B&B Tuesday Update 3/25/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/25/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Brooke follows Ridge into his office and continues to blast Taylor for seducing her son. She thinks that is sick and deranged, her pretending to have feelings for Rick to get back at Brooke. Has she no shame? Ridge thinks it’s all pretty laughable. She maintains that he knows what she saw, them kiss. Now is he going to help her out or what? He thinks the best thing to do is just let itself play out. But, when Brooke mentions Phoebe and how this might affect her, he agrees to go speak with Taylor about this.

Rick drops in on Taylor as she is finishing up talking to a patient on the phone. He immediately greets her with a kiss and asks how she is? She replies just a little swept off her feet and breathless. He quips that is kind of how he likes his women. She thanks him for last night, he was really a gentleman. He only has one regret, that he didn’t actually stay the night. But seriously he did mean everything he had said. He states that she is so special to him. Does she have plans for later? He’d like to come back….go to Café Russe first and get her favorite meal….he’d bring it back here and put a fire in the fireplace….light some candles…..listen to some music….and then…..Taylor is listening……”and then?” He’s hopeful it will be a very memorable, unforgettable evening.

At Forrester’s, Pam is giving out a recipe over the phone to Dottie when Eric stops by. He wants to talk to her about the popgun incident she pulled on Donna. She downplays it as a girl has to have some fun, doesn’t she? He frowns and says that there is nothing fun about that and he knows that she is just trying to get under Donna’s skin and he wants it to stop. He goes on that he’s glad she is working there, she knows how he feels about family. But, if she continues this she won’t be working there. She apologizes that she should have known better. Donna is not one to joke with. “Kind of a shame that she is so superficial though. That girl has no sense of humor at all.”

Donna, with Katie, is a little panicked when she realizes there are going to be photographers at the Eye on Fashion piece and she feels so pale, like a ghost. Good thing she’s made an appointment at the tanning salon. She is already nervous about the wedding and only wants to look beautiful for her honey bear.

After her zing, Pam apologizes again to Eric. She wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize her position there. He’s been so generous to her and she only feels guilty of being so committed to him and her sister. It just breaks her heart at the thought of his wonderful marriage ending, especially at the hands of someone like Donna ‘Ho’-gan. At least Brooke had brains, Donna is nothing but air. She just wishes he could see that he deserves so much better. He leaves by saying he is going to the cutting room, but he’s surprised this is so difficult for her. But she’s going to have to respect his decision. And yes Donna is beautiful, but she is not an airhead. She’s very intelligent and not at all superficial. To herself, she says okey-dokey, we’ll see about that.

Donna doesn’t think she is being obsessed. She just has to look perfect for Eric to introduce her to his whole world. Nothing less will do. His whole life has been appreciating beauty, so she is going to spend all her time left between now and the wedding in the spa, the gym and salon to look her best when she walks down the aisle. Katie answers – fair enough, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Rick darts in and sees his mom and tries to duck out. But, he’s caught and she wants to speak to him. He knows what it is about and that she disapproves of Taylor, so he gets it. Can they just agree to disagree? He doesn’t want to fight with her anymore. And there’s really nothing Brooke can say to change his mind anyway. She sighs that as his mother, she wants him to trust her. Whatever is going on between him and Taylor, she wants it to stop. It is wrong for so many reasons and she wants it to end.

Ridge visits Taylor and she knows why he is there – Brooke has come running to him all hysterical and the entire waterworks. But, there is nothing to be concerned about. He says he knows that, this is all sort of ridiculous, her just acting out. She’s insulted and assures him Rick is not pretending. There is something genuine between them….a bond, and he can choose to accept it or get out of her house!

Rick tells his mom too that this is real and something she will have to accept or get used to. She tells him she is sorry but she is never going to be able to get used to it. She won’t accept the two of them. She tries to explain that Taylor is just doing this to get back at her. She would be over there now with Ridge, but she knows it would only make things worse. Rick just doesn’t understand why she won’t leave Taylor alone. And if she really cared about him, Brooke would leave him alone too. He believes in what he and Taylor share….in fact he is planning a romantic dinner for tonight. Brooke asks why would he do that? Not that it is any of her business, but he says he is hoping after tonight he is hoping he and Taylor can be together in every way possible. More information than she wants to think of. He tells his mom that he’s not trying to upset her, but he knows what he wants and that is Taylor…and he is hoping, he believes that she wants him too.

Ridge tells Taylor that he knows she has been through a difficult time and has been confused, but she really doesn’t want Rick. That is Phoebe’s first boyfriend, she would be devastated if she found out. He’s young enough to be Taylor’s son. How many reasons does she need to stop this? Okay, she says, but she is not going to listen to him. He has no right to come here and tell her who she can or can not see. And if he thinks it is wrong – how about her coming home every night and what she faces? An empty house with memories of a good relationship gone bad. Meanwhile, everybody else goes on with their lives. And Rick is the only person who has given a damn how she is doing and stops by….and Ridge dares to stop by and tell her that she’s wrong to have somebody on her side for a change. And what about Phoebe? She hasn’t seen Rick in months. Ridge still thinks she can not be okay with this. Taylor accuses him of thinking this is something sordid and sick going on. He says in a way it is true. Taylor knows that Ridge doesn’t like Rick, but points out he’s been nothing but kind and gentle, caring and comforting to her. So that is really selfish of Ridge. Brooke has already taken away every support system Taylor had…she took Ridge, she took Nick, but she scoffs that guess she has checkmated her now. “Rick’s the one man she can’t seduce away from me.”

With Pam already in the tanning salon as a patron, Donna comes in. She speaks with the attendant that she only wants a light detectable color, just a healthy glow. So the lady explains how it all works, about thirty seconds, hold her breath when the machine starts. Pam sneaks up and watches over the lady’s shoulder. She invents some excuse that her shower is not working so the lady goes to check on it. Pam turns the machine way up and puts a wedge underneath the door so Donna can not open it. Of course within seconds, Donna is being sprayed too much and realizes the door won’t open and starts pounding on the door, about to suffocate.

Taylor tells Ridge that she is not going to let him paint this into something ugly. Rick just kissed her in front of his mother to make a point (what about the one in her home just the two of them?) She’s not saying she didn’t enjoy it, but that is not what is going on between them. This is about two people being there for each other and supporting each other. It’s about her needing support for a change, someone to be on her side, someone to be her friend. Rick opens the door, all laden down with bouquets of roses and the catered food, but stops as he hears Ridge and Taylor talking. He’s not happy when he hears Taylor admit that Rick is just a good friend….a wonderful, loving, compassionate friend. She admits she is not in love with Rick if that is what Ridge is hinting at. She would never let that happen. She is not going to fall in love with him. My God, he is Brooke’s son….like Brooke would be her mother-in-law.

He declares that this is so wrong. Rick is getting ahead of himself and Taylor knows better, so promise him this won’t go any further. She says okay, fine. She swears she is not going to let this get out of hand. Will she let it get intimate or go beyond friendship, no? So now that he’s heard what he wanted to hear, he can go home and report to Sergeant Brooke. So go on, she is not in love with Rick and there is no way she is going to let that happen. "I am not going to cross that line ever.”

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