B&B Thursday Update 3/13/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/13/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Bridget stands at Nick’s door in amazement as Brooke confronts Nick and tells him she is just trying to protect her daughter. She doesn’t want him involved with Bridget any more, she just can’t let that happen. Bridget barges in and flies off the handle when she tells her mom how dare she stand there and stab her in the back like that.

Pam hugs Eric for accepting Stephanie back into the company. Donna walks in and Pam feigns being friendly while wagging her finger and asking Donna if she has been lurking at the door? Pam can’t wait to also alert Donna that Stephanie will be part of the company again. Donna tries to smooth things by saying she thinks that is only fair and she will do all she can on her part to make it amicable. She even offers to give Stephanie that little office by the sewing room. Pam thanks her for being so generous, she is sure that she and Stephanie will get along just fine! When the phone rings, Pam jumps right to the moment by answering it and taking a written message. She reveals to Eric that it was her pleasure, and it makes her feel like part of the company. He states they just hired a new receptionist but she’s on her lunch break, so would Pam like to fill in? Donna wants to borrow Eric to show him some new photos. Pam whispers in her ear, does she want to use the one of Eric on the window ledge?

Bridget chastises her mother for revealing to Nick what she had just told her in confidence. Brooke begs for Bridget to please let her explain, she was only trying to protect her daughter. Bridget wails – protection from what? Brooke? With Nick looking on, Brooke says no, of course not, but she saw how hurt Bridget was when she broke off from Nick before, and she didn’t want to see that happen again. Bridget wails that she has been so stupidly crazy thinking she could trust her mother who is being so incredibly two-faced. She had deliberately let Bridget ask her if she was still interested in Nick and she had said one thing and then done another. And now here she is, behind Bridget’s back, begging Nick not to take Bridget back. Brooke tries to explain that she saw Ridge out of the corner of her eye and knew he would not accept the truth, so she had to say something. Nick can’t believe it either – Ridge couldn’t accept the truth, so Brooke lied? Bridget continues her tirade – saying her mother collects these men and then can’t let go of them. She accuses her mother of always wanting the man that she can’t have, not the man she is with at the moment. It is especially cruel to everyone, but especially to her as her daughter. “I know, I know….you are just so confused…..and you are also so cruel, narcissistic, very insensitive and very, very selfish.” Brooke looks astonished and turns to Nick to see if he is going to say anything. Folding his arms, he says he thinks her kid has a point.

Margie is shocked when she returns and finds Pam in her place. Pam tells her that things aren’t working out, and she has been replaced by Pam. She hands Margie her severance package pay and when Margie doesn’t leave, Pam asks her what part of scram does she not understand? Take the package and skedaddle or she will call security. Eric is dumbfounded when he hears about Margie as she seemed more together than that, when Pam declares she had been hitting the tequila too much. He wants to call the temp agency and get another girl, but Pam convinces him that she can handle it, it is her pleasure, makes her feel more like family, part of the company. She wants the job fulltime, despite Eric asking if Ann doesn’t need her. Pam remarks that no, as a matter of fact Ann is traveling for a couple of months. She kisses his neck when he agrees, and then pulls out a framed photo of her, Ann and Stephanie and places it on her new desk with a satisfied look.

Donna can’t believe Pam is now working there, replacing Margie. Pam gloats that Donna can just ask her honey bear, he just hired her. Donna confronts Eric and tells him she has issues with Pam replacing Margie. How could he really want Stephanie’s twisted sister working there? Pam pops in and asks if she is interrupting anything? When Eric explains to her that her working there bothers Donna, Pam answers that she thinks she knows what this is all about. She apologizes for what she said to Donna last night and honestly doesn’t know what got into her. She attributes it to just being too protective of her big sis, losing her temper and saying some things she didn’t mean. She was defensive and she asks Donna’s forgiveness, that isn’t who she really is. Donna tries to put a smile on her face, but declines the apple pie that Pam proposes making for her. Eric is happy (but clueless) that Donna would do this for him, and even suggests they have coffee after work some day to get to know each other better.

