B&B Monday Update 3/24/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/24/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Brooke insists that Rick stop kissing Taylor. When they don’t, she pulls them apart and slaps Taylor, then berates Taylor to stay away from her son. She is a sick woman! Rick wants to know what in the hell is wrong with Brooke? She continues with Taylor, just using her son to get back at Brooke. How pathetic can Taylor be? She thinks Brooke took her son, so she’s going to actually take hers too. And don’t dare deny this. Rick reminds her that he is a grown man and can make his own decisions. Brooke informs him to please open his eyes……… Taylor is just using him to get back at Brooke. And whatever is going on here, she wants it to stop. “I am not going to allow this. Do you understand?”

Katie tells Nick that she can’t believe she just said that. They are nothing alike and he agrees. Except she claims maybe the pigheaded part, they are both pretty stubborn. He maintains yes, but her even more so than he is. She says not so if he is still considering not getting back with Bridget. How could something so great be so wrong? Katie just thinks he is being chicken. He’s shocked, “chicken? Me?” She declares yeah, it’s classic. He’s a man who doesn’t want to commit, and perhaps he is still holding out for Brooke. He says he is not holding out for Brooke. She made her decision, and it’s over. She doesn’t know what that means. His life is on hold, then it’s not on hold. She’s not real clear on that. He says he means he just got out of a relationship and he doesn’t think it would be right to get right back into another. But he remarks that she wouldn’t understand because she is a little too inexperienced. She smarts that he is such a jerk. He jaws why does she carry that basketball all around, just to throw it at people? She asks if he really wants to know what she will do with that? Just challenge her to a little one-on-one and he’ll find out.

Ridge pops in to see his dad, but tells Ashley it was better finding her instead. He states that he was just going over some figures and the sales of her fragrances are going over the roof. She teases was there ever any doubt? He replies no, he believed in her talent from the beginning. He just didn’t realize how successful the fragrances would be. She quips he should never underestimate the power of the nose. He guesses not, she’s a moneymaking machine. He thinks they might have to add an Ashley Abbot Wing onto Forrester Creations. She thinks that is very nice to hear especially since sometimes she has questioned making the move to L.A. But lately she has been very happy about her decision.

Nick chuckles, so a little one-on-one? Katie claims she is good. Challenge her, she dares him. He says he will keep that in mind. She mocks by clucking like a chicken. He asks how she is with darts? She boasts that she can hold her own, but they have kind of gotten off subject. He says thank God. His relationship with Bridget is none of Katie’s business. She fires that she doesn’t know why he’s holding back. He realizes that she doesn’t, but that is because she has absolutely no experience. He explains that he just got out of one relationship and he’s not ready to jump into another. It’s just not right. She quips why not? Makes sense to her. He sneers – because this is not a fairytale. Prince Charming doesn’t show up with a glass slipper, and all of a sudden it’s a perfect world. That’s not how it really works in real life. He doesn’t know whether to call her cute or crazy. She sighs, please don’t call her cute. He remarks, “you got it, crazy.”

Katie contends that all she cares about is Bridget. She thought if they had this marvelous reunion, he’d be on Cloud Nine and thanking his lucky stars. He denies that he is vacillating, and for Katie not to forget just who got Bridget all charged up about the two of them getting together. She admits it didn’t take much convincing. She thinks it is what Bridget really wanted and deep down she thinks it is what Nick wants too. He says it may happen. Bridget may be right for him and his son, but this will take some while because there are a lot of complex, complicated feelings. It’s not like some romance novel you read. She scoffs – romance novel? Maybe he should have thought of that before he slept with Bridget.

Ridge tells Ashley that he is glad she didn’t leave. She vows that she wasn’t going to let some measly failed love affair dictate her life. He claims that is one of the things he loved about her…her strength and independence and the fact that she didn’t need a man to make her happy. She points out that she tries not to. And she’s glad she stuck around L.A. It gave her a chance to work out some things and come out on the other side. He’s glad too, he knows she and Felicia are going off to the Restless Style launch party, but he wants her to return to L.A. he doesn’t want her even thinking about staying in Genoa City. She replies she doesn’t think she will be staying. Things are getting far too interesting here in L.A. They both seem to have a hard time saying goodbye to each other.

Taylor promises Brooke that she is not using her son. He’s been a real lifeline to her. Brooke snarks that is convenient. She still thinks this is an orchestrated attempt to get revenge my manipulating her son’s feelings. Rick begs his mom just to stop this please! Taylor maintains this might be something Brooke would pull, but not her. She is just starting to realize what a wonderful young man Rick is. Brooke agrees – he is wonderful, and young, way too young for her. Taylor says that is exactly what he used to think, but he’s been the only person who has been there for her, supporting her and even standing up to Brooke, his own mother! Brooke retorts, “oh my God, this is making me absolutely ill.” Rick advises her not to be so dramatic. Taylor tells Rick that she is very thankful and flattered by his feelings for her at a time that was really horrific. She tells him that she really cares for him and it’s kind of like he said earlier – he is the only man that his mother can’t steal away from her. She turns to Brooke and says she brought it up – so Brooke took her son away, so now she’ll take Brooke’s. All’s fair in love and war. Brooke wants to speak with Rick alone, but he refuses and says she can say whatever she wants in front of Taylor.

