B&B Wednesday Update 3/19/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/19/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At Forrester’s, Rick meets up with Ashley. He calls her beautiful, she calls him handsome and they discuss her going back to Genoa City for a short business trip. He wants to make sure she is coming back and she says of course, why would he even ask? He thinks she had that “lucky man on my mind” look. She comments the same, that he looks very happy these days, is there a new woman in his life? Or is he too busy protecting Taylor? He relays that Taylor has had a pretty rough time and he’s only there to support her. She flatters by saying that says a lot about the kind of man he is and Taylor is lucky to have him on her side. And who would have ever thought that Brooke’s son would be stepping up to the plate to back Taylor?

Taylor stops in to see Ridge, just looking for a friendly face. He says she has found one, he was just thinking about her and how she might be doing? He’s happy to hear that she is surviving and reminds her that he will always be there for her. He confides that he knows what happened with Jack and that she has been having some serious problems. She asks if this is going to be a friendly conversation as she really isn’t in the mood for a lecture about being an unfit mother. This has been one nightmare of a year and topped now by having her child taken from her and now she can’t even visit without being supervised. And all of this because Brooke can’t stay away from her son. He says he has told Brooke, but they all know how she is. Taylor says she is doing okay considering, but she’d be even better if that person he calls a fiancée would be out of her life completely….everything she has lost has been because of Brooke…..right down to her son’s DNA.

Eric drops in on Bridget at the hospital and says news travels fast. He hears that she is seeing Nick again. She admits they had a wonderful evening and she hopes something comes of it (this after telling the sailor that she had no expectations). This isn’t what Eric wants to hear, he is afraid she will be hurt again. She assures him she knows what she is doing and they are going to take it very slow this time (yeah, like falling in bed first chance she gets with her mother practically an eyewitness). She confides that Brooke has said she will not interfere, and Nick isn’t divorced yet either, but she wants to be happy about this and for her dad to be happy for her too.

Nick tells Katie that he doesn’t like where this conversation is headed….he gets that Katie is worried about Bridget. She adds and he slept with Bridget without knowing how he really feels. He tells her to whoa, Bridget it not a child. This was something they both wanted and agreed upon. Katie thinks he will end up breaking her heart again. And he should be grateful that Bridget will even give him the time of day and he should be counting his lucky stars that she gives a damn about him. When he looks around, Katie has peeled her jacket off and is standing there in a Lakers’ uniform jersey. Startled, he asks what is she wearing?

Taylor carries on a little too much in trying to explain that she is doing better by trying to get past all of this. She is going to see the judge and he’ll see that she has her act together and that she is stable. Ridge agrees that she seems better than he thought she would be. She knows he’s only been listening to Brooke who painted her as a basket case. He comments that Brooke is only concerned about Jack. Taylor suggests no, she only has one mission and that is to ruin her life. She changes subjects and wants to know what happened with Ashley? She thought she was an exceptional woman. And besides herself, Ashley was perfect for him. What happened, and does he still care about her? He says of course he does. Taylor recommends then if he has any sense in that handsome head of his, he’d go back to her “because I’m telling you if you go back to Brooke, you’re going to be completely miserable the rest of your life.” Brooke walks in and exclaims how dare Taylor!

Nick surmises Katie must be a big basketball fan? She quips kind of hard not to when you’re growing up in L.A. And if he’d spring for Lakers’ tickets that she could be talked into going. He snarks wonder how he got so lucky? And to remind him one more time just why she is here? She responds with she’s there to pick up her sweater and to make sure he doesn’t destroy Bridget’s life. Nick says, “you got your sweater, Bridget is fine, but you’re still here!” She answers that she guesses she couldn’t pull herself away from his irresistible charm.

Taylor asks Brooke how much did she hear? Brooke replies plenty. And how dare Taylor try to undermine her engagement to Ridge. Taylor assures her that isn’t the case, and accuses Brooke of going all over town announcing what a head case Taylor is. Ridge warns them not to reopen World War II. But they continue to jaw at each other, even to the point of a shoving match with Brooke getting in the last lick that Taylor lost her child because of herself, not because of Brooke. She lost him because she is losing her mind! Rick walks in and demands that his mother not talk to Taylor that way. He confronts her and says he will not stand there and let her berate Taylor that way (meanwhile, wooden Ridge stands there). Brooke explains that Taylor was attacking her. Taylor rants that she wasn’t; she was only telling her how sick she was of Brooke ruining her life. Why can’t she just see it and admit it? She ruined her own daughter’s marriages, one to Deacon and one to Nick….and now she wants to renege on the agreement she signed to leave her child alone.

