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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/27/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Feeling very low, Rick shows up at work. He and Brooke have the same old discussion that he loves Taylor, but Taylor has said that nothing will ever come of it. It’s over, so guess Brooke got her wish. Brooke reports that she just didn’t want to see him get hurt and it’s better now before anything happened than later. He claims Taylor had a lot of help. There was a lot of outside help in getting her to suppress her feelings. For instance, there was Ridge last night. He overheard him there working his magic. But, then Brooke would know all about that since she was the one who sent him over there. It drives him crazy because they really had something special and good. And he’s determined not to give up. He’s going to hang in there until she changes her mind.

Taylor holds a vase with one of the roses Rick gave her. She laments that she is sorry, but it would never work for them. James comes over at her request and wants to know what’s up? Slowly she reveals that this may sound off the wall, but she thinks she is in love. He asks with whom? She replies Rick. Surprised, he says “Rick Forrester, Rick?” She admits yes, dear God, she thinks she has fallen in love with Brooke’s son.

Brooke can’t believe it. Taylor has finally come to her senses, and now Rick wants to change her mind? And she spouts that it is basic instinct for a mother to want to protect her young. He also points out that it is basic instinct for that young to grow up and be let go of by the mother. He argues that Taylor is not trying to drive a wedge between them. He asks if he has ever had a relationship that she approved of? She thinks and admits no and he wonders why that doesn’t bother her just a little bit. What is this constant need of hers to be so involved in his love life? She reveals that he hasn’t always chosen so wisely. He laughs as she rattles off that it started with Amber who wrapped him around her little finger, and Brooke is afraid that is happening again. He claims that she does not want to see him happy either. She says she does, but that is not going to be with Taylor! That is just a recipe for disaster. Rick says it makes no difference, since the relationship is going nowhere. Before she leaves, he tells his mother that he needs her to know that he loves her, but doesn’t want her to dwell on this or worry about him any more, he’s not a little boy anymore. They hug. He then tries to call Taylor, but has to leave a voicemail. He tells her he misses her, he loves her and he knows she said there was no hope for their future, but he’d like a chance to change her mind.

Dressed all in black, complete with hood over her head and wearing dark shades, Donna slinks into the office. Pam manages to spring on her and offers her a brownie from her mountain of goodies on her desk. However, it is a little overdone, but then Donna would know about that. Donna can’t get away from Pam fast enough. Katie and Brooke commiserate and suggest that it will fade in a few days, just go about her business and keep her head high. She tries to laugh, but informs them she will not do the interview as she would be the laughing stock of the fashion industry. Pam offers Eric a lemon bar, his favorite, and he declines as he wants to stay slim for his wedding. He fills her in on the interview but with no photographers per Donna’s request. Just offer the goodies to Jarrett and his crew. And then he relents and takes one.

Rick thinks back to what Taylor last said, but says he will not give up on them. He can’t! Taylor confides in James and says she knows it is wrong to fall in love with Rick for a lot of reasons. He asks wasn’t he involved with Phoebe? Taylor admits he was the first man she fell in love with. And she has thought a lot about how this might affect her. He surmises this might really affect her. Taylor is confused because it was Phoebe that broke off that relationship. She’s moved on so in all reality, that is part of the past. She tells him she tried to end things last night with Rick and then she stayed up all last night missing him. James asks isn’t he a little young? She admits he is, but it doesn’t feel like that when they are together. She has just gotten very close to him since he has been there for her when she’s trying to get her life back together. And really Rick has been much more mature than some of the other men she has been with. She tells James again that she tried to end it last night, but Rick looked so betrayed like she had led him on. She knows he’s probably waiting for her to call and say she didn’t mean it. James urges her to call and just tell Rick what she has told him. She thinks that would be too hard. She would just get lost in the middle of it and not know what to say. But she has put her thoughts down in a letter and thought she could give him that. And perhaps then he could understand how she feels.

James thinks it is good that Taylor expresses her feelings. He doesn’t advise anyone to suppress their feelings, and especially one like this where there are so many problems. She agrees and just hopes it is not too late. Rick comes into the office and notices Pam’s lemon bars and starts to grab one. She jumps before he can, to make sure he doesn’t get Eric’s corner piece. Then she tells him he got a letter. He opens it and reads that “she” has given their relationship a lot of thought and is glad they have taken things slowly. She realizes there is a big age difference, but that she is in love with him. He wanted to make love to her, but she wasn’t ready, but now she is. Come by the house tonight for the greatest night of their lives, “me”. Perking up, Rick says, “Oh, Taylor, I knew you felt the same way.”

Eric explains to Jarrett how Donna feels self-conscious so best just to pretend nothing is wrong and go on with the interview, just no pictures. Jarrett promises he won’t say a word, but upon seeing Donna his first reaction is, ”oh, my God!” Raphael comes by to do Donna’s hair, but since she is in with Jarrett and the interview, Raphael has to wait. Pam is happy to ply him with brownies. While busy feeding his face, she manages to switch color bottles in his bag. Brooke and Katie walk by and laugh that it’s a good thing he is there, their sister really needs a pick-me-up. Donna apologizes to Raphael, she didn’t mean to get that dark and she is counting the days until it fades. He comments that is a relief, he thought she had lost her marbles. He suggests they darken her hair down a little bit, it will lessen the contrast of the skin. He tells her she will look fantastic, he’ll set it all up. She gets out the teeth whiteners and decides to do that while he is doing her hair. Maybe brighter teeth and different hair will make her forget the tanning fiasco. Again Katie and Brooke remark how some people just have the worst luck, real accident-prone, being locked in the steam room and now the tanning booth. Donna is always so meticulous how she looks and wants to look perfect, this is a real blow. Maybe a new “color” will lift her spirit. Raphael even tries to talk Pam into going red, it would look smashing. The timer goes off and Raphael says Donna is cooked, time to go check on his handiwork, wish him luck. As he begins to unfurl the strips on her hair, he frowns. Donna jerks the mirror out of his hands and screams, “aaaaaaah”. Pam can barely contain her laughter.

Rick slips into Taylor’s house and notices the fireplace lit, the romantic candles aglow and intimate table set for dinner. But he’s stunned when Phoebe walks out and says she is glad he is there and mentions she sees he got her letter. She waltzes into his arms and throws hers around him and says she has waited a very long time for this night.

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