Brooke can’t believe that Nick feels that way. And he can’t believe that she is not listening to herself. Bridget says this really isn’t between him and Brooke, but between herself and Nick. Jack cries and Brooke states that she will go take care of him. Jack stops her by grabbing her by the arm. He tells her he will take care of the baby, she just stay and take care of this! Bridget says they are alone now, can Brooke just tell her the truth? Brooke repeats the same old, same old. She was just telling Nick out of her genuine concern for Bridget. And she knows she has hurt her in the past, but……Bridget wonders how she can even say this, when she walks in and hears her mother tell Nick not to get involved with her. She reminds her that she gave up her marriage to Nick and put her feelings for him aside so the two of them could see if they could make it work. And yet here they are again, and Brooke can not make up her mind if she wants to be with Ridge or with Nick. She tells her mom, guess what, it’s too late…she can not have it both ways. So please leave Nick alone. This is her life, and don’t do this to her again. Brooke explains she was only doing this for Bridget’s own good, what she thought was right for her. Bridget doesn’t buy that and swears that Brooke has had so many men and this is just one more of her juggling acts. And it’s not about Bridget, it’s all about Brooke!

Brooke is stunned, she feels she was only trying to protect Bridget, but ended up hurting her again. Unforgiving, Bridget tells her those words mean nothing coming out of her mouth. And she states that she is not going to let her mother control her life any more. Who she loves and how she loves him is her business. “I deserve my chance at happiness now.” And she dares her mother to try to take that away from her again. She reminds her that she has lived her life with class and restraint….and she has stayed out of Brooke’s personal business with Nick because she didn’t want to be involved with her personal affairs, but she’s watched her weave herself in and out of Nick’s life, always being sold on this bill of goods, her mother’s “destiny”. Is it going to be Ridge this time, or is it Nick? Or does she even know? And frankly she doesn’t even think destiny exists for her mom. She thinks it’s just her way of keeping all her options open for her…..her need to be desired and loved by every man who gets close to her. Bridget confesses that the best times of her life was with Nick….and she bets the best time of his life was when he was married to her. They might not have had the dramatic ups and down that he and Brooke had, but what they had was real and pure. And more importantly she was someone he could count on. She thinks she gave her mother an incredible opportunity….she actually ended her marriage to give her and Nick a chance to be together, and she botched it. And still, she is going to give her that same chance, right here and right now. Nick starts down the stairs and overhears this.

Bridget asks – is Brooke still in love with Nick? Would she rather be with Nick or with Ridge? Now’s her chance, it’s now or never. Nick chimes in, that’s a hell of a question…he’d kinda like to hear the answer to that himself. Bridget repeats, tell her, tell Nick, who does she really want to be with? Whatever she decides, Bridget can live with, but one of them is going home tonight and one of them is staying. “If you want to stay, if you want to make a life with Nick, you’d better do it now. You can’t have it both ways.” Brooke, also looking clueless, exclaims that she didn’t realize Bridget’s feelings for Nick ran this deep. She must have been carrying this around for years….and it’s true that she did give up Nick so they could have another chance. Exasperated, Bridget asks what is Brooke saying? She thinks this is ridiculous. She stands up more rigid to Brooke and tells her that she is not the one going home tonight, Brooke is!

She goes to Nick, cups his face with both hands and plants a kiss on him, tells him she will meet him upstairs and looks back to her mother before she goes upstairs. Sheepishly Nick and Brooke look at each other, and she asks if he feels the same way about her that Bridget does? He hesitates, but says he doesn’t think there is any more to say. Teary-eyed, she proclaims if he goes through with this……he asks what, what will happen? She says there is no turning back. He reminds her that she made her choice…he’d put his feelings on the line, so she knew where he stood. Yes, stood! He rolls his eyes and says he is getting old. Life is about living, not sitting around waiting for a dream that may never happen. “I’m going upstairs.” About halfway up, with Brooke looking crushed, he turns and says he really thought it would be her up there.

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