B&B Wednesday Update 3/12/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/12/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

Nick comes downstairs and says good morning to Katie who is making something in a blender. He thanks her for helping with Jack, and tells her she could of slept in one of the spare bedrooms, instead of the couch. He gives her $200 for helping out with Jack.

Eric tells Donna in a few months, once he divorces Stephanie, they will be married. He tells her about his wedding plans, and tells Donna not to worry about Pam, she is harmless. Pam walks in.

Bridget has a flashback to when Nick told her, that he wanted her to be a part in Jack's life. Rick comes in, (he had just got back from swimming) and Bridget tells him she can't get Nick out of her mind.

Katie walks in and Brooke asks her where she was. Katie says she was helping Nick with Jack.

Pam gives Eric a batch of her banana bread and asks if she can speak to Eric alone. Eric says ok and tells Pam he won't tolerate her threats to Donna.

Jackie walks in, and Nick tells her Katie Logan helped him with Jack last night. She looks surprised.

Bridget tells Rick that Nick need help with Jack and given their history could happen between them.

Brooke tells Katie not to be matchmaker and says Nick told her he had deep feeling for her. Katie thinks Brooke is just being selfish because she is not sure of what she wants. She also says Bridget and Nick should be together. Brooke says she is going over to talk to Nick.

Pam tells Eric she really didn't mean what she said to Donna. She tells Eric it would really mean a lot to Stephanie if she could come back to Forrester Creations.

Bridget says Nick and her are meant to be together. Rick thinks she will get hurt again.

Jackie asks Nick if something is going on between him and Bridget. Brooke walks in and says she was wondering the same thing. Jackie says she is going to go to the office. Brooke tells Nick for Bridget's sake to not let her fall back into his arms.

Rick says that Brooke and Nick are close. Bridget says she knows and leaves.

Eric (Donna is listening) says one of the rules, when he got the company was that Stephanie wasn't allowed to be part of it. Eric says Pam is right, that the children working with Stephanie side by side would mean a lot. Eric says he will talk to his attorneys and if it is legal, she can come back to work.

Nick tells Brooke she can't tell him how to live his life. Bridget is by Nick's door outside, and Brooke tells Nick she doesn't want Bridget to get hurt. Nick says he has no intention of hurting Bridget. Brooke says he could never love Bridget the way he loves her. She begs him not to do this. Bridget looks like she is going to cry.

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