B&B Tuesday Update 4/1/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/1/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

In Taylor’s bedroom, she allows Rick to hold her and tell her it’s time they showed each other how they feel. And he feels it is fate. Phoebe being called back to the studio for a photo shoot….leaving them here, the two of them……alone. He can’t leave there without showing her how much he loves her. She finally pulls away and says yes he can. She wants him to leave right now. But actually she is glad he is there as she can look him in the eye …….now that she knows how Phoebe feels about him, she just can’t be with him. He asks her to please stop saying that. Phoebe is a beautiful girl, talented and smart, but he is not in love with her, he’s in love with “you”.

At Forrester’s, Brooke asks Ridge if he is reconsidering their engagement? Thinking it over thoughtfully, he answers that she knows that he loves her and they both still want that dream life to become a reality….but they are trapped in a very difficult situation. Between her attachment to Jack and now her concern about Nick and Bridget, this is just no time to be rushing into another marriage. Not when she has these divided feelings. She asked what does this mean? What is he saying, would he rather be with someone else? Maybe he’s thinking of someone he was previously engaged to? Is he regretting breaking it off with Ashley? After all, she heard him talking to her about their problems, their lives, so what is she supposed to think? She denies that she has feelings for Nick, just for the child. He reminds her that since the first time he heard she was Jack’s biological mother, he asked her…..actually he begged her not to get involved. Just concentrate and focus on themselves, that was the only way this was going to work. But, she insisted on infusing herself in Jack’s life. She states that she is always going to have that connection with Jack, but that doesn’t change the way she feels about Ridge (listen up, Brooke, it DOES to Ridge)…..and the commitment she has to Ridge….nothing, but nothing is going to change the commitment she has to him and their future. She tells him she loves him, and no matter what obstacles they face, she still believes that he is her destiny. He says he loves her too, but he just wants them to be sure. She says she is sure.

Phoebe pops in on Ridge and Thorne as they go over the legals for the new fragrance. She doesn’t understand why she was called down for a photo shoot and no one is in the gallery. Thorne apologizes, it has been cancelled and somebody should have contacted her. Phoebe immediately starts to text someone and Ridge teases that if “him” is worth it, then he will still be there when she gets back.

Brooke looks in on Ashley in the lab and proclaims that she knows what she is doing! Ashley is startled and asks does Brooke really? She knows that she is extracting an essential oil by evaporating the organic solvent? Who told her that? Brooke ignores that and accuses Ashley of still being in love with Ridge. Perhaps she ought to be a little more careful the next time she decides to profess her love to somebody else’s fiancée. Ashley reveals that love was not discussed in the conversation, not one time! Brooke says really, she didn’t tell him Brooke was sick and he should cut his losses? Ashley admits she did tell him that and she would give anyone that advice as he deserves to be treated better. And now for his own sake, she hopes he listens. Brooke says well now she wants Ashley to listen to her. She states that she and Ridge are not married yet, but they sure as hell are going to be…..no matter how much Ashley tries to interfere, so just back off. “Just stay in your lab and play with your little test tubes, and stay away from Ridge.” Ashley chuckles. Brooke continues that she doesn’t want Ashley to set herself up for more heartache and disappointment, the same kind she already had when Ridge broke off her engagement to be with Brooke.

Rick asks how could one night with Phoebe compare with what he feels for Taylor? She answers that she has had way too much drama in her life, and she really doesn’t need any more right now. She explains that he has been there for her from the very beginning and she appreciates that, he’s been wonderful. But this has turned out to be as far as it goes now that they know that Phoebe still has feelings for him. She does not want to be his mother. He demands that she stop saying that. Their situation is nothing like with Bridget and his mom. He laments that he hasn’t seen Phoebe in months. She shouldn’t have any expectations. He explains that he came here tonight because he got a letter……a letter he thought was from Taylor asking him to come here. He’s sorry, but he has to tell Phoebe what is between them. He vows he will let her down gently, but she has to know. Taylor is sure that she won’t understand what is going on between them. And as much as she cares for him, her loyalty is to her daughter and she is not going to betray her.

They hear Phoebe’s voice so Rick jumps into the closet just in time. Phoebe asks if she is interrupting something; she thought she heard voices? Taylor opts that she was talking to a patient on the phone. Phoebe gushes how much the night with Rick meant. She knows she is getting ahead of herself, but she thinks he feels the same way. The same way – he’s squirming and uncomfortable listening inside the closet. Taylor tells her she is genuinely happy for her and she loves her and just doesn’t want her to be hurt. Phoebe tells her that Taylor has always been there for her and she is glad she is back to her self. They hug as they part. Taylor tells Rick now does he see why nothing can go on between them?

Thorne tells Ridge that having Ashley onboard with the fragrance has been great. Ridge agrees, she’s one incredible woman. Brooke tells Ashley it’s not that she doesn’t understand her feelings for Ridge; he is truly one amazing man. But she doesn’t want Ashley to think they aren’t getting married as she would only be setting herself up for a fall. And she doesn’t want to see her hurt again. Ashley is so touched, this is interesting. Why doesn’t Brooke just pick a man, any man? Brooke remarks that as far as respect, despite their differences, she truly does respect her. She has a talent the company could not do without…and she’s very sweet and caring. And she appreciates how she speaks her mind. And if it weren’t for Ridge, she thinks they could possibly be friends. Ashley replies because they both want the same thing? Ridge and what’s best for him. It’s just they both have a different opinion of “what that looks like”. Brooke projects that she really only wants the best for Ashley and her daughter. But the best is not Ridge. “I promise you that.”

Brooke is delighted to hear that the Belief name might be okayed for the fragrance. She reminds Ridge how they felt when they invented the original BeLieF formula and even made love right there on the floor. He says yeah, too bad his mother had a camera. She teases by asking does he remember how she used to look in those cute little things? He remembers, yeah those sexy little Brooke’s lingerie. She asks if he thinks she still looks good in those things? He turns around and finds her enchanting in her short little red bra slip. She teases they have been doing too much talking and not enough feeling. She puts his arms on her hips and he says yes feeling……feeling is very, very good. They kiss and she guides him to the floor. The phone rings and unfortunately Ridge realizes he has to get it. He forgot a meeting. She is frustrated…..leaving her now for a meeting with Ashley? She was hoping they were going to have a little meeting of their own.

Storm comes in and catches Brooke still in her little red number and smirks. Speaking of working late! She fumes that things were going so well, then Ridge had to run out. She needs to tell Ashley to find a life of her own and stay out of hers. Ashley is trying to steal her fiancée away, she needs to deal with her. “I need to get her out of my life, once and for all, and I think I know just how to do it.” She glares at Storm and says she is going to need his help.

With her hand on the door, Taylor tells Rick that she is not trying to hurt him, but this has to be over. However, then she walks over and takes him by the hand and leads him to the bed where they sit. She lovingly strokes his face and tells him she knows she would have never made it through the last few weeks without him. She loves him for that, but this is not going to happen. He asks her to please do not do this. She puts his hand on her heart and says he will always be there, but this is over…..it’s over. He lets it sink in, but retorts “to hell it is.” Gently he kisses her and she responds, initiating more and they lay horizontal on the bed.

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