B&B Friday Update 3/14/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/14/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

Bridget sighs, and Nick tells her he is sorry that she walked in on him and her mom. Bridget tells Nick that that Brooke wants him to stand on the sidelines and to wait for her. Nick tells Bridget he doesn’t want to hurt her and that he’s not ready to commit. She tells Nick she wants him, Jack starts crying.

Stephanie asks Pam why she wanted her to come; Pam says she got a job as the new receptionist of Forrester Creations. Stephanie congratulates her and says she is going to go home. Pam tells her Eric has a surprise for her. Pam says she is meeting Donna for coffee.

Bridget calls Katie and asks if she can babysit Jack, Katie says she would but is going bowling; she is on the Forrester team. Bridget says she needs her to come over ASAP, they hang up.

Eric tells Stephanie she is an important part of his life and the business. He tells her just because they won’t be married doesn’t mean they can’t work together, so he asks if she will come back to the company. Stephanie asks Eric about Donna, he says she agrees it would be best for the company if she came back.

Donna asks if Pam is going to go back to Chicago.

Bridget tells Nick, Katie is coming over, the doorbell rings.

Stephanie says that she pushed Eric away, not Donna. He says she is being to hard on herself. She asks Eric if they should shake on it or hug, he says hug.

Donna tells Pam that she isn’t afraid of Pam or her dog. Pam says she might not be afraid of her but she is of her dog (Tiny). She tells Donna that she has never been married, she was diagnosed with a bipolar disease, and she can live a normal life if she takes her pills. Donna says she knows Pam is on medication. Pam says the medicine makes her happy, but if Donna doesn’t back off she will stop taking her “happy pills” and Donna will become her obsession. Donna says she is a wacko, but doesn’t scare her.

Katie tells Nick to enjoy his night.

Eric asks Stephanie’s opinion on to dresses. Eric tells Stephanie she always has had an eye fro detail. They hear a banging noise.

Donna asks if someone is there and then she screams.

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