Ridge gets an emergency phone call so they all slow down a little. Rick tells him to go on, he’ll stay and take care of this. Ridge says okay, he doesn’t want anyone to leave in handcuffs or a body bag. Brooke tries to say she knows Taylor is in pain and she’s truly sorry. But Taylor tells her to can it, she just wants to take her child away from her. Brooke answers that Taylor is not capable of taking care of a child right now…she has irrational behavior and is drinking again. Rick tries to intercede by pointing out that Taylor has been through enough. Taylor thanks him for defending her, but it’s not just her. Look what Brooke has done to her own daughter. She doesn’t know how he has put up with his mom all these years. Competing with her own daughter for a romantic relationship. That’s not just insane, that is sick! (foreshadowing?)

Eric wants Bridge to be happy, but he knows she has suffered a lot of pain because of him in the past and he still questions Nick’s intentions. She wonders what that means? He explains that Nick grew up without a father….he practically grew up on an ocean tanker. Where would he have learned how to treat a woman? He’s a loner and a cynic. He may not intend to hurt her, but Eric is afraid he will. He just wonders if he can truly appreciate her. He thinks it might be better for both of them if Nick found somebody more like him to move on with.

Nick tells Katie that this is all so special, but she found out what she wanted, so it’s time to go. (even with am engraved invitation the gal can’t). She says actually she didn’t find out what she wanted. Whispering, he says “she spent the night.” Katie asks what happens next? He can’t answer that because he doesn’t know. She wonders how he can act like he doesn’t have control over his actions. Has her sister messed him up so bad that he can’t make his own decisions now? He scoffs just to forget about her sister. She and Forrester can go off into the crimson sunset for all he cares. He’s done with that, and he would never do anything with Bridget to hurt her. Katie says just to love her, that’s all she wants. He admits he does. She hopes enough to give her a second chance to make a life together.

Bridget thanks her dad for being there, she really just needs his support right now. Eric says again he doesn’t think Nick is right for her, he doesn’t appreciate her the way she deserves. Bridget assures her that her mom is not going to interfere anymore, and Bridget really wants Nick. She wants to be with him and that baby. She wants back what she had with him before. Can he just be happy for her? He replies sure and they hug and say they love each other.

Nick thinks that is a big question. Katie states that she never would have gotten involved in this if she didn’t think two people couldn’t come together and rekindle some happiness and that he could be in a relationship with someone totally committed to him, who would love him unconditionally, so what is wrong with that? He mocks, “the problem, oh nosy one, is that I don’t know if I can give Bridget what she wants or deserves.” She tells him he is so full of hot air. He fires that she is a pain in the ass. Ever wonder why she is single? It’s because she is too much like a guy. Her mouth hangs open. He continues that maybe she ought to think about softening up a bit….being a little less abrasive and controlling….maybe a little more feminine….maybe some kindness and a smile might help her cause. She claims she is plenty feminine and kind. She emphasizes she just thinks he’s used to women who roll over so he can walk all over them. It’s not her fault that he doesn’t know a good thing when it’s standing right in front of him.

Nick clears his throat and says okay, okay, everything Katie says about Bridget is true. She’s an incredible, wonderful girl….and beautiful and he’s lucky to have her. And the truth is he doesn’t want to let her down again or to hurt her. And he doesn’t know if they are right for each other. She wonders if he knows who he is right for? He quips what does he know? He’s gruff, pigheaded, very stubborn and stuck in his ways. He’s a lot like…….she finishes, “like me?”

Brooke admits that she has made some mistakes with her daughter, but that has nothing to do with why Taylor lost her child. That happened because the judge thought she was too obsessed with Brooke and she is still consumed with her hatred of her. Rick asks again if his mother can just stop this? Brooke asks why is he defending Taylor? He asks her does she know how many people she has hurt in her pursuit of her destiny? And just who is her destiny – Ridge or Nick, or someone else? It doesn’t matter….the point is that she has hurt a lot of people, and no one more than that woman! Incredulous, Brooke asks again why he would defend Taylor over his own mother?

He asks if she really wants to know why? Because Taylor deserves it. She deserves his support. When he looks at Taylor, he sees a beautiful, wonderful, talented woman who has been brought to her knees. Brooke asks and is she to blame for that? He replies he is not there to blame Brooke, but somebody has got to come to Taylor’s defense….she has lost so much. He recounts her attributes and that she always plays fair, treating people with respect and dignity. And yet time and time again she loses. And whether deliberately or not, Brooke has taken everything away from Taylor and pushed her to the breaking point. So he doesn’t blame Taylor. This is a woman who has dedicated her entire life in helping others, and because of that she should have everything she’s ever dreamed of. Something should go right for her. “Something good, something wonderful should come into her life.”

Brooke thinks it is admirable that he is standing up for Taylor, but…….He says he is not standing up for her out of admiration or for charity or pity. She knows, she gets it, it’s from the goodness of his heart. He offers no she doesn’t get it. He’s defending her because he cares about her. He turns to face Taylor and says that she is all he can think of. All he wants to do is be with her and hold her and he tells Taylor that he loves her. She allows him to kiss her. A stunned Brooke, breathing heavily, looks on, “Oh my God, no.”

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