B&B Monday Update 3/31/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/31/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Rick kisses Taylor and tells her that he can’t let her go. She states they have no choice as her daughter is in love with him. He begs for her not to walk away. He walks back in soaking set as Taylor took the umbrella. Phoebe thanks him for all that he has done for her mom. He’s been so supportive and caring, like a real friend when she’s needed it the most and that means so much to Phoebe. It’s one of the reasons she realizes how much she still cares for him. He tells her she knows that is all in the past. She admits that she never stopped loving him. She ended it because she simply felt they were at different places in their lives….she was young and inexperienced compared to him. He points out they have both grown, and a lot has happened since then. She agrees and that’s why tonight she wants to prove how far they both have come. “So Rick Forrester, prepare for an evening you’ll never forget.”

Katie is perplexed. Nick is thinking unacceptable thoughts about her? What does that mean? He tells her to sit down. What if he said he was interested in her? To make a point. She wonders what point would that be? He replies perhaps to convince her that he is over Brooke. Wouldn’t that be a healthy choice? To be over his past completely maybe? There are more women in the world other than Brooke and Bridget. Like Katie for example. She reminds him that he doesn’t even like her. He scoffs that he does; she’s quirky and funny and has a good attitude….and she has a great body. She says that is enough, he can stop there. He says the point is there is more than Brooke and Bridget and he doesn’t want to keep making the same wrong decisions. He slaps the table and says new attitude, new choices and maybe he should start with her. They both laugh, he must be kidding!

Ashley drops in on Ridge and sings her brother’s praises for the Restless Style launch in Genoa City. Felicia even enjoyed it too and committed to a limited advertising run. Ashley would like to get the fragrance line involved. He agrees and they need a name, and he’s waiting for Belief to be cleared, just like the fabric. Legal is working on it and they should know pretty soon. She is glad he is still thinking about it. He confides that he is also still thinking of her all the time. What an extraordinary woman she is and how any man would be very, very lucky to have a life with her. She teases, “any man, but you.” He answers that he went back to Brooke because of their history, because of their child and because of a promise of commitment that has yet to be realized. Brooke is in the middle of a rather large dilemma right now, but she still promises him her full focus and attention. She gathers he is still not getting it though. Yes, he comes to work, does his job, but continues to do a lot of soul-searching and wondering. She comments he needs to take his time and make sure he is certain. And she needs to tell him something else…..she still cares about him and is supportive, but she doesn’t think it’s good that she be his sounding board any more where Brooke is concerned.

Ridge apologizes, he didn’t mean to be so insensitive. They don’t realize that Brooke is listening in on the other side of the door. Ashley says it’s okay, but she doesn’t know what he wants her to say. It seems so obvious….the writing is on the wall….he is gonna have to accept Brooke’s involvement with Nick. Ridge just wants Brooke to be honest. Ashley says she will be honest with him….he left her because he thought things would be different with Brooke this time. He’d even said it was going to be smooth sailing and they would have their happily ever after. So where is this fairy tale? As she doesn’t see it and she doesn’t think he does either.

Taylor sits down at the bar and her thoughts go immediately to Rick. What is she doing? He’s so young, this is ridiculous. The bartender offers her a drink, but she declines. Rick offers his compliments to the chef and wonders how or when Phoebe learned to cook like this. She plays coy that there is a lot of things about her that he doesn’t know. She was just trying to re-create the orange chicken like in one of their first meals at a little place downtown. He’s surprised she remembered that. She vows she will never forget their times together. He says he won’t either. He wants her to know that he sees her as a wonderful, amazing woman and yes they had a lot of times he will never forget, but that she has to know that nothing can ever happen between them. She thinks it is because of her father and advises that she doesn’t believe he will interfere this time. Rick is too important to her and things are different. She’s not some lovesick little girl any more, she knows what she wants. He is not sure she does. She offers that she has tried to move on, but everyday she can’t help but think of him and their relationship. It’s perfect…it’s like when two people are meant to be together, it’s magic! Thinking elsewhere, he replies that he knows the feeling. She replies that she has been afraid to tell him, but she just has to do it. She wasn’t ready to take their relationship to that next level, but now she is. She is ready to prove to him how much she still loves him.

Taylor tells the bartender she will just have some sparkling water for now. She sighs and thinks to herself that it could never work for her and Rick….but the feelings are so real. Newlyweds are close by and free champagne is poured for all. Taylor’s phone rings and she asks Rick why is he calling? And where is Phoebe? He replies she is in the kitchen, and he has to tell her about him and Taylor. She begs him not to. Rick says he loves her, and Phoebe needs to hear the truth. She begs more, please don’t. If he loves her at all, he won’t. She prides herself on being the opposite of his mother, and she’s not going to be the mother who sleeps with her daughter’s boyfriend. She swears that she loves him for everything he has done for her, but she loves her daughter and her relationship with her more. He claims that he and Phoebe have never been intimate, and it was she that dumped him. Tearfully, Taylor tells him it can’t happen.