Bridget drops in on Katie, still at Nick’s. She’s ecstatic in her thanks for Katie. It’s working – everything she felt for Nick and loved about their marriage, they are all still there. She was just living in fear and afraid to go after what she wanted. But Katie had convinced her it was okay and this happiness is all because of her. She just can’t say enough how wonderful she feels and she owes it all to Katie. Because if Katie hadn’t pushed her, she never would have gone after Nick. She hugs her again for giving her that courage. Katie backs off and tells her no thanks necessary…….and she does want her to take care of herself and not go head over heels….Bridget doesn’t know what is going to happen yet. Bridget gushes that she knows. She’s trying hard not to get ahead of herself. She really thinks this could be their time. She’s even talked to her mom and she’s not going to be a factor. “And who else could ever come between me and Nick?” (oh, how gullible) She asks Katie, isn’t Nick just the greatest? Sheepishly, Katie admits that seems to be the consensus.

Brooke can’t possibly understand why Rick is interested in Taylor. Is he mad at Brooke or acting out in some way? Okay, she gets it. He has her attention…he’s making a statement. He shares that this is no statement, he really cares for Taylor. She’s important to him. She wants to know what that means; is he falling in love with her? He asks and what if he was? She thinks it is ridiculous. He doesn’t think so. He doesn’t know where it is leading, but he’d really like to find out. He cites they have genuine feelings for each other and this is not about her trying to get back at Brooke. Brooke still maintains that she is using him and doing this out of spite. He argues this about two people who have found something special in each other.

Rick apologizes for what Brooke put Taylor through. She says you learn to get a thick skin after a while, and there is no need for him to apologize. He finds it funny that his mom still has that urge to control him like a twelve year old. He admits that he was trying to make a point. Taylor asks if that is why he planted the kiss on her? He remarks that it did get to her, didn’t it? And his mom is convinced that Taylor is using Rick, and now Taylor probably thinks he is using her too. She asks is he? Was the kiss for her or for his mom? Well at least he is honest when he says both. He has to admit something to her – sometimes he hears this little voice in his head. “Grab this woman and kiss her.” Taylor asks does he hear that little voice now? He grabs her up from off the couch and kisses her, and then asks if that answers her question? She quips that she is hearing a little voice too that is saying they should get out of here before his mother gets back. He agrees as they scamper off.

Brooke swoops in on Ridge and insists they need to talk. He assumes it is about Nick and Bridget and chides that she is way too involved in her grown children’s lives. She says this is not about Nick or even the baby, but about Taylor. She is crazier than ever and he won’t believe what she is doing. Ridge asks if she is drinking again? Brooke replies she doesn’t know, but this is about revenge. He looks chagrined and astonished as Brooke tells him that Taylor is seducing her son.

Bridget asks Nick how Jack is? And how nice has it been to have Katie around? He admits she’s been handy. Bridget says she’s been so supportive; they have become very close. Nick thinks that is good, she needs some friends as she is a little different. Bridget asks if he finds Katie attractive? That throws him a bit, attractive? Well he is not sure about that, she is more abrasive than anything. Maybe attractive in a weird way; just very strange. But maybe somebody could be attracted to her in a weird way. Bridget thinks it would be nice to set her up with somebody. He says oh please, he’s not going to get into a messy deal like that. Katie returns so they clam up. Katie says don’t bother, she heard and she’s not interested. Bridget tells her to reconsider, what if they found someone like Nick? Katie scoffs that as tempting as that sounds, men like Nick don’t grow on trees….they swing from them!

Ridge seems amused – so Taylor seduced Rick? Brooke tells him this is not funny. Taylor even kissed Rick right before her eyes, they were flaunting it. He doesn’t believe it. This can’t be real, somebody is pulling her chain here, and Brooke is falling for it. She can’t take this seriously; something else is going on here. He thinks she is being just a tad melodramatic. She pleads, no this is serious. Taylor is using Rick and he’s falling for it. This is sick, absolutely sick, Taylor is sick!

Back home, Rick tells Taylor that he is sorry it was such a shock kissing her in front of his mother like that. Taylor laughs that it certainly was, she did not see that coming, him grabbing her and locking lips in front of Brooke. That was great. He conveys that he just wanted his mom to see there was something real between them. Taylor warns they don’t need Phoebe hearing about this, and he doesn’t think Brooke will mention it. And she adds there is nothing to find out about anyway. He thinks there is as he meant everything he said earlier. He adds that he has always thought she was very beautiful and talented, a caring woman. And yes it is a shock that things have developed the way they have…and it’s understandable that some people would think that she is just using him or that he is too young for her. But, he really doesn’t care about that ‘cause he knows what is in his heart. He needs her to know that he thinks about her every second of the day. There’s just no one he’d rather spend his time with. He wants to be there touching her, kissing her, making love to her. He takes her hand and puts it underneath his shirt so she can feel his heart pounding. “Taylor, I have fallen in love with you.” Tenderly he kisses her and slowly guides her to the couch where they lie down.

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