B&B Wednesday Update 3/26/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/26/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Standing outside Taylor’s door with roses in his hand, Rick recalls what he just heard Taylor say to Ridge, that she was not in love with Rick and she would never allow herself to cross that line. Taylor asks Ridge if they are done here as she has already said all she can say about the subject? And he can rush back and give that report to Brooke. Her son is free from the evil clutches of Taylor! He placates that surely Taylor can understand why Brooke would be concerned. Oh hell yeah, says Taylor….after all it was Brooke that stole two of her own daughter’s husbands. Ridge reminds her going for payback with Brooke with her grown son makes no sense. Taylor asks him to get off of this. That is not what is going on here. He just doesn’t understand how desperately she needed someone to support her. She just needs someone to care about her, and that is what Rick has been. He’s been wonderful, caring and gentle, and that’s what she needs right now. She’s absolutely alone, and who else does she have? “One person brings light into my dark world, and you tell me that is wrong?” She advises him not to tell her who to care about. Just don’t. She knows where to draw the line. She’s not going to let this go too far or get intimate. So is he happy? Then just get out of her house. She’s not going to explain herself anymore. Before he leaves, he reminds her that a lot of people are set to get hurt here, not the least of which is their daughter.

Donna screams and pounds on the tanning booth door until the attendant comes and opens up to find a fried lobster. She doesn’t know how or why this happened and answers Donna that it will take seven to ten days to fade. She can’t even laugh when the woman says not to go out in the sun or it will make it worse. And would she like a free coupon? Donna charges that she doesn’t and she is lucky she doesn’t call her brother who is an attorney.

Brooke is thankful when Ridge comes home and pounces on him to what Taylor said. Did she admit she was doing this to get back at Brooke? Sadly he has to tell Brooke that he doesn’t think that is what is going on here. Whatever is happening between Taylor and Rick is real. Brooke can’t believe he didn’t get through to Taylor and she will be continuing to try to seduce her son.

Taylor admits Rick and he brushes past her with a quick kiss on the cheek. She admits she is starving. He apologizes for being late but gives some excuse about the guy in front of him at Café Russe ordering so many take outs. And Rick didn’t know whether to get rack of lamb or filet mignon so he got both…in addition to the famous Caesar salads. He hands her the flowers and brings out a pair of candles and lights them, saying he promised her it was going to be a night she’d never forget.

Brooke continues to quiz Ridge if he got through to Taylor and she is going to leave her son alone? He admits that she said they could never be intimate and she would not cross that line. Brooke sighs, the very thought is making her sick. But how do they know it’s not going to happen? He says they will just have to trust Taylor to do the right thing. Brooke isn’t sure of that since Rick had told her he was planning a very romantic evening, and he is hoping to make love to Taylor.

Taylor laments to Rick how strange things are and can turn around so fast. A year ago she was married to Nick and planning this whole future with him and even having a baby with him. And now here she is living alone…..it’s strange. Rick reminds her that she is not alone tonight. She acknowledges that, he’s been so wonderful to her, done a lot of thoughtful things, things that mean the world to her. He comments he just wants to see her happy and he thinks he can make her happy. She admits he does make her happy….but what is up with him? He doesn’t seem like himself tonight. Is he upset because his mother now knows how he feels? He denies it, and she insists. He was there for her, she wants to be there for him. He says but as a friend? And he admits that he sees them as more than friends. Then he has to admit that he was there earlier and listening outside the open door and he heard a lot of the conversation of what she told Ridge. He wants her to be honest with him, is he being a fool?

Donna walks into the office and Pam snickers and is beside herself with glee. Eric is stunned but hugs her and assures her it will be all right. She boo-hoos on his shoulder telling him how horrible it was and she was terrified when she only wanted to look beautiful for him. He assures her that she is always beautiful. Little Miss Betty Crocker pops in with Eric’s supper – chicken, white meat only just like he likes it. Donna just blubbers more and Eric tells Pam just to sit it down and leave it. She can barely keep a straight face and mouths “oh, we shall see about that. What is next on your agenda, Miss Donna?” She laughs mischievously as she sees it is hair coloring.

Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn’t believe Taylor will let that happen, she and Rick making love. Brooke still can not believe they can trust Taylor and that she has real feelings for Rick. And she wants to know if Ridge is going to help her put an end to this or not? He wonders and do what? Rick is a grown man. She can’t believe he is not more upset about this. What about Phoebe? He explains that he doesn’t think this is going to last very long, they should let it play its way out. And for her information, the last thing he reminded Taylor was what this would do to Phoebe if this got out of hand. Brooke rants that it already is out of hand. Nothing good can come of this. Rick is going to get involved in this sordid relationship and then Taylor will dump him and he’s going to be heartbroken. She vows she will never forgive her for seducing him. She’s really gone off the deep end now, and Rick has to pay the price for it.

Rick tells Taylor just tell him like it is. Tell him that he’s being a fool. He’s heard everything that she wanted him to hear – that he’s there for her, she can count on him, and she will be forever grateful, but as a friend. Nothing else is going to come of it….he has to go. She runs after him and grabs him by the arm and asks him not to go, she wants to talk to him about this. He doesn’t understand why. Did he misquote her or did he not hear her correctly? She replies no, but she is sorry that he had to hear any of it. She is trying to be realistic about this. They both know they have mixed feelings about this….a part of them that wants to throw caution to the wind and see what happens, but then the other part of them knows it is not exactly right. He cautions her, no, there is not one ounce of him that thinks it is not right. She points out, what about Phoebe? He was her first love, her first boyfriend. How will she react to this, how will he handle it? Maybe Brooke is right, maybe she has already let it go too far, a little bit to get back at Brooke. Rick doesn’t believe that. She tells him to come on. It doesn’t take a psychiatrist here to see there are some problems. Rick says he doesn’t care. The only thing he cares about is how he feels about her. She claims she knows how she feels about him too. He’s been her savior, he’s been there in the worst times of her life, he understands her. He knows what she needs. He knows she does not want to be there alone, she needs her son, and she doesn’t want to feel dejected and alone. And that’s the true mark of a friend, and that’s what he has been to her. But it is she who would be a fool if she allowed herself to think something else could come of this. “I would be crazy. I can’t. I can’t let myself believe that. I can’t.”

Ridge contends to Brooke that she asked him to go see Taylor and he did. He understands how Brooke feels, but Taylor is not seducing Rick and she has promised that nothing will come of this. Both of them are alone in their lives right now while Taylor is going through something very difficult, but she is not going to cross that line, they are just friends. Brooke says she still doesn’t trust her, does he? He replies yes he believes Taylor.

Rick moves closer and asks Taylor to tell him that she doesn’t feel anything when he kisses her. She avoids his eyes. He says, “I feel it, Taylor, and I am not imagining things. I know that you feel it, too.” She does look at him and reminds him that she has grown children and they are at different stages in their lives. Perhaps there is a spark……He tells her she thinks too much, he doesn’t want to think about it. This is not a session and he is not one of her patients. He doesn’t want to analyze this….he doesn’t want to plan ahead a month from now…a week, or even an hour. He wants to live right now in the moment with her. He wants to be impulsive, can she be impulsive?

He kisses her slowly and tenderly on the side of her face, brushing back her hair and planting another kiss on the other side. He asks if she is not feeling something right now? Nothing at all even though her heart is racing? And breathing heavily? He whispers don’t think about this, just be in the moment, just enjoy the moment. She sighs that she is enjoying it, maybe a little too much….but it’s just so wrong. She can’t even imagine how Phoebe would react. He answers that Phoebe won’t know. She agrees, no she won’t because nothing is going to happen. It is so wrong. He says no it is not. It is not wrong. Looking deep into his eyes, she says she cares about him so deeply, but she just can’t let this happen. She whispers that she just can’t. Please just leave. He hesitates, is disappointed, but turns and leaves. She sits and sobs.

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