he is not welcome here. He wants him out. He doesn’t want to risk the well-being of everybody in the building, everybody he cares about and that includes Ashley Abbott. When Storm doesn’t seem to be grasping this, Ridge continues – also stay away from Hope and R.J. The thought of him being around those kids scares him. He’ll say it again for his benefit – stay away from Ashley Abbott. Storm only scoffs and watches him walk away.

Nick assures Brooke that Taylor has come a long way. He knows she is a good woman and mother and she deserves to see Jack. Brooke agrees when she is stable, but right now she still is not. She knows because Taylor is seeing Rick. That does shake Nick. Taylor is seeing her son romantically? Brooke wishes it weren’t so, but it is. She blabs they were even kissing in front of her. She is doing this on purpose just to get back at Brooke. She’s disturbed and completely off balance. The doorbell rings and Nick says that must be Taylor now. Taylor and Nick are friendly and she even says hello to Brooke and that she will get Jack and be out of the way. But Nick tells her he’s had a change of heart and he thinks she needs to just see Jack here. She is shocked and wonders what changed his mind from when they just talked over the phone. Was it something she did or something someone said?

Nick replies that Brooke told him of Taylor’s situation……with Rick. Is she really involved with him? Taylor twirls toward Brooke and says first of all she has no right to judge her personal life. Wasn’t it enough that she ruined her marriage and got her son taken away? Is Taylor not supposed to have any friends or any one to support her or care about her? Brooke asks if she is going to stop seeing her son or not? Taylor turns back to Nick and says she didn’t come here to talk to Brooke. She is going to take her son. Please, hasn’t she been punished enough? She begs, she just needs to spend one night with him.

Storm inquires if Ridge is going to run him out of town like his mother did to Storm’s parents? Ridge points his finger and says that is a good idea – go spend some time with his family in Europe. Just go, thousands of miles away. “Just stay the hell away from me, stay away from my family, and stay away from everybody I care about.” Storm walks closer and shoves Ridge and warns him to stay away from him. He pushes again – Ridge always has to win. He always has to be on top. He pushes a third time and says it’s about time they reversed those roles. What does Ridge think? Ridge throws a left hook to that nasty mouth knocking Storm to the floor. And before Storm can get up, he pins him there while he scolds that is a very good idea. He wants him to get out of the building….he’s fired and he wants him out and he has one minute to do that before he calls security. He slams the door on the way out. Storm picks himself up and dusts himself off just as Ashley walks back in and asks does he need something else? He says yeah he has to go right now, but was wondering if she would have dinner with him tomorrow night? After thinking it over, she says yes. Her daughter is out of town so she won’t even have to get a sitter, so why not? When a phone call detains her, Storm gloats to himself so Ridge is going to tell him what to do?

Brooke declares that Taylor is not going to leave the house with Jack. Taylor asks is that because she is upset that she is close to Rick now? Frankly yes, Brooke says. So it has nothing to do with her being a good mother, that is ridiculous. And FYI, her son is helping her be a stronger and better mother. Nick chimes in that it wasn’t that long ago that Rick was involved with her daughter. And she fires back that he also was involved with Bridget not that long ago, so please don’t judge her. Brooke advises they not debate this. Taylor accuses Brooke of doing just that. Isn’t that why she is over here? To give Nick a report that she is still an unfit, crazy mother, just like she did in court. Well, guess what? Now she doesn’t have a say. “You signed off on Jack a long time ago. I am going to get my son and you can just deal with it!”

Brooke grabs her arm and stops her, blocks her way out. Taylor might claim to be healthy and stable, but she’s not buying it. And what Taylor is doing with her son is sick and inappropriate and dripping with revenge. And until she can recognize that, she is not ready to take care of this little baby. “You are a woman in crisis. You are not taking Jack anywhere. You are not taking him home.” Defiantly, Taylor charges that Brooke has stood in her way long enough. She is not going to stand in the way of her and her baby. That would be a very dangerous place to be. She demands that Brooke get out of her way. She asks Nick to please tell Brooke to move. “I mean it, this is wrong!” She begs, she needs to be with her son.

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