Ashley tells Ridge that she told him she did not want to talk about Brooke, and here she is talking about Brooke. Ridge says it’s okay, he wants to hear what she has to say. He appreciates her candor, but he thought this time with Brooke it could be different, because Bridget is back in Nick’s bedroom and Brooke is even encouraging it. She says again she doesn’t know why she is discussing this. He’s just going to stay with Brooke no matter what she does to him. She claims she is not upset, she doesn’t want to be upset. What she wants is to be past this, and she is not. She admits she still cares for him and is still vulnerable to him. She’s been struggling with these feelings and trying to keep it to herself. But, she really needs to tell him how she sees it…..and she thinks Brooke needs therapy…when she’s with Ridge she wants Nick and when she’s with Nick, she wants Ridge….not to mention that she has been married to both Ridge’s father and brother…that’s sick! She thinks he needs to get out, cut his losses while he can. The bottom line is Brooke needs serious help. He laughs, he doesn’t completely disagree. He concedes that ever since Nick came into the picture, Brooke’s heart has been divided. He wants that life they have always dreamed of, but he’s not sure it is even possible now.

Katie tells Nick that he can stop making fun of her now. He’s either joking or having some sort of midlife crisis. Whichever, he asks what is this with the chip on her shoulder? Is it just him or men in general? She retorts that he is not her shrink and she will say it one more time – she doesn’t hate men and contrary to popular belief, she is not a prude either. Just do her a favor, and don’t hurt Bridget.

Brooke walks into Ridge’s office and he tells her if she is there to talk fragrances, Ashley just left. She answers that she doesn’t need those sort of projections, but she is curious what he thought of Ashley's projections for them. He realizes she overheard. And she can’t believe that he would actually discuss their relationship with Ashley. He answers, “Logan, I am not going to apologize for the way I am feeling about this.” He says he believes she is way too involved with Nick’s life. She asks him to please don’t question her commitment to him. He points out that he was engaged to Ashley, but he left her because Brooke promised him something….how she could prove to everyone how much she loved him. And now he’d like to prove how much he still loves her.

Nick tells Katie that he doesn’t want anybody to get hurt, especially not Bridget. Katie says good because she has talked to Brooke about this and she is very concerned about his commitment to Bridget. And Katie admits she respects that he is assessing the situation before he gets more involved. Nick scoffs that she is taking being the aunt very seriously. Katie says she doesn’t want Bridget to be hurt, but especially by him since she encouraged this. He burps loudly and then tells her that he told her not to get involved in this. She thinks the burp is disgusting even if he says it is his house. He asks if she has ever heard anybody burp before? She replies only Jack when she feeds him. He replies, “well I just ate, so I guess I am due a burp.” He points out that he did say “excuse me” and he’ll have to be more conscious of being mysterious then. Bridget walks in and asks what is going on? The hospital was slow tonight so she thought she would sneak back in. He says dinner was good and she was missed.

Brooke denies that she is involved in Nick’s life. Ridge doesn’t know how she can say that, when there are two biological parents and she is involved in that child’s life…and she can’t separate herself from him. She argues that of course she can’t, he’s her flesh and blood and if he is asking her to give that up, she can’t. He reminds her this is not just any baby or any biological father, this is Nick….the guy she was married to…..the guy she admits she can’t get out of her heart. He’s not even going to ask her if Nick is out of her heart, as he knows he is not. She knows he is not and even Nick knows he is not. And that is what Ridge does not like and what he can not live with. She asks why he is saying this? Is it because of what Ashley just said to him? Is he having second thoughts about leaving Ashley?

Taylor comes into her bedroom and starts to put her things aside and notices Rick in her bed with a grin on his face. Calmly he says hi and she asks what is he doing there? He replies getting ready for bed (in his cute little tight black shorts). She gasps, where is Phoebe, where’s her daughter? He rushes to calm her, that it's okay, Phoebe actually had to go back to work…she had an unscheduled photo shoot. Taylor still panics and wonders why he is there and what is he thinking? He tells her just to listen to him…he wants her to trust him….he wants her to know just how much he cares for her. He wants her to make love with him and everything else will fall into place. He tells her that he came here tonight to have an unforgettable evening with her, and that is exactly what he intends to do. He says she means everything to him…let him prove that to her…..

“let me show you how much I love you.”

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