B&B Thursday Update 4/3/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/3/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Brooke asks what is the big deal? Storm is only out on a lunch date. Ridge reveals the big deal is that Storm is dangerous. She wonders when did he start feeling this way? He answers ever since Storm shot his mother and was demented enough to try and frame his own father for it. She reminds him that he is getting help and is committed to therapy. He corrects her that no amount of therapy is going to make this right. And is this supposed to absolve him? She thinks so if his mother is willing to. Ridge rages that his mother does not want Storm to be working there at Forrester, and she sure as hell doesn’t want him to be dating anyone there. Brooke says she is sorry that his mother is still so shook up about the shooting. It was a terrible thing she went through. Ridge tells her to tell her brother – no dating anyone at Forrester. She accuses Ridge of making it sound like Storm is a murderer. He snarks that if his plot hadn’t failed, he would be. He knows she loves him but he’s telling her, there is a storm a’brewing and he doesn’t want anyone he knows to get caught up in it.

Stephanie watches as Pam puts the bottle of pills back in Eric’s desk drawer. She thanks her for caring so much, appreciates it and loves her for it, but she doesn’t think changing pills was fair. Sometimes walking away is the best thing. Pam can’t believe Stephanie is giving up. Pam says obviously she is the one who is going to have to fight for her to get Eric back. Stephanie thinks it is getting just a little too dramatic, so Pam agrees to tone it down a little bit (yeah, right). Yet she hands Stephanie a set of keys and tells her it to the love nest. “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Pam wants her to go to Eric, be there when he wakes up and be there to talk some sense into that under-stimulated libido of his. Donna jiggles and shakes Eric, trying her best to wake him up but is frustrated in her efforts. She confesses that she loves him, does he love her? All she gets back is a snore. She puts on her coat and leaves.

Ridge says he knows Brooke has a big old soft spot in her heart for her brother for all he has done to keep the family together. He admires her loyalty, but Storm has turned into a brooding, angry, dangerous young man. She asks him to stop and that he is blowing this way out of proportion. Her brother and father have resolved this and the root of that problem isn’t even an issue any more. Ridge still doesn’t get it. Just because they have resolved this in some conversation doesn’t make it okay. Does she really listen to what she is saying? She gets it, okay, he doesn’t want Storm working here and he doesn’t want him dating anybody here, but doesn’t he think that Storm deserves some sort of happiness? He fumes that they are not going to see eye to eye on this. Storm’s her brother and she wants to believe in him, but “I can’t. He’s trouble and I don’t want anyone I care about anywhere near him!”

Storm and Ashley return to the lab and she thanks him for lunch. It was fun to get away for a little while. He agrees although he thinks he dominated the conversation and they didn’t completely finish the legal stuff yet. He would like to do it now, but she pleads she is too busy so it will have to wait. It’s clear he doesn’t intend to let her slip away for long. Very gently she steers him toward the door and tells him she has utter faith that he’s going to be working diligently on her behalf as her attorney on this project. He hopes it is more than professional. He immediately goes to see Brooke and gives her a big hug and thanks her for setting it up with Ashley. He enjoyed it so much and this never would have happened but for her.

Donna sneaks back into the office, but not fast enough for Pam. She asks if lunch was everything she thought it would be? She rubs it in that she thought Eric would be coming back after their “inspiration session.” Did something come up? Or was the problem that nothing came up? Donna throws papers at her. Then runs into Katie in the office who asks what is wrong with her. Donna snivels that maybe Stephanie is right. Maybe she’s not good enough for a man like Eric. Pam creeps around, listening in at the door and almost chuckles when she hears Donna say that Eric is sleeping. In the middle of her seduction act, he fell asleep on her. Perhaps he is a little older, but could he be bored with her? Has he lost interest already? Katie assures her that he loves Donna and perhaps he has lost some of her confidence, but she can’t act like this and let Stephanie win. Donna can’t help but wonder if she has the fabric to be the next Mrs. Eric Forrester. She moans that she doesn’t know what she will do if she loses him.

Both are appalled when Pam tippy-toes in and wants to put some papers on Eric’s desk. Donna barks at her to just do it. Pam mentions that Donna is pretty edgy, but she doesn’t blame her. Donna left the door ajar and she couldn’t help but overhear. She needs to learn to tone it down a bit, her voice carries. Katie reminds her they have work to do. But Pammy continues and is sorry about Donna's little attempted sexcapade. Donna tells the old biddy to mind her own business. Still Pam gives her two cents – Donna is beginning to feel it slip away and is beginning to realize what Pam has been trying to tell her for a very long time. Donna is never going to be the next Mrs. Eric Forrester.

Stephanie sits on the side of the bed and waits for Eric to wake up. He asks where is Donna? Stephanie assures him that Donna is okay. She just needed to talk to him, to make sure this is what he really wanted. He comments that he doesn’t want to fight with her. She laments that she isn’t here to fight with him, she just wants to make sure he is happy. When he looks doubtful of what she is saying, she tells him that Donna is a beautiful girl and there is a lot to say for that, she understands. But when the fun and games are over, where does that leave him? He starts to move away and she assures him that she is not there to badmouth Donna. But when the enchantment wears off, and it will, it always does. What is he going to do – look for a brand new inspiration? She wants him to do whatever it is that will make him happy…..but in her heart she thinks “I can still make you happy.” She just needs him to open his eyes to what they have and tell her there is still a chance to save this marriage.

Storm calls Brooke a party-pooper for warning him to take it slowly with Ashley. He accuses her of practically begging him to take her out so why is she changing her mind? He thinks her explanation is ridiculous of him working on legal things for Ashley, so what is going on? She finally admits that it is Ridge. Ah, he jumps in and blasts Ridge for not wanting him to have Ashley so he can keep two women at his beck and call. The man is a little bit of an egomaniac. She asks him to stop this and informs him that Ridge does not know it was Ashley he went out with, and he’s NEVER going to find out.

Pam twists the knife sweetly by asking Donna if her idea of inspiration was to put Eric down for a nice, long nap as that is what it sounded like happened? Donna gets in her face and warns her that if she finds out she had anything to do with this, she guarantees her Forrester Creations will say adios to a crazy, in-house crone named Pam Douglas. So she can just take her little lemon bars and her Prozac pump smile and her whole little Suzy Homemaker freak show and get the hell outta Dodge. Cause if she doesn’t, then the house just might fall on the Wicked Witch of the Mid-West. Pam has a comeback. Donna is going to be the one to leave town with her tail between her legs, and if she doesn’t, then she will see to it that she does and Tiny will too. Chow!

Katie concurs, okay, so the lady is a little loony. Donna can’t let her get under her skin. Donna rants that she is not going to get away with this. If she wants to play dirty, it’s Donna’s turn now and that is exactly what she is going to do. Eric tells Stephanie that he’s not sure where she is going with all of this. She admits she doesn’t know either, but when she got out of the hospital after being shot, with him and the children around – she saw her whole life flash before her eyes, the good times and the bad. The one constant was always him and that’s what gave her the strength….the look on his face…he still had love and concern on his face after all their years together. She just can’t believe those feeling can just disappear. She believes there is still hope “for you and me.” She just can’t let that go.

Storm doesn’t want to believe what Brooke is telling him. She claims Ridge will be really, really mad at her if he ever finds out she was the one who suggested Storm take Ashley out. So please don’t tell him. Storm wants to get this straight……Ridge thinks he is dangerous, so this isn’t just about Ashley. He wants to protect every woman against Storm, how noble! If he thinks he is dangerous, maybe he should prove him right. The guy really pisses him off. And how did Ridge get where he is? Oh yeah, he inherited it from his daddy by holding on to his coattails. The guy has everything he ever wanted his entire life and now he wants to keep every woman for himself. The guy is an idiot and Storm has just about had enough.

Ashley catches Ridge as he passes her door and she calls him in, only to find him very distracted and not ready to talk business. She guesses it must be about Brooke. He confesses it is about the Logan’s and something he really doesn’t want to get into; something that he and Brooke are never going to agree on. Storm is heading toward Ashley’s when he hears Ridge’s voice so he backs away. But Ridge leaves and catches him in the hallway. Storm asks him if she wants these papers now? Ridge growls that he will tell him what he does want. “I want you out of here. You’re fired!” He may have fooled his sisters, but not Ridge. He’s a sick, petulant, coward who shot his mother and he has no doubt capable even of a lot worse. “I don’t want to ever lay eyes on you again, Storm, not ever!